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TARGIT Decision Suite
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TARGIT Decision Suite At A Glance

Good: Intelligent Wizard tool, all BI tools in one platform, real-time dashboards.
Bad: Difficulty in setting up calculations within reports, difficulty with graph tools in conjunction with Excel.
Bottom Line: TARGIT allows non-expert end-users to create and access reports and analysis easily and efficiently.

Product Overview

TARGIT’s Decision Suite software is integrated, meaning that it offers self-service BI capabilities and data discovery options alongside reporting and dashboarding features. This increases the level of efficiency and connectivity between departments and individuals, and individuals and their technology.
Ultimately, TARGIT was developed with this idea of improving communication and expediting decision-making in mind. One main way this is achieved is through self-service BI, and an overall intuitive, easy-to-use approach. By uniting all disciplines into a single platform, TARGIT simplifies and streamlines processes that have traditionally been overly complex and clunky. For example, it is simple to move from a complete analysis of a data set into the reporting phase, in just a matter of a few clicks. TARGIT’s Analytics tools provide drill-down details to the dashboard.
The “Intelligent Wizard” can also be used to formulate an analysis raw, by typing in the coding language.The tool includes automated agents, which notify users when goals are reached or when a number has strayed farther than it should from its normal zone. The tool is fully mobile, so that users can draw insights and react on the go: whether they’re in a meeting, at the airport, or in the car. In the modern era, tools need to be as flexible as the businesses which they help run.


Real time dashboards are one of TARGIT’s most notable capabilities. They are simple to build and customized to precisely the way they are needed. Users can control the “cockpit” where data-informed decisions are determined.

Dashboards can be accessed from any device, at any time, for ease of use and greater efficiency in BI decision-making. This not only increases the speed of the BI process but it also increases the reliability of the tool. When dashboarding is so easy to use, why not expand its reach? TARGIT dashboards keep track of user goals, and when an analysis of a related goal doesn’t exist, it is automatically created.

TARGIT has a number of other advanced features, which are included here below.

TARGIT has released its latest upgrade, Decision Suite 2017, that includes a number of new features and enhancements. Some of those enhancements are:

  • The ability to run Decision Suite as an end-to-end analytics solution by using an in-memory database and back-end tool set
  • Faster performance of in-memory database
  • TARGIT In-Memory ETL Studio, a new data integration feature
  • Upgraded start page with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Pop-up screen that gives users access to resources, such as documentation and tips and tricks videos
  • Updated search and filtering
  • More intuitive chart set-up, including user ability to change colors of graphs and customize graph labels
  • Enhanced visualization, such as new charts library, updated funnel chart, customized maps and new crosstab theme
  • Unlimited data discovery

Target Market

As a top niche player, Targit focuses its energies on clientele working with Microsoft Dynamic NAV & AX. Below are listed several of their major clients:

  • Animus
  • Amgros
  • ACL
  • ALM Brand
  • Nordjsyke
  • Mediterraneo Hospital
  • Bellinger
  • Giant
  • John Deere
  • Merryvale

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TARGIT offers consulting services for business intelligence and analytics, helping companies evaluate their needs, implement their chosen solutions, and maximizing their results.

TARGIT also offers training via the TARGIT University. Training is done either online or at the company’s site. The training program is broken up by skill (beginners, intermediate, and advanced). There is also the eLearning tool by way of training videos.

Customer Service & Support

TARGIT’s Support System (TSS) is an intuitive online support system on their website that allows users to go straight to a support section without logging in, and quickly input their name, email, and the problem they are having. This simple approach makes the resolution process more efficient.



TARGIT does not publicly release their pricing information. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


Some TARGIT users expressed difficulty in working with calculated fields for advanced statistics and problem-solving. However, it was noted that these calculations could be done in cubes, and pull the fields as measures to address the problem.

Others have struggled with setting up calculations within a Targit report, and that this feature was not very user-friendly for non-expert users.

Graph tools, in addition, are not simple to work with, which is a major lack when used in combination with Microsoft Excel.


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TARGIT is a Danish company founded in 1986 and developed from its predecessors Sandlykke and Leifsgaard. TARGIT focuses on developing business intelligence and analytics software, with its chief offering being TARGIT Decision Suite, a simple, straightforward BI tool which focuses on making the reporting process more efficient. It is consistently ranked as top niche player by Gartner, and as the largest purveyor in the field of Microsoft Dynamic NAV & AX. Headquartered in Denmark, TARGIT has a US subsidiary, TARGIT US, Inc, based in Tampa Bay, FL, and Boston, MA, and in 12 other countries around the world.

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