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Jaspersoft At A Glance

Good: Self-service capability, ability to work with big data, users can build their own data mart or warehouse.
Bad: Lack of Impala connectivity, comparatively minimal technical support offered.
Bottom Line: Jaspersoft has a scalable, modular, standards-based design that allows the flexibility needed for a wide variety of deployments.

Product Overview

TIBCO Jaspersoft business intelligence software provides organizations with fast, easy insights across a host of platforms, applications, and infrastructure environments. Jaspersoft has a scalable, modular, standards-based design that allows the flexibility needed for a wide variety of deployments.

Reporting and analytics can be accessed within an on-premise or cloud app. Dashboards, visualizations, rich analytics including a web-scale platform, and self-service reports are just a few of the capabilities supported by Jaspersoft, which can be easily embedded in both internal and commerical applications.

The web-scale platform allows users to share interactive dashboards and reports from a single page, and with people across the company. Insights can also be shared externally with a single click.

Jaspersoft utilizes big data to its fullest potential. The tool can connect with and present information for Cassandra Analytics, MongoDB Analytics, Hadoop Analytics, and many others. Reports and dashboards can be constructed directly from such warehouses wihtout moving the data to another database.

Big data can also be easily blended with other sources utilizing either normal ETL capabilities, or the interactive, intuitive Data Virtualization tool. Dashboards can then be embedded with your company’s app, or can be used to improve business efficiency.

The latest version of Jaspersoft (Jaspersoft 6) utilizes the Visualize.js JavaScript framework for its dashboards. The benefit of this would be that users will work with JavaScript easier and with greater flexibility in building dashboards within the web applications. Other features include a customizable dashboard, pluggable JavaScript charting component, and a tabbed report workbook and table of content viewer (for navigating multi-page reports).



One of Jaspersoft’s most notable features is its reporting ability, which helps end-users stay swiftly informed and make better business decisions. Their reporting tools draw data from multiple places and display it in a simple, straightforward, interactive way for users to analyze and draw insights from.

Jaspersoft’s data analysis software allows users to discover trends in their data and find any existing issues within the business. The tool can be used to model and to present in a visual format all types of data. It utilizes both OLAP and in-memory analysis to make fast, accurate decisions.

Dashboards allow business users to understand the status of their company the way that the dashboard of a car allows a driver to understand the status of their vehicle. Jaspersoft combines data with graphical indicators to provide a holistic view of a company’s status with just a single glance at a single screen.

Finally, Jaspersoft’s data integration capabilities are certianly of note. They allow users the ability to build their own data mart of warehouse, and provide software extract, transform, and load (ETL) abilities, so that users can move data of different types and from different sources into a single place, under a single heading.

Several of Jaspersoft’s other features have been listed here below:

Target Market

Jaspersoft caters to a wide variety of clients across the non-profit, medical, and government sectors. Listed below are a handful of their most notable customers:

  • Sierra Club
  • Naval Safety Center
  • Puma
  • Austin Energy
  • Kronos
  • fortna
  • University of Nebraska
  • United States Marine Corps
  • USDA
  • Johns Hopkins

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Jaspersoft’s Professional Services team handles the implementation process. They offer services from helping companies evaluate needs for BI solution to software implementation. Some of their services include:

  • Evaluation – As part of Jaspersoft’s pilot program, its dedicated Professional Services consultant spends four-to-six weeks at the company’s site researching and working with the company on an implementation process.
  • Enablement / Implementation – Working with a dedicated Technical Account Manager, companies can choose to get Jaspersoft implemented on a shorter timetable with a variety of services, including: Jumpstart programs to get users up to speed with Jaspersoft, customized success bundles, advisory services, and advanced reporting workshops.
  • Production Assistance – This service is for companies that already have Jaspersoft and are looking to upgrade to its more advanced features. Jaspersoft also offers a Production Optimization workshop to help users improve their BI performance.

Customer Service & Support

Users of Jaspersoft can login to an online account on their website where they can create and track requests and investigate support resources to help them in their use of the product.

There are three types of paid support options available. They include Self-Service Express Support, Professional Standard Support, and Professional Premium Support. Each is slightly more expensive than the one before it, and accordingly offers more services.

They also feature a unique section called “Self-Service Support” which is a compilation of documents, resource guides, instruction manuels, and intuitive search technologies which allow non-expert users to navigate their issues on their own. There is an advanced version of this service called Self-Service Express, available at a price.


Jaspersoft is available in five editions: Community, Reporting, AWS, Professional and Enterprise. The Community Edition is free and includes limited features. Jaspersoft doesn’t release pricing for the other four editions so please contact them directly for a quote.


Jaspersoft offers comparatively minimal technical support, which many users do not find an issue due to the user-friendly, interactive interface, and the ability for users to have self-service access.

Many users experienced frustration with the lack of Impala connectivity. This would have allowed the bypassing of the map reduce face in Hive. As it stands, the speed of reporting and dashboarding is not what it could be.


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TIBCO is a software company that offers technology for both on-premise and cloud servers. Founded in Palo Alto, California in 1997, TIBCO has grown from technology incubation tools to a wide variety of business-to-business services which primarily focus on business intelligence. TIBCO purchased Jaspersoft in 2014, adding to it’s other extensive business intelligence product lineup, including Spotfire, a bestseller and its most popular offering. It considers its major competitors to be software giants IBM and Oracle.

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