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Alteryx At A Glance

Good: Four main levels of product functions: data blending, predictive analytics, spatial analytics, and sharing insights.
Bad: Difficulty of doing a true left to right join when data blending, process also requires three steps in SQL, which is time-consuming.
Bottom Line: Alteryx offers the ability to deliver actionable insights by seamlessly incorporating internal company information, cloud data, and third party data in a single workflow.

Product Overview

Alteryx’s product functions on four main levels: data blending, predictive analytics, spatial analytics, and sharing insights.

The vendor touts their smooth, efficient data blending workflow as being up to 100 times faster than more traditional approaches. This workflow is highlighted by a drag-and-drop feature that vastly increases working speed. The tool provides access to needed data, cleanses it to ensure only the most relevant information is there, can include geospatial information, and is ready to be utilized in a predictive manner.

The predictive analytics offered by Alteryx are different than legacy systems that rely on complex coding and can only be accessed by seasoned data scientists. The drag and drop, intuitive features of the software allow predictive capabilities to be utilized by all users.

Predictive tools can be custom-designed by the user, and coding can be imported to help with the design.

Another notable capability is Alteryx’s simplicity of sharing insights: reporting and sharing of analytics are melded together, and is part of the user-friendly workflow of datablending.

Alteryx’s latest release (2018.2) includes several upgrades such as:

  • Centralize discovery and governance of all data sources
  • Ability to create secure user access with SAML authorization for Alteryx Connect and SAML single sign-on (SSO) authority support for Alteryx Server
  • New data connectors for Google Big Query and new, ODBC in-database connectors, along with a new Snowflake Bulk Loader, help users maximize the value of their data infrastructure
  • New and enhanced data connectors for SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Analytic Templates that include pre-built analytic workflows and sample data, spanning from functional analytic tasks (data blending, spatial, predictive) to departmental (marketing, sales ops) or industry (financial services) specific tasks


Alteryx excels on the analytics level. They feature tools that allow easy access to big data analytics and customer analytics, which can unify information all channels and systems together. There is also a customer churn analytics feature, which combines all customer data and allows managers to forecast the likelihood of their “churn,” or their attrition rate, giving users the opportunity to take preventative action.

Hadoop analytics can be queried with Alteryx, and can be integrated with any data source to be utilized later.

The product works well with, adding to customer relationship management information with extensive data such as demographics, geo-spatial data, and segmentation, serving as a predictive tool.

More of Alteryx’s features are included below:

Target Market

Alteryx serves a number of large corporations, including several in the retail and healthcare space. A list of some of their clients is included here below:

  • Michael's
  • Discovery Communications
  • Verizon
  • Kroger
  • Levi's
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Dunkin' Donuts
  • Chipolte
  • AAA
  • Best Buy

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Alteryx Professional Services provides a Server Quick Start consulting services for its server implementation. During six sessions, the consulting team will help the client with the following:

  • Implementation planning (discussion among Alteryx, IT, and executives)
  • Administrator workshop (installation, testing, server configuration, performance monitoring)
  • Data analyst workshop (module creation, analytic application construction, data mentoring and coaching)
  • Executive workshop (Alteryx Server overview, Alteryx Private Gallery overview, self-service analytics)
  • Looking Ahead (action items and goals for three-month checkup)
  • Three-Month Checkup (audit and additional use of Alteryx Server applications, confirmation of goal achievement)

Customer Service & Support

Alteryx’s technical support team is available to help clients with issues Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

The company has a “Client Services” team that has expertise in many issues, including: questions/issues encountered during installation, licensing, module development questions, technical questions, if the product not functioning as designed, and API and SDK developer support.

Live chat is available during the contact hours listed above.


Alteryx offers subscriptions for its licenses that must be paid annually. The pricing covers product updates and support. The Alteryx Designer costs $5,195 per year, while the Alteryx Server costs $58,500. Additional capabilities for Alteryx Designer includes spatial data (for $11,700 per user per year), demographic and firmographic data packages ($33,800 per user per year) and desktop scheduling ($6,500 per user per year).

Additional capabilities for the Alteryx Server includes Alteryx Connect ($39,000 per year) and Alteryx Promote (contact vendor for quote).


Some customers have noted the difficulty of doing a true left to right join when datablending. The user must use a union tool with the join tool, which sometimes mixes up the information if it is not summed and grouped correctly. This process could be solved in one step with SQL, and takes three in the current Alteryx layout.

Others have struggled with the formatting of outputs, noting trouble with the set-up of the reporting tools.

There are also infrequent price hikes, and these have been a cause of frustration for some users.


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Alteryx, Inc. is an information technology and services company that focuses on business intelligence. Their offerings include Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server, and Alteryx Analytics Gallery. Founded in 2010 and based in Irvine, California, Alteryx has expanded to include several regional offices around the region and world. They are currently located in San Mateo, CA, Boulder, CO, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, and London, in the United Kingdom. They are funded by SAP Venture, Thomson Reuters, and Toba Capital.

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