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Logi Report At A Glance

Good: Flexible tools to create custom, advanced embedded reports and dashboards, support team is responsive and easy to work with.
Bad: Some customers have mentioned there's a learning curve when building reports.
Bottom Line: JReport is an interactive embedded business intelligence suite that allows developers to create robust reports and dashboards, and embed analytics into current business applications.

Product Overview

Logi Report (formerly JReport) is a flexible embedded business intelligence (BI) platform that enables developers and users to easily build, customize and embed reports, dashboards and analytics into business applications used in daily operations (no matter if an on-premise, cloud, or SaaS application). The scalable solution is completely written in Java and built to scale as a company grows.

Logi Report’s key benefits include:

  • Customizable user interface (UI)
  • Self-service analytics for any user
  • Robust set of application program interfaces (APIs)
  • Mobile functionality on any device
  • Ability to blend multiple data sources on a single chart or table
  • Reports exported in both static and interactive formats
  • Simple click-and-drag analysis
  • Integration with any security system
  • Multi-tenant architecture supporting single sign-on
  • Clustered architecture for massive scalability


Logi Report offers many tools within its suite to help businesses design dashboards and reports, distribute information to their customers and discover key insights for easier decision making. Its portfolio of features includes:


This feature offers users the self-service tools to easily build dashboards and freely drill down into data. It makes data analysis interactive with a host of charting elements like maps, crosstabs and live-motion charts.

  • Integrated visual analysis
  • Geoanalysis
  • HTML5
  • On-screen interaction
  • Dashboard widget sync
  • Mobile capabilities

Logi Report Server

Logi Report Server is the main platform for report creation, management and distribution, and administrative functionality. With ad-hoc reporting capabilities, Logi Report supports on-demand queries, live report creation and report modification. Key features for end-users include:

  • Self-service analytics
  • Pixel perfect data visualization
  • Predefined reporting templates
  • Drill downs, pivot, slice and dice, sort filter of data
  • Unlimited visualization options and precise styling
  • Multidimensional crosstabs 

Logi Report Designer

Logi Report Designer makes actionable reporting simple for developers. No custom coding or intensive maintenance is necessary to implement the solution, and Designer can be used within any web-based application. Some additional features include:

  • Intuitive design environment
  • Reusable report and dashboard components
  • Hundreds of predefined templates, charts and tables
  • Accessibility for any data source
  • Ability to use multiple data sources in one report

Logi Report Clustering

Logi Report Clustering technology is built to scale as your business grows to prevent capacity-related limitations. It also boosts reliability because there’s no single point of failure. The technology makes cluster management simple with the ability to add or remove server nodes at any point. Some helpful clustering tools include:

  • Cluster scheduler
  • Fault tolerance with no single points of failure
  • Load detection
  • Built-in load balancing algorithms
  • Distributed resource storage

Embedded Reporting

Logi Report’s embedded reporting capabilities help teams bridge the information gap between business applications and end-users. It can seamlessly integrate with any Java EE business application for deep, in-context data insights. Some benefits include:

  • Accessibility to data stored in traditional BI architectures
  • Real-time data delivery
  • Resolved data presentation and delivery issues
  • Scalable reporting functionality
  • Faster development of a reporting solution

Target Market

Logi Report is a scalable, embedded analytics solution that grows with your business application. It serves a variety of software providers in industries like health care, financial, government, education and more. Listed below are 10 notable customers:

  • Informatica
  • Visa
  • HSBC
  • IBM
  • Dell EMC
  • HP
  • Cvent
  • Otsuka
  • Verizon
  • Bell

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Logi Report can be installed on private, public or hybrid cloud environments, as well as on-premise servers.

Customer Service & Support

Logi Analytics offers a number of resources to its customers, including webinars, eBooks, datasheets, videos and more. Its customer support can be reached by email, phone or online chat.


Logi Reports embeds into any SaaS or on-premise application for enterprises and independent software vendors of all sizes. The vendor doesn’t publicly display its flexible licensing options. However, it will work with businesses to ensure their needs are met. Please contact Logi Analytics for a quote.


Some customers have mentioned there’s a learning curve when building reports. However, they also say that the Logi Report support team is responsive and helpful.


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Logi Report (formerly Jinfonet) empowers companies to embed sophisticated reports and dashboards into web applications. Through the Logi Report analytics platform, developers and users gain advanced visualization capabilities with any data source.

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