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CXAIR At A Glance

Good: Supports all data structures and sets, accessible for all users regardless of their techical expertise, Venn diagrams feature shows relationships and trends wtihin data.
Bad: AI module was recently launched, but many users may not have access to it yet.
Bottom Line: Data discovery solution that leverages search technology so all users can easily gain actionable insights to make better business decisions.

Product Overview

CXAIR is a data discovery platform that helps users unlock the actionable insights they need to make better business decisions. Its self-service interface is easily accessible to all users, regardless of technical expertise, so they won’t rely on their IT staff. System administrators can manage data as it enters and flows through the organization with CXAIR’s scalable platform.

Unlike traditional OLAP and in-memory technology, CXAIR uses the Apache Lucene search engine platform. It combines structured, semi-structured and unstructured data (e.g., documents, images, social media) into a single, easily searchable directory (similar to Google). Users can slice and dice their data, and choose from over a thousand visualizations for viewing and sharing insights.

Other benefits of CXAIR include:

  • Data is accurate and transparent, as it updates in real time
  • Large datasets are easily accommodated
  • Easy-to-use features don’t require a steep learning curve
  • Scalable and customizable to fit a company’s size, industry or unique situation


Crosstabs – Users have the ability to set up multidimensional Crosstabs from filtered data by combining multiple fields as rows or columns and selecting multiple calculations. They can also drill up or down within the data. Unlike Excel pivot tables, Crosstabs is accessible in real time, so users won’t need to preaggregate or preconfigure data.

Pages – With the Pages feature, users incorporate important data into a chart, graph or other visualization on a single page. Using a drag-and-drop interface allows the user to swiftly add in images or text.

Report scheduling – Users can send single or multiple reports by email or export them in PDF, Excel or HTML format. They can schedule the frequency of report delivery (e.g., daily or weekly) ahead of time.

Targets – The Targets feature helps users track short-term and long-term business performance against their goals. Users create targets against key data items, such as revenue. Combining the Targets and Crosstab features allow users to create key performance indicator (KPI) reports that show whether specific business performance meets any thresholds the user sets.

Alert-based reporting – CXAIR sends report alerts to users when it’s triggered by a specific event within the report (e.g., if certain thresholds have been met). The alert notification is customizable by the user, and recipients won’t need to log into CXAIR to access the source of the alert.

Venn diagrams – With this unique feature, users can create Venn diagrams that show relationships and trends within multiple data sources. They can drill down even further into the data for additional insights. The diagrams display simple record counts or distinct counts that are based on specific business criteria.

Drive Time indexes – Drive Time indexes is a location-based analytics feature that lets users measure travel distances in a map interface (like Google Maps). It uses the Google Distance Matrix to calculate between the starting point and destination. The feature is beneficial for users that need to know how long it takes to travel to a specific destination, such as a conference or client site.

Target Market

While it’s predominantly used in the finance, healthcare and retail markets, CXAIR is suitable for any industry. We’ve listed 10 of Connexica’s clients below:

  • Progressive Building Society
  • Hampshire Trust Bank
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • The Leeds Teaching NHS Trust
  • NHS Pathways
  • ResMed
  • Chester Racecourse
  • Wembley Stadium
  • Central England Co-Op
  • Sykes

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Clients can install CXAIR either on a Windows or Linux 64-bit operating system. Installation takes less than an hour, and then the system is ready to index the customer’s data sources.

User training typically takes five days, which is broken down by:

  • One-day administration and security course
  • Two-day user training course
  • Two-day advanced user training course

Connexica offers additional professional services, such as on-site development resources, further training courses, and data/reports migration from a client’s existing system.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact support by phone, email and live chat. There’s also a knowledge hub called CXWIKI where users can access resources, such as a “how-to” guide.

Connexica holds annual user group meetings that give its users the opportunity to be a part of the development plan, network with other users, and learn about new product releases. It also provides group and private training on CXAIR.


CXAIR is licensed as a subscription on a per-user basis. There are two types of users: Full Users and Viewer Users. Full Users have access to the full functionality of the software, which allows them to administer the system and create and publish new reports. Viewer Users can only access reports. However, they still have all end-user functionality in terms of slicing and dicing and drilling into reports.

Pricing for a typical starting deployment costs approximately £5K ($6,500) per year for five Full User and 10 View User licenses. Connexica offers discounts up to 70% for volume purchases, as well as competitive pricing for Enterprise deployment. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


The artificial intelligence (AI) module was recently launched, so it’s still in early development. Connexica is working with early adopters to create mature AI and machine learning capability within the platform.


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Founded in the early 2000s, Connexica has always had one clear mission: to make data easier and quicker so users can unlock transformation insight. Since those early days, it’s worked to create next-generation data discovery solutions that meet the ever-changing needs and challenges its users face.

Connexica has received several awards, including Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, Information Age’s UK Data Entrepreneur, TechMarketView’s Little British Battlers and The Sentinel Business Award in the Science and Technology Business category.

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