Looker Pricing: What Are the Costs?

Disclaimer: We source public information for Looker’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication.

Looker is a data discovery platform that first came onto the business intelligence scene in 2011. It has gained a reputation for being an easy-to-use system that utilizes proprietary data modeling language to shorten the implementation time period.

Because Looker is part of Google Cloud, it’s integrated into the Google Cloud console, meaning developers can deploy and manage their Looker instance within the Google Cloud environment. Also known as Looker (Google Cloud core), the software has enterprise-grade security features, has built-in connectivity support with Google BigQuery and integrates with Google Cloud Identity Access Management.

In this post, we’ll discuss Looker’s pricing model in more detail.

Does Looker have a free trial?

New clients can sign up for Looker’s 30-day free trial and can start using the software within minutes.

Looker Pricing Plans

Looker (Google Cloud core) is available in three editions: Standard, Enterprise and Embed. Each platform includes licenses for 10 standard users and two developers.


The Standard edition targets companies with up to 50 users. Google Cloud offers pay-as-you-go pricing, which costs $5,000 per month. The pay-as-you-go is billed monthly – companies that want annual billing will need a price quote.


The Enterprise edition is intended for larger organizations. It accommodates unlimited users and includes additional features like Private IP, up to 100,000 BigQuery API calls per month and custom themes). Pricing requires a custom quote.


The Embed version is for companies that want to provide embedded analytics to their clients. As with the Enterprise edition, pricing is only available as a custom quote.

Additional Costs

User Licenses

Google Cloud provides user licenses for organizations that need additional licensing. A developer user license ($125 per user, per month) primarily is for users to access many features of Looker, such as admin capabilities, the ability to create and edit LookML models, Looker API interfaces and access to support.

The standard user license costs $60 per user, per month and includes features like data filtering, drill-to-row-level-detail, data downloads, Dashboard or Look creation, and view-only access to LookML. Standard users can’t access admin features, the Looker API or support.

The viewer user license costs $30 per user, per month. Viewer users only have access to the LookML model, as well as the ability to filter data and drill down within the reports to row-level detail.


Google Cloud provides basic support that’s included in the subscription price, such as documentation, a community forum, Active Assist Recommendations (tools that generate insights and recommendations to help optimize customer’s usage of Google Cloud products) and access to billing specialist for payment/billing questions. Then, Google Cloud Customer Care offers a range of support services for additional fees. Those services are:


The Standard support costs $29 per month plus 3% of monthly charges. It includes:

  • Initial response times: Priority 2 cases within four hours; Priority 3 cases within eight hours; Priority 4 cases within eight hours
  • 8/5 service for high-impact issues
  • Unlimited individual access to support
  • Multi-channel billing and tech support
  • Active Assist Recommendations API


The Enhanced support costs $500 per month plus 3% of monthly charges. It adds on:

  • Initial response times: Priority 1 cases within one hour; Priority 2 cases within four hours; Priority 3 cases within eight hours; Priority 4 cases within eight hours
  • 24/7 response for critical-impact and high-impact issues
  • Availability in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Chinese and Korean (Standard support is only available in English)
  • Technical support escalations
  • Cloud support API
  • Third-party technology support


The Enhanced support costs $12,500 per month plus 4% of monthly charges. It adds on:

  • Initial response times: Priority 1 cases within 15 minutes; Priority 2 cases within two hours; Priority 3 cases within four hours; Priority 4 cases within eight hours
  • Google Cloud Skills Boost
  • Event management service
  • Operational health reviews
  • Customer aware support (learning about and maintaining information about customer’s architecture, partners, and Google Cloud projects in order to provide efficient support)
  • Technical account management


While Google Cloud is transparent about pricing for the pay-as-you-go version of the Looker Standard edition, info for the Enterprise and Embed editions requires a tailored quote. Prospects interested in exploring Looker can sign up for the free trial or reach out to Google Cloud’s sales team for more info.

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