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Alteryx At A Glance

Good: Self-service data blending features, geospatial analytics capabilities, choice of cloud or on-premise deployment.
Bad: Learning curve for new users, outdated interface.
Bottom Line: Alteryx offers the ability to deliver actionable insights by seamlessly incorporating internal company information, cloud data, and third party data in a single workflow.

Product Overview

Alteryx Designer Cloud is an enterprise analytics solution that empowers users to gather insights and make better business decisions faster. It includes self-service features, so users can prep, analyze and share data without time-consuming processes. The solution’s interface supports both a code-free and a code-friendly environment, and it can also be deployed at scale on-premise and in the cloud.

With Alteryx Designer Cloud, users can perform data prep, data blending and analytics workflows with a drag-and-drop interface. It provides recommendations for data transformation tasks based on machine learning, and users can see and edit data changes via a real-time results grid.

In addition to Alteryx Designer Cloud, there’s Alteryx’s original Designer desktop version that lets users perform data blending workflows up to 100 times faster than more traditional approaches. It provides access to needed data, cleanses it to ensure only the most relevant information is there and can include geospatial information.

Alteryx offers several other products in its portfolio:

  • Alteryx Server
  • Location Intelligence
  • Intelligence Suite
  • Machine Learning
  • Auto Insights

More info on each of these products is in our Pricing section below.


Here are some key features of Alteryx Designer Cloud:

  • Extract, Load, Transform (ETL)
  • The ability to connect with over 180 data sources
  • The ability to publish data workflows to spreadsheets, BI solutions and other applications
  • Visualization options (e.g., field-level bar charts, scatterplots)
  • AI-based recommendations to improve data quality
  • Geospatial analytics (e.g., geo coding, heat maps, street views, drive-time calculations) – note that Alteryx works with GIS and other geospatial datasets
  • Both structured and unstructured data supported
  • Text mining analytics
  • Predictive modeling
  • Built-in integration with Tableau for further reporting

Target Market

Alteryx targets companies in many different industries, such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. We’ve listed 10 of its clients below.

  • American Express
  • Coca-Cola
  • Nestle
  • Netflix
  • Salesforce
  • SEGA
  • UPS
  • VISA
  • Vodafone
  • Walmart

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Alteryx Professional Services provides consulting sessions to help new clients get up to speed quickly. First, there’s Alteryx Enablement Day, an onsite or remote service that trains end users in the software. It costs $2,500 per block and is delivered in eight-hour blocks. Then, there’s the Alteryx Server Assistance, which guides the client’s IT staff in deploying Alteryx Server in their organization. It costs $5,000 for 16 hours (2 days).

Alteryx offers training options, including classroom-based learning, live technical training, a certification program and self-paced interactive/video courses.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access the robust Alteryx Community portal to browse articles, participate in discussions, listen to podcasts and submit a support ticket. They can also schedule a free one-on-one session with an Alteryx expert and participate in local user groups. Alteryx offers a separate documentation portal on specific information relating to each product.


Alteryx has a range of products that meet the needs of individual users and teams. Note that some products have a list price, while others require a custom quote. The products are:

Alteryx Designer – Alteryx’s desktop-based, design-time platform costs $5,195 per year, per user under a one-year contract. Designer’s notable features are:

  • Data blending and preparation
  • Statistical, spatial & predictive analytics without code
  • Insights sharing & reporting in multiple formats
  • Result output to multiple file formats, including Tableau, Qlik, ESRI, Excel, PDF and XML.

Alteryx Designer has two add on-features, which are:

  • Location Intelligence (contact vendor for quote)
  • Consumer Intelligence (contact vendor for quote)

Designer Cloud – Designer Cloud, powered by Trifacta, is the cloud-based version of Alteryx Designer that’s intended for teams. It has two pricing plans:

  • Professional – The Professional plan costs $4,950 per user, per year and comes with many features, such as universal data connectivity, adaptive data quality, advanced data pipelines scheduling, unlimited manual workflows and a shared Customer Success Manager.
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise plan includes everything in the Professional plan, plus programmatic access via APIs, role-based access controls, a named Customer Success Manager, software development lifecycle and a self-managed deployment option. Pricing is available by quote.

Alteryx Server – Alteryx’s server-based, run-time platform includes many features, such as:

  • Flexible server architecture for enterprise scalability
  • Analytic workflows that can be stored, shared and published in a central private repository
  • Ability to extend current processes with Alteryx APIs
  • IT tools for centralized governance and monitoring

Alteryx Server’s pricing is available by quote.

Intelligence Suite – The Intelligence Suite includes tools to help users build machine learning models and get insights into their unstructured data, such as images and PDFs. Some of its features include:

  • Prebuilt predictive modeling templates
  • Modeling validation and deployment
  • Integrated OCR and text analytics
  • Integrated data prep with model creation

Pricing for the Intelligence Suite is available by quote.

Other Products – Alteryx provides additional solutions for machine learning and other capabilities. Pricing is not available for each of these products, so prospects will need to contact Alteryx for a quote. The products are:

  • Machine Learning
  • Location Intelligence
  • Auto Insights


Some users have mentioned that Alteryx has a steep learning curve, although the vendor offers a variety of training options. The interface also tends to be outdated and not intuitive.


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Alteryx was originally founded as SRC LLC in 1997 with the vision to build software products that help organizations get deeper insights about their business. The founders renamed the company “Alteryx” in 2010, and its current mission is to help data analysts and scientists to break data barriers with an end-to-end analytics platform.

Alteryx has a philanthropy program called Alteryx for Good that provides data science initiatives to schools and nonprofits. For example, teachers receive a free Alteryx Designer license to include in their data science courses. The program also empowers Alteryx’s employees to volunteer with a nonprofit of their choice.

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