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GoodData At A Glance

Good: Shorter implementation process than traditional vendors, robust features, strong security.
Bad: Time-consuming setup, learning curve for some new end users.
Bottom Line: Embedded analytics platform with high scalability and self-service functionality.

Product Overview

GoodData is a Platform-as-a-Service solution that allows companies to embed their analytics within their software product or application. Users can create and share insights without help from IT, and they can connect data from over 150 sources. GoodData is flexible and scalable, so organizations can quickly deploy it to their users, and it has an open architecture that supports SQL, JDBC and more. GoodData also support more than seven languages.

The software has several benefits, such as:

  • Improved customer service
  • Increased revenue
  • Robust features
  • Free plan with unlimited access to test the platform


GoodData has many features. Some of its key ones include:

Data visualizations – The software includes self-service functionality, so users can easily build dashboards and reports with minimal training. They can create new insights with drag-and-drop metrics and custom filters, and they can share those insights from any device. GoodData also allows organizations to add their branding (e.g., logo, colors) to the platform.

Embedded analytics – Organizations can integrate GoodData into their existing application, so users can perform analysis directly from that app. They can customize GoodData to by user, department or customer, and GoodData has advanced embedding options, such as React, Angular, Vue components, SDKs, REST APIs, or iFrames. Finally, an embedded platform can be launched in eight weeks.

Data preparation and ETL – GoodData provides two data transformation options. The user can use their own data warehouse or prepare the data with the software’s warehouse and tooling features. GoodData connects with over 150 data sources (e.g., Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift), and users can upload their CSV files into the software. GoodData has advanced data modeling features for preparation and transformation.

Other features – The software serves both internal teams and external users, and organizations can scale it more efficiently if their needs change. It also has automated distribution and roll-back features that eliminates manual updates. Finally, GoodData has strong security and complies with HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2, ISO and CCPA standards.

Target Market

GoodData targets software companies, financial services, eCommerce and insurance firms. We’ve listed 10 of its customers below.

  • Broadridge
  • CompareNetworks
  • Firehouse Subs
  • GED Testing Service
  • Mavenlink
  • Nestle
  • ServiceChannel
  • TownNews
  • Zalando
  • Zendesk

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As GoodData is platform-as-a-service, its implementation process would be shorter than with traditional BI software. As part of their training, GoodData offers a course dedicated to the implementation process. This course covers the basics from business analysis to data modeling and initial import to product configuration.

Customer Service & Support

GoodData provides training via its webinars, demos, self-paced training videos, and topic-specific videos. It also offers training at the customer’s site. For support, customers can contact GoodData via email, online, or over the phone. There is also the support portal that customers can access to submit requests, read documentations, find out new releases, or even participate in forums.


GoodData has two pricing plans that support an unlimited number of users. It doesn’t have a per-user pricing model. Instead, it has a per workspace, per month strategy. Billing is only based on an annual basis, and GoodData doesn’t provide pricing information, so prospects will have to get a custom quote.

Professional – The Professional plan starts at $12,000 per year and includes Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting, plus self-service analytics, multitenancy, a semantic layer with reusable metrics, embedding with iFrame or React SDK, custom dashboard plugin extensions, whitelabeling and a custom domain URL.

Enterprise – The Enterprise plan is intended for organizations that want to scale GoodData to thousands of workspaces. It includes all of the features of the Professional plan, plus hybrid deployment, tools for metadata import and export, support for data lakehouses, monitoring, HIPAA compliance standards and 24/7 support by ticketing, email and phone.


GoodData has robust features that can take some time to set up. And even though there is minimal training involved, it may be a learning curve for new users that haven’t used an analytics software before.


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GoodData is the only platform that provides the creation, delivery, and automated management of analytics at massive scale. It enables companies to embed analytics within their products to deliver insights for their customers, partners, and other users to make business-critical decisions.

More than 50 percent of the Fortune 500 are using GoodData to achieve actionable insights. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst Partners, Intel Capital, TOTVS, and others.

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