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GoodData At A Glance

Good: Shorter implementation process than traditional vendors, specialized functions for sales, marketing, and customer service fields, strong security.
Bad: Some confusion in building metrics, does not employ advanced enterprise features.
Bottom Line: GoodData is the only vendor that provides Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) via its cloud-based Open Analytics Platform. It also combines IT's need for data governance and security with the business user's need for self-service BI.

Product Overview

Unlike most other BI vendors, GoodData provides an open analytics platform that combines data governance that IT needs with the autonomy that business users crave. IT gets to control the behind-the-scenes work (such as maintaining infrastructure and security), while users can create dashboards and reports.

GoodData follows these five steps in its platform – collect, store, combine, analyze and visualize. Data can be transformed from all data sources, regardless of size and structure – from traditional databases (Oracle and MySQL, to name a few) to cloud-based sources (Salesforce and social networking sites) to public data (weather and demographics). GoodData also utilizes a data management storage service, where data is stored in the cloud and incorporates these “Big Architecture” technologies such as Hadoop, HP Vertica, MongoDB, and Rackspace.

Users can also perform analytical functions via GoodData’s library of statistical features. Users can then visualize their data via GoodData’s interactive dashboards.  Reports can be created with a variety of graphs and charts, and it is simple to drill down into results for further information.

For companies in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields, GoodData offers customized analytics, including pre-built templates. For example, GoodData provides marketing analytics dashboards targeted toward marketing demands, advertising, social, and eCommerce.  In a single dashboard, marketers can track the reception of their media campaigns or compare performances of specific social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.  Customer service also benefits from GoodData, as they can track positive or negative customer feedback, or even analyze performances of customer service representatives.


GoodData’s BI platform has a variety of standard features, which are listed below. We’ve learned that within the past year, GoodData has had 13 major upgrades, including more than 100 features. GoodData also has strong security features. They backup all customer data and ensure data is isolated and encrypted. They have strong authentication features, such as Security Assertion Markup Language, Okta, single-sign-on (SSO), Symantec, and TRUSTe certificates. It is also certified in Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Report under SSAE 16 (former SAS 70 Type II).

In 2015, GoodData has launched its Insight-at-a-Service platform to help users perform analytics with institutional knowledge rather than starting with a blank slate. This platform includes new functions, such as a new Analytical Designer visual interface and a new Data Explorer interface. With the Data Explorer, users can add data from other sources without IT’s involvement.

Target Market

GoodData is targeted to various industries, including retail, education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and government. Below is a partial list of its clients:

  • Centrum Holdings
  • Coupa
  • HootSuite
  • Redfin
  • ServiceChannel
  • Spredfast
  • Switchfly
  • Target
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Zendesk

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As GoodData is platform-as-a-service, its implementation process would be shorter than with traditional BI software. As part of their training, GoodData offers a course dedicated to the implementation process. This course covers the basics from business analysis to data modeling and initial import to product configuration.

Customer Service & Support

GoodData provides training via its webinars, demos, self-paced training videos, and topic-specific videos. It also offers training at the customer’s site. For support, customers can contact GoodData via email, online, or over the phone. There is also the support portal that customers can access to submit requests, read documentations, find out new releases, or even participate in forums.


GoodData no longer publicly release their pricing information. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


Some users have expressed confusion when attempting to build their own metrics, but noted that customer service addressed their issues satisfactorily.

Others have noted that the product would be completed if more enterprise features were added to make it more suitable for a mid-sized company.


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GoodData, the leader in end-to-end cloud analytics, enables more than 40,000 companies to store, combine, analyze and visualize data to quickly answer business-critical questions. GoodData’s mission is to help companies become all data enterprises: organizations that gain a competitive advantage by leveraging all data through advanced analytics. The GoodData Open Analytics Platform helps companies manage and analyze that data in one seamless, interactive environment and create breakthrough applications to empower their customers and users.

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