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Clear Analytics At A Glance

Good: Self-service BI via Excel, unlimited number of users can access/edit spreadsheet, no data warehouse needed to "pre-aggregate" data. Excellent for analysts who want a-la-carte access to data effortlessly.
Bad: Mobile capability only through third-party partners (i.e. Microsoft Power BI/SharePoint), not ideal for companies that don't work with Excel.
Bottom Line: Clear Analytics supports and expands the capabilities of Excel by allowing users to receive accurate data on-demand from data sources that range from internal databases to cloud services, while also providing expansive self-service access to BI insights across the entire company, increasing productivity.

Product Overview

Clear Analytics delivers users self-service business intelligence through Excel, creating situations where outside help is not needed for valuable, actionable insights to be drawn from data. Rather, Clear Analytics focuses on transforming the average user into an advanced data analyst by buoying the capabilities of easy to use, existing platforms that users are already familiar with, like Excel.

Clear Analytics seamlessly melds with Excel because it is a gold-level application development partner with Microsoft. The ease of this combination is evident in their Data Share function, which allows, unlike regular Excel, an unlimited number of users to edit and access data securely without the need to email or share spreadsheets. It can even be accessed simultaneously by different users. This vastly decreases the proliferation of spreadsheets in your organization whilst increasing the amount of data that users can share, protect, and manage.

Clear Analytics data quality tools are another significant feature, helping users produce trending reports, data quality, profiling, reconciliation and dashboards to help data stewards get smoother and quicker visuals of their daily data flows.

Another significant product capability of Clear Analytics is its “logical data warehouse” feature, which, contrary to traditional BI solutions, does not require an expert to maintain, or advanced hardware to setup. Instead, this “logical” approach includes a semantic meta layer which maps the entire data landscape, so that it knows precisely where to search for a given bit of information. Since data is pulled based on when the end-user wants it, no data warehouse or in-memory cube is forced to pre-aggregate the information.


While noteworthy for its seamless adaptability with Microsoft tools like Excel and SharePoint, Clear Analytics also includes a broad array of other business intelligence features, many of which we have listed here below.

Clear Analytics also supports the ability to publish directly to Microsoft’s Power BI SaaS service to enable data to be accessible through the Power BI Web Portal or via native IOS or Android apps.

  • Ad Hoc Analysis?
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)?
  • Predictive Analysis?
  • Profit Analysis?
  • Trend Indicators?
  • Ad Hoc Reporting?
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting?
  • Customizable Dashboard?

Target Market

Clear Analytics works across industries, zeroing in on the banking, real estate, and insurance sectors.

  • Bank of America
  • AIG
  • Stone Harbor Investment Partners, L.P.
  • Citibank
  • UBS AG
  • One William Street Capital Management, L.P.
  • Ultimus
  • Commission Control
  • MFA Financial, Inc.
  • GoldenTree Asset Management

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Users start with a 30-day free trial. Implementation, depending on company needs, is shorter than traditional BI solutions (can range from two hours to one business day).

Clear Analytics provides onsite training. Other training are in the form of an online manual and video documentation.

Customer Service & Support

Clear Analytics offers a Product Help documents section on their website that helps users self-solve and address issues they have. They also have an FAQ section that explains how and why the product is distinct, and the specifics of its capabilities, such as number of users, its data consolidation abilities, how it is unique from Excel, and more.

There is also a Video section in Support that visualizes queries, dashboards, datasource connections, and other features.


Clear Analytics does not publicly release their pricing information. They provide a form to fill out that asks for key questions (i.e. number of active and passive analytics users) before providing prices.


Although including a robust offering of BI features, Clear Analytics is probably not ideal for companies that do not use Excel or those companies that do not require additional features through Excel.

As a software that largely relies on Excel, it is not an ideal solution for businesses that do a lot of their work remotely on tablets or mobile phones. Competitors offer more complete mobile options. Clear Analytics does not offer an app for access on mobile devices, although this could change in the future.

The product is only available through on-premise deployment, meaning that collaboration between companies through the cloud is not possible.

In addition, Clear Analytics is only available in English.


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Clear Analytics was founded by Ana-Data, a technology and software company that offers both consulting services and the construction of various software applications. Founded in 1992, Ana-Data focused in creating custom software applications and user-interface design. Perhaps their most successful offering was Clear Analytics, a self-service, enterprise BI solution. Clear Analytics is now independent of Ana-Data. They are based in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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Great Solution

on 2017-04-20 17:12:39

We have been using Clear Analytics for just over a year and couldn't be happier. Its a great value, and the use of excel as the backbone minimizes the time to learn the software, ensures that formula creation is greatly simplified, and makes it much more flexible. We looked an many different options and couldn't be happier with the solution. We are in the process of integrating with Microsoft BI, which allows us to overcome the limitations of Excel, while enjoying the benefits of managing the data in excel rather than database formulas. The reports are easy to create, modify and save and we have been extremely satisfied with the support. For a small business with limited resources this is hands down the best and most flexible option we have found.
Awesome Software!

Bhavik Patel
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 78%
  • Ease of Use
    User: 86%
  • Ease of Implementation
    User: 81%
  • Support
    User: 50%

Simple Analytics

on 2015-07-06 19:57:51

1) Very easy to install and use, because it leverages Excel (no training required)
2) This products price is extremely aggressive in comparison to some of the tools on the market today.

1) If you are not too well versed in Excel and prefer to have IT create reports, then you may be better off with a more traditional solution.

Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 50%
  • Ease of Use
    User: 50%
  • Ease of Implementation
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  • Support
    User: 50%

Unprofessional Company

on 2015-05-11 03:37:40

They might have developed a good tool, but people working with this organization seems to be unprofessional. I started coordinating with them 1.5 months ago and i needed to remind them for a demo, but they never responded. Later one day i had mailed them regarding the demo status, their director replied me with demo timings. But when we joined the meeting, no one was available on their committed time. In this fast moving era it becomes difficult to deal with such companies.

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