For more than 20 years, Better Buys has been helping organizations of all sizes make smarter purchasing decisions.

Part of the Catalyst Media, Better Buys has become a trusted authority for delivering unbiased, expert insights on the software and technology that businesses rely on.

20+ Years of Experience

Hundreds of Vendors Reviewed

Thousands of Businesses Helped

Leveraging an experienced team of in-house editors, Better Buys offers a range of content and resources designed to help organizations make smarter purchasing decisions, including:

  • Expert Reviews
  • Authoritative Whitepapers & Reports
  • Insightful Market Research
  • Comprehensive Buyer’s Guides
  • And much more

We partner with many of the top software and technology vendors and help connect them with companies who are a good fit for their products. We receive compensation from some of these vendors, but only if there is a successful match. This allows us to keep our content freely available.

Let our team of experts help guide your next purchasing decision.

Leadership Team

Dannie Evans

General Manager

Dannie Evans is an expert in developing and growing businesses that help executives do their jobs better. In the past 12 years, his outside-the-box leadership has been key in moving us from a traditional marketing mentality to a modern digital marketing strategy.

Matt Satell

Marketing Director

Matt Satell leads all marketing efforts as Better Buys’ Marketing Director. With experience in building and developing a digital audience, Matt has led Better Buys to become a leading resource for software and technology buyers.

Susan Karch

Social Media Marketing Manager

Susan Karch brings over 6 years of experience in social media marketing. In her role, Susan is responsible for developing and executing the social media marketing strategy for the Better Buys brand and its key areas, including BI and CMMS.

Julia Rose Scavicchio


Julia Rose Scavicchio is a B2B Content Editor joining the Better Buys team with experience writing for HR, IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Safety audiences. She is responsible for developing blog posts, resource guides, and software reviews across markets.

Melissa Pardo Bunte


Melissa Pardo-Bunte brings over seven years of experience reviewing products and technologies that businesses rely on. Her role with Better Buys has included researching technical specs on office equipment to writing reviews to managing the Editor’s Choice Award program. In addition to office equipment, Melissa also writes reviews for other software technology, such as Business Intelligence, HR, and CMMS.

Elizabeth Mazenko


Elizabeth is a cultural journalist who brings her versatile research, writing and SEO skills to the Better Buys team. She is responsible for creating innovative blog posts, resource guides and software reviews in targeted business markets like Business Intelligence, HR technology and CMMS.