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Reveal At A Glance

Good: Transparent pricing structure, the ability to create and edit dashboards without having to use a separate software, multiple data connectors supported.
Bad: Software is in its infancy, so it is missing some more advanced features.
Bottom Line: Flexible and easy-to-integrate embedded BI solution that doesn't require a lot of time on the developer's end.

Product Overview

Reveal is an embedded BI solution that gives end users the ability to analyze data within their organization’s existing application. It’s referred to as embed-first analytics, where developers can add analytics right into their applications rather than converting a standalone BI tool into an embed solution, thus avoiding complicated integration with the back-end proprietary system. Reveal gives companies a flexible and easy integration that doesn’t require a lot of time on the developer’s end.

One main benefit that sets Reveal apart from other embedded BI software is its fixed pricing that supports an unlimited number of users, data connectors and reporting.

Reveal provides easy-to-use tools for end users to create, edit and share dashboards, which reduces support calls to IT staff. End users can also use Reveal’s in-memory data engine to quickly and intuitively connect data from any source into a dashboard.


End users can work with charts, graphs and other visualization tools using Reveal’s drag-and-drop interface. They can also interact with the dashboards using filtering, drill down, annotations and other features. Reveal works with a variety of data connectors and visualization types. Users can also spot trends in the data with dashboards that’s created with machine learning models from Azure ML and Google BigQuery.

Application developers can use control filters to determine which features their end users can access as well as access authentication tools that give them total control over data security. Finally, developers can enable custom actions based on their end users’ interactions with dashboards and visualizations.

Target Market

Reveal targets system integrators (SIs) or small-to-medium independent software vendors (ISV) that want to add modern reporting, data visualizations and analytics to their existing application portfolio. It’s also intended for enterprise companies that need an easy-to-embed dashboard solution that doesn’t tie up their development teams for months on end.

Here are a few companies that use Reveal:

  • Adrenalin
  • Atanasoft
  • Avion
  • CaseBook
  • DefenseStorm
  • Gambit
  • Searchmetrics
  • Sensato

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Since Reveal was built on modern architecture, its integration is much quicker than other embedded BI software in the market. The vendor provides an SDK guide for developers that can be found on its website.

Customer Service & Support

Infragistics offers phone, email and live chat support as well as a help-desk ticket system and community forums.


Infragistics doesn’t price Reveal based on a per-user or usage-based strategy. Instead, companies pay a yearly flat fee. Pricing is not publicly available, so prospects will need to contact the vendor for a quote.


Reveal is newly launched, so while it has an easy user experience, it doesn’t have the robust features that more established embedded BI software products do.


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Infragistics has been in the market for 30 years as a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions to accelerate application design and development, insights and collaboration for any organization.

Reveal is a combination of their decade-long expertise in data visualization, data access and user experience in a complete self-service solution. It gives everyone in an organization the power to use data to make smarter business decisions.

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