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Qlik Sense At A Glance

Good: Robust drill-down, search and storytelling features. The free editions have no limitations or expiration dates for users.
Bad: Advanced customization options may require integration with a third-party application.
Bottom Line: A flexible and scalable data analysis and visualization tool for a full spectrum of users.

Product Overview

Qlik offers a number of business intelligence solutions for visualization analytics, including QlikView, Qlik Sense, Qlik nPrinting and Qlik Analytics Platform. For this review, we’ll focus on all the Qlik Sense editions.

Qlik Sense is a dynamic self-service analytics and visualization tool that simplifies data exploration for a full spectrum of users (from the non-tech savvy to the data expert). With intuitive data prep, drag-and-drop abilities and drill-down features, organizations can easily spot and share data relationships and key insights quickly and efficiently.

Open application program interfaces (APIs) allow developers to embed Qlik Sense into other applications so they can customize and extend Qlik’s features to meet an organization’s unique needs.


Qlik Sense has many dynamic features that are flexible enough for all types of users. Some of its best features are listed below:

  • Smart search – The search bar function allows you to type in keywords and phrases to quickly locate data sets, graphs/charts, reports and more.
  • Self-service creation – Drag-and-drop capabilities offer easy dashboard and report creation without the need for scripting, complex queries or joins.
  • Centralized management – Qlik Sense acts as one central location for users to develop and share apps, data stories and insights quickly and efficiently.
  • Data integration – Unify disparate data sources on a single platform. Also, Qlik Sense doesn’t “hide” any data. When manipulating views and dimensions, irrelevant data is “grayed out” instead of disregarded, so you’re still able to discover hidden trends.
  • Interactive visualizations – Qlik Sense offers users simple visualization creation that instantly responds to changes in dimensions and data context.
  • Data storytelling – Easily share multiple viewpoints at once while assigning context to data. Storytelling features can also access the original analysis so users can quickly drill down into data to answer questions and change viewpoints.
  • Responsive design – Whether on desktop, tablet or smartphone (or if you’re simply changing the size of your browser window), Qlik Sense automatically adjusts to give you the best view of its apps.

Target Market

Qlik Sense is made for all kinds of users (from the least tech-savvy executive to the data expert) in all types of organizations. Qlik Sense has been used in finance, IT, engineering support services, HR and more.

We’ve listed 10 of Qlik’s customers below:

  • Sony
  • Cisco
  • Zurich
  • Sanofi
  • GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • Best Buy
  • 7-Eleven
  • FDA
  • Crossrail
  • ING

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Qlik Sense has both cloud-hosted and on-premise solutions, depending on your company’s needs.

Qlik Sense’s SaaS solution is ready to use as you log into your account. There is no download or installation of software needed.

Customer Service & Support

Qlik offers users two levels of support:

Basic Support

Basic support is recommended for single-server installations for individual use. The support team is available during business hours. The Basic level includes:

  • Telephone support
  • Self-help resources
  • Product updates

Enterprise Support

Enterprise support is recommended for organizations that have numerous users or a complex data environment. It offers 24/7 support availability for critical issues. In addition to everything from the Basic level, the Enterprise support level includes:

  • Case handling with help from specialists or certified engineers.
  • Release management to offer advice on product release and upgrades
  • Qlik Proactive Support

Additional support resources provided by Qlik are:

  • Qoncierge Service
  • Technical product support
  • Assigned Customer Success Manager
  • Qlik Community


Qlik Sense has two main editions. First, there’s the Qlik Sense Business edition that costs $30 per user, per month (billed annually). It includes many of Qlik Sense features in addition to up to 5 shared spaces, up to 50 data reloads per day, 250 GB cloud storage and 1.25 GB in-memory app size limit.

Then, there’s the Qlik Sense Enterprise, a multi-cloud edition, that includes unlimited shared and managed spaces, total cloud storage starting at 500 GB, in-memory app size limit starting at 2.5 GB and at least 100 scheduled data reloads per day. Qlik Sense Enterprise is broken down into Professional User and Analyzer User. Professional User costs $70 per user, per month and Analyzer User costs $40 per user, per month (billed annually).


Some customers have said that the software has limited customization, so users that want advanced customization will have to integrate with a third-party tool.

Although Qlik Sense does not offer automatic reporting, it does offer NPrinting as an add-on feature. NPrinting is Qlik’s reporting and distribution solution.


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Qlik was founded in Sweden in 1993. Its original name derived from Quik, a marketing acronym standing for “Quality, Understanding, Interaction, Knowledge.”

Now based in Radnor, PA, Qlik has offices around the world, with over 1,700 partners in more than 100 countries.

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