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Knowi At A Glance

Good: The platform is built for users to blend structured, multi-structured and unstructured data alike.
Bad: Knowi is a young and small BI company. This can cause concern for some potential customers. 
Bottom Line: A unified analytics platform built to simplify data architectures and help users obtain valuable business insights.

Product Overview

Knowi is a unified analytics platform built for modern data stacks. It’s able to work with structured, multi-structured and unstructured data alike.

Knowi simplifies data architectures by allowing data engineers to work within a single platform, virtually eliminating the extra steps and tools needed to prep data for analysis. By leaving data at the source, Knowi helps companies reduce costs, improve efficiency and scale down the complexity of analytics projects because data doesn’t need to be moved into relational structures.


Knowi has a number of features that simplify analytics projects and make data accessible across the whole enterprise. Some notable ones are:

Data connectors – Knowi includes a native integration with SQL and NoSQL data sources, which allows companies to easily pull data and begin to visualize and analyze it in a matter of minutes.

Drag-and-drop queries – With simple drag-and-drop features, Knowi can automatically generate native query languages, so users can quickly ask questions and find answers.

Simple data merge – Knowi blends and visualizes structured and unstructured data without the need for users to learn proprietary query languages.

Data visualizations – Over 30 built-in visualizations can be used to customize information on dashboards.

Sharable dashboards – Customized dashboards can be shared with other Knowi users. Each dashboard has automatic role-based access controls, so users only see information they’re authorized to see. Reports can be saved as PDFs to share insights with non-Knowi users.

Trigger Notifications/Alerts – Trigger notifications allows users to set triggers on any data to drive an action including email alerts and webhooks to trigger actions in downstream applications.

Embedded analytics – Dashboards can be embedded directly into business applications. Data application developers have three options for embedding:

  1. Simple URL-based embedding
  2. Secure URL embedding with an encrypted request payload
  3. Single sign-on application program interface (API) that uses a token exchange

Integrated machine learning – Knowi has both built-in algorithms and the ability to train data models with historic data. This allows users to configure an advanced analytics workflow that helps companies leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics.

  • Ad Hoc Analysis?
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)?
  • Predictive Analysis?
  • Profit Analysis?
  • Trend Indicators?
  • Ad Hoc Reporting?
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting?
  • Customizable Dashboard?

Target Market

Knowi is a scalable tool that can be used by small businesses and startups, as well as large companies and enterprises. Some of its customers are listed below:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • TherapeuticsMD
  • LemonAid Health
  • Sagence
  • Boku
  • Oculus Health
  • Datakwip
  • Awarepoint
  • Sir Speedy
  • Fliplearn

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Knowi users can choose between cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment options.

The cloud option can have customers up and running in minutes. Knowi automatically provisions everything new users need to get started as part of the sign up process. Users only have to worry about connecting their datasource(s) to Knowi’s cloud service.

An on-premise deployment typically involves a call to understand the user’s work/data environment. Based on the conversation, Knowi creates a .JAR file that can be downloaded and installed. Depending on the customers internal processes, installation of the solution usually happens same day.

The hybrid option is similar to the cloud deployment. When the user signs up, a small downloadable agent will be sent to the user, which enables Knowi’s cloud service to work with the user’s datasource(s).

Customer Service & Support

Knowi provides a “high touch” approach to customer support, meaning that the support team strives to respond and resolve customer issues in less than 2 hours whenever possible.  There are a few customer support options for customers:

  • Online chat: Available on the website and within the application so users can contact with questions at anytime.  This is the primary method customers use. If a user uses this option, Knowi automatically creates a support ticket, which is assigned to an engineer and tracked. Knowi support will also contact the user to walk them through the issue and resolve it.
  • Knowledge base: Customers can use the knowledge base to search product documents to find their own answers.
  • Support ticket: From the Knowledge Base, a customer can open a support ticket that is reviewed and automatically assigned to an engineer.


Knowi offers three pricing plans for businesses. Specific pricing is not publicly available; please contact the vendor directly for a quote.

Basic – The Basic plan includes:

  • Up to five login users
  • Unlimited queries
  • 50 visualization widgets
  • Up to 2 million ElasticScore records

Team – The Team plan includes these additional features:

  • Custom login users and visualization widgets
  • Up to 15 million ElasticScore records
  • Trigger notifications and webhooks
  • Basic dashboard and widget embedding
  • Push API
  • Unlimited machine learning functionality
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Two-factor authentication

Enterprise – The Enterprise plan includes:

  • Unlimited visualization widgets
  • Custom number of ElasticScore records
  • Cloud or on-premise options
  • Secure embedding
  • White-labeling
  • Single sign-on
  • Management API


Knowi is an innovator within the business intelligence market, meaning that the company is still young and small. This can cause concern for some potential customers.


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Originally known as Cloud9 Charts, Knowi was founded in 2014 with the mission to shorten the process between pulling raw data and executing a business action. The company is based in Oakland, CA.

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