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iDashboards At A Glance

Good: Short implementation process, mobile functionality, ability to build dashboards with a series of right-click menus.
Bad: Learning curve for new users.
Bottom Line: With low cost of ownership and straightforward licensing, iDashboards provides a cost-effective alternative to complex BI solutions.

Product Overview

Note: The company behind iDashboards has evolved into TruOI Software, an operational intelligence platform. TruOI empowers companies with multiple locations (e.g., franchisees, retail, restaurants) to manage all facets of their business (e.g., analytics, performance management, training, point of sale systems) within a single platform. While iDashboards is available a single BI solution, it has integrated within TruOI.

iDashboards Enterprise Suite is a unique, dashboard solution, providing powerful insights in just a few clicks. With features such as captivating graphics and rapid dashboard development, users can make data-driven decisions faster than ever before. Designed with the developer and end user in mind, iDashboards delivers a product that is easy to install without programming or coding.

For users interested in a hosted solution, iDashboards In Cloud offers similar features including point and click chart designer, what-if analytics, and an Auto Uploader which automatically pulls data from Excel.


iDashboards has unlimited automated refreshes and can connect with over 160 data sources, such as customer relationship management software, document management solutions, Google, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and social media sites. It has a built-in ETL tool called the Data Hub that cleans, transforms and prepares the data for analysis.

Users can create dashboards with a drag-and-drop builder from over 200 chart and graph templates. They can also create a custom dashboard based on parameters, types, colors, data sets and more. Users can share the dashboards with their colleagues.

iDashboards offers optional features, such as:

Wall Display – With this feature, users can share metrics with the entire company via a smart TV or monitor. They can choose the specific dashboards that they want displayed and manage changes virtually.

Public Access License – This feature allows users to share their data with people outside of the organization (e.g., clients). They can publish the dashboards to a website or company intranet or embed individual charts or graphs within an HTML. While the insights are shared, the back-end data stays hidden and secure.

Satellite Data Hubs – Satellite Data Hubs are intended for organizations with multiple locations that want its teams to access the same data. It can be installed at each site and the data can then be synced over the web.

Form Builder – The Form Builder can eliminate manual data entry while maintaining data governance. Users can pull data from existing database tables or set up the forms from scratch.

Target Market

iDashboards is designed to be fully customizable – no matter the industry or function. It specializes in a variety of industries, such as education, finance, government, healthcare and nonprofits. We’ve listed several of its clients below.

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Electronic Arts (EA)
  • Intel
  • Park District of Oak Park
  • United Way
  • Michigan Humane Society
  • Sandals
  • University of Maryland
  • Native American Logistics
  • Experi-Metal

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Unlike typical BI solutions, iDashobards’s implementation time is in days or weeks as opposed to months. iDashboards installs as a web server so that all that is required is to get the web application installed. The basic steps are as follows:

* Use an iDashboards-provided database script to create the iDashboards Repository for storing meta data in a Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL database.

* Run the iDashboards Production Installer to install the web server and iDashboards application. This includes a step to point the web server to the iDashboards Repository.

* Build dashboards and charts.

Customer Service & Support

iDashboards offers on-site training for all their solutions, with training cost included in the initial quote. Customers can contact technical support through email or phone. iDashboards also provides an online support portal, OSKAR, where customers can submit support tickets and access resources, including a knowledge base, discussion groups, downloadable assets, an idea center and more.


iDashboards provides custom price quotes based on a client’s needs. Please contact them directly for a quote.


Like most software, iDashboards can be initially difficult to understand at first for novice users.


iDashboards Screenshot 1
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Founded in Troy, Michigan, iDashboards has been a pioneer in the data visualization space since 2003. Through award winning engineering, and patented technology, iDashboards is making it easier to understand your data. iDashboards offers easy-to-build, dynamic dashboards that create context for any user – in any organization – so they can draw real meaning from raw data. No matter who you are, or what industry you work in, iDashboards can rapidly reduce the time it takes to build beautiful dashboards and discover powerful insights.

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iDashboards-CoSort synergy

on 2015-07-09 11:16:07

There is now also key data management /ETL collaboration for iDashboards:

iDashboards can ingest CoSort-prepared (filtered, transformed, masked) data at charting time to visualize reliable subsets of a ‘data lake.’