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Tellius At A Glance

Good: Accessible for all users regardless of technical expertise, natural language feature that suggests recommended answers as a user types in a question, predictive modeling functionality.
Bad: Automatic analytics may be a challenge for those who use manual analytics.
Bottom Line: Business intelligence solution that uses machine-learning algorithms to find trends, patterns and answers in a matter of seconds.

Product Overview

Tellius is a business intelligence and analytics platform powered by machine learning so anyone can ask questions in plain language and discover hidden insights with a single click.

The platform provides more than interactive dashboards found in many business intelligence tools. Natural language search gives users a simple way to ask ad hoc questions and visualize data. Automated discovery of insights saves days and weeks from manual data exploration with embedded machine learning algorithms that uncover relationships, trends, and anomalies in your data. Data professionals can build, automate, and operationalize machine learning models from complex data.

Tellius features a high performance data architecture powered by Apache Spark that scales up to big data use cases. Connect to a wide variety of data sources, from databases, applications, big data sources, and files, unifying and preparing data for analysis.

Tellius can be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud.



  • Automated discovery of insights – powered by embedded machine learning algorithms that analyze billions of data points, Tellius instantly uncovers relationships, trends, and anomalies in your data that explains why performance has changed and what’s driving business outcomes
  • Natural language search – simple, intuitive interface that understands questions in plain language to create data visualizations; search both data and metadata – no data modeling required
  • Automated machine learning (AutoML) – build, evaluate, and operationalize custom machine learning models to predict future performance
  • Tellius Copilot – New feature that uses generative AI to automate data prep and analysis, so users can get insights faster. Copilot can edit and fix code, suggest and implement descriptions to data columns and offer suggestions for concise report summaries

Scalable data architecture

  • In-memory compute – leveraging in-memory compute of Apache Spark, queries of complex data is returned instantly
  • Live mode – pushes queries down to data source for processing
  • FastQuery DB – supports high performance ad hoc searches and queries of data without requiring all your data to be stored in-memory
  • Distributed file system – supports big data use cases and distributed computing scenarios

Data preparation

  • Data transformation – automated data profiling and custom calculations and data transformation prepares data for query and analysis
  • Data fusion – combines data from multiple sources and joins datasets for ease of end user query
  • Data pipelines – create automated data workflows to automatically connect, transform, join, and even train machine learning models on a scheduled basis
  • In-app Python and SQL integration for custom coding to handle complex data transformation tasks

Data connectivity

  • Data connectors – Connect to a wide variety of relational databases, applications, big data sources, and files
  • Hadoop compatible – With the Spark in-memory compute engine, Tellius can use your existing Hadoop infrastructure without moving data


  • Role-based access – user access is controlled at the user and group level
  • Authentication – in addition to built-in user administration, authentication can be integrated with LDAP or OAUTH
  • Granular data security – customizable permissions restrict access to datasets, row-level security, and vizpads


  • Embedded visualizations – embed data visualizations into external websites and applications
  • Predict API – REST-based API that returns predictive insights utilizing machine learning models built in Tellius

Target Market

Tellius is intended for companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Those industries are:

  • Finance
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
  • eCommerce & Retail
  • Health care
  • Communications
  • Insurance
  • Education

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Tellius is deployed both in the cloud and on-premise. While we don’t have specific implementation timelines, Tellius notes that new clients can have their software deployed quickly.

The vendor provides clients with remote and on-site training, as well as onboarding “data science” hours to help clients with best practices and methods to prepare their data.

Tellius also offers help with data migration, if needed.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact Tellius by email or phone during regular business hours. They can also access Tellius’ help guides to troubleshoot issues.


Tellius has two pricing plans: Premium and Enterprise. The Premium plan costs $495 per month for up to five users and includes the following features:

  • Data connectivity with cloud sources and relational databases
  • Unlimited live/pushdown query data size
  • Up to 10 GB data size per business view
  • Up to 100 GB data storage
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Natural language search and guided insights
  • Unlimited visualizations
  • AutoML for up to five concurrent jobs
  • Proactive intelligence
  • Data prep and pipelines
  • Collaboration
  • Native mobile app
  • Self-service knowledge base and email support
  • Tellius Academy product training

The Enterprise plan includes all of the features of the Premium plan, plus:

  • Unlimited data storage and data size per business view
  • Unlimited usage of AutoML
  • Unlimited user limits
  • Choice of Customer Cloud or On-Premise deployment
  • Embedded analytics features (e.g., embedded natural language search, embedded guided insights)
  • Single sign-on
  • Auto scaling
  • Resource usage insights
  • Phone support
  • Optional professional services

Please contact the vendor directly for a quote for the Enterprise plan.


Although automated analytics has been gaining recognition, the process can still be a challenge for companies that are used to manual analytics. Instead of compiling data, users will need to rely on the software to provide the answer. And if it’s not the answer they originally had in mind, it may be tough to figure out why.


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Tellius’ mission is to provide automatic data analysis to users through machine learning and a search-enabled engine to help them get better business insights. It aims to do that through an easy-to-use interface so all users, regardless of their technical skills, can work with big data and find faster insights.

Founded in 2016, Tellius is headquartered in Reston, VA and has additional offices in California and India.

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Easy to use & Implement and good support from team

on 2020-10-13 03:35:12

Tellius is evolving at a very fast pace. Overall platform is good and it's very easy to implement and use. Superfast data analysis is the winning point of Tellius. It's a small team but dedicated team, we never felt a delay in response whenever needed.

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Good Product but small company

on 2020-06-14 02:14:32

We evaluated and found the product to be good. But since the company is very small (employees, customers, etc), we are thinking of evaluating ThoughtSpot which is much larger and stable company.