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Cognos At A Glance

Good: AI Assistant that learns users’ data and suggests new data joins and visualizations; drag-and-drop capabilities to create new dashboards and reports; data integration from two to many sources
Bad: Steep learning curve as software can be robust.
Bottom Line: IBM Cognos Analytics offers users access to a wide range of business analytics functionality to help them make well-informed decisions faster.

Product Overview

IBM Cognos Analytics is a cloud and on-premise-based business intelligence solution that offers users access to a wide range of business analytics functionality to help them make well-informed decisions, faster. It offers a full complement of essential analytics functions, including advanced dashboarding, data integration, reporting, exploration and data modeling.

Cognos Analytics recently underwent a complete facelift, adding an augmented intelligence-infused AI Assistant that allows users to ask questions and get answers in natural language. It also recommends new visualizations and joins in data allowing users to unearth connections they might not anticipate. In addition, the user interface has been completely redesigned, allowing line of business employees the self-service capabilities that are increasingly in demand.

Representing a new level of depth and clarity combined with ease of use, Cognos Analytics is accessible to businesses of every size.


Some of the IBM Cognos key features include:

  • An AI Assistant that learns users’ data and suggests new data joins and visualizations
  • Natural language generation that allows users to ask questions and get answers in plain English
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities to create new dashboards and reports
  • Data cleansing and enhanced data modeling
  • Data integration from two to many sources
  • The ability to customize reports with company colors, fonts and logos
  • Burst capability that lets users distribute reports via email or Slack
  • An interface that is simple enough for novices, but powerful enough for data scientists

Target Market

IBM services over 26,000 companies from a broad cross-section of industries including aerospace, defense, banking, education, healthcare and many more. Below are some of their clients:

  • Nike
  • GKN Land System
  • Spain's Ministry of Defense
  • British Airways
  • Chemring
  • Quinte Health Care
  • Troy Corporation
  • Michigan State University
  • Lufthansa Cargo
  • Jabil

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The implementation process for IBM Cognos Analytics is as follows (note it is based on company needs/requirements):

  • Discuss requirements and goals of the company using the solution
  • Install server and client components for Cognos Analytics
  • Install database and ETL configuration
  • Load master data and configure historical data loads
  • Deploy other pre-built applications, such as the Framework Manager models, reports, and dashboards
  • End-to-end testing of the solution
  • Deliver installation documentation to users
  • Transfer information to users
  • Remote support up to two days after implementation is done

Customer Service & Support

IBM has a comprehensive customer support system that includes training and certification courses, and customer service available for users of their Business Intelligence programs, such as Cognos.

They offer training that can be individualized based on specific roles within a company, and can be implemented both online and in-person. They also offer private courses, and specialized certifications to reflect expertise that aid in career advancement.

Online tech support provides customers with access to IBM specialists that can address questions or potential problems with software.


IBM Cognos has a free trial where users get the full product capacity for 30 days. Then, there are two pricing plans: Premium and Enterprise.

Premium – This plan allows the solution to be deployed in a multi-tenant cloud architecture. It’s priced at $70 per user per month and includes:

  • Uploading data to cloud sources
  • Joining data from multiple sources
  • Sharing content with users
  • Ability to create dashboards with new or old content
  • Ability to create data stories using web pages, images, text and other media
  • Data discovering using artificial intelligence
  • Advanced pattern detection

Enterprise – This plan includes the full capability of Cognos Analytics, such as 500 GB user storage and backup. Pricing is not publicly available, so you’ll have to contact IBM directly for a quote. Users can optionally purchase cloud throughput capacity and an additional 250 GB user storage.


Some users have reported that IBM Cognos Analytics tends to have a steep learning curve as the software is robust.


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IBM World Trade Corporation, a company of over 380,000 employees globally, is based in Armonk, New York. It specializes in the creation and marketing of computer hardware and software around the world. It also offers general consulting services in areas such as mainframe computers and nanotechnology.

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Best bimodal BI tool in the market

on 2020-09-04 00:13:27

The latest version of Cognos Analytics provides the best bimodal BI tool in the market. It provides a full-service BI solution which includes self-service complemented with centralised governance for curated data models. It will be a complex tool for the inexperienced user due to its powerful features and capabilities. Some users prefer a simple limited way of doing things, while CA offers multiple options to achieve the desired outcome. With the latest version and the empowerment of datasets and data modules, the user options are limited by their imagination to streamline solutions