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datapine At A Glance

Good: Intuitive for any user, from the least experienced business professional to the most advanced data expert.
Bad: Knowledge of SQL may be required in order to use some advanced features.
Bottom Line: Multinational data analytics solution that allows anyone to derive valuable insights from data.

Product Overview

datapine is a business intelligence solution that’s available around the world. With customers from South Africa to South Korea, and Canada to Australia, datapine users enjoy flexible tailored access to data analytics.

The solution has simple drag-and-drop features, unlimited dashboards and an array of charts to choose from for displaying data. Similar to solutions such as Tableau, datapine focuses on self-service and visualization to allow a variety of professionals to understand data. datapine also connects to virtually any data source, as an advantage over similar solutions.


datapine’s tools and services focus on six core features:

1. Self Service Analytics

datapine’s goal is to allow any user to visualize data without IT’s help. The solution has simple drag-and-drop features that don’t require data science skills. Users can easily run ad-hoc queries, apply powerful filters and access data through a mobile device. The solution also allows users who are experienced with Excel to perform advanced calculations. An additional unrestricted SQL mode allows those proficient in SQL to use any code already in place and create pivot tables, all within datapine.

2. Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards can be customized to view real-time metrics or periodic reports, then shared securely with a group of people. The solution allows users to create storytelling slides to easily understand data trends and drill down into the details. datapine centralizes your most essential data so you can frequently reference dashboards to support decision making. A team can share a single dashboard so conversations revolve around the same goals.

3. Share & Report

datapine helps businesses prioritize key performance indicators (KPIs) so all aspects of sharing information are focused on impacting the bottom line. This plays a significant role in shifting a company’s culture to be more data-driven. Users can send links to interactive or read-only reports. Reports can also be trigger-based and sent automatically on a schedule.

4. Embedded Analytics

datapine allows customers to embed dashboards and dynamic charts directly into their present software solutions. Hidden background filters help users identify the information each reader needs. Clients can use additional white-label services to customize datapine’s embedded analytics for their existing solution.

5. Data Warehouse

datapine connects your data in one place for a “single source of truth.” Through data warehouse automation, external and internal data can be combined into one place, as well as structured and unstructured disparate data. Because it’s part of the solution’s initial setup, the cost is included in the service. The solution also handles ongoing data storage tasks to reduce the client’s total cost of ownership. Clients who already have an existing data warehouse can continue to host data themselves and run queries remotely through datapine without transferring data out of the existing system.

6. Data Security

datapine’s data security laws in Germany call for all clients to retain ownership of all of their data at all times. This means each client is the sole proprietor of its business data, and only authenticated users have access. Data is transferred via SSl and SSH protocols. datapine has read-only access and a layer of security to prevent any SQL injections, as well as zero backdoors built into the system.

Target Market

datapine is a good fit for businesses of any size in nearly any part of the world. The solution has simple features so novice users can explore data, along with more advanced features so data experts can run SQL queries and create pivot tables within the solution.

The following is a list of 10 sample customers:

  • StepStone
  • BASF Chemical Company
  • Kreditech
  • Osram
  • Fog Creek Software
  • Axel Springer
  • Customer Alliance
  • Lieferando
  • A&O Hostels
  • University of Texas at Austin

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datapine is a cloud-based solution and takes very little time to set up. Because the vendor handles data warehousing, clients don’t need to worry about data preparation before running analysis.

For enterprise clients who wish to host their data in-house, datapine can connect its analytics solution without moving data from an existing warehouse. Additional services ensure clients can connect datapine to any third-party data source they’re currently using.

Customer Service & Support

Standard Customer Support is over email and phone between 8 am to 10 pm. Standard response time for email is under 1 hour.

The vendor offers optional support services. Each comes with a timeline and an additional fee:

  • Analytics Support: For $599/month for up to six hours per month, users receive premium same-day support and consultation services for their analytics needs.
  • Carefree Package: For $3,399/month, datapine can take over all aspects of data analytics. Support requests are answered within two hours, and users can contact support via email, phone or Skype. They also receive the full benefits of datapine’s own data science team.
  • Dashboard Creation Services: datapine tailors dashboards to users’ needs while training them on how to create dashboards effectively. Please contact the vendor for pricing on this service.


datapine comes in four price plans depending on the scale of the organization and its degree of analytic needs:

  1. Basic: Purposed for small businesses, the plan includes one user and three data sources for $249/month
  2. Professional: Purposed for small to mid-sized businesses with more advanced analytic needs, the plan includes two users, two view-only accounts and all basic features for $449/month
  3. Premium: Purposed for mid-sized businesses with the highest analytical requirements, the plan includes three users, three view-only accounts and all professional features for $799/month
  4. Branding & Embedded: Purposed for businesses that require a complete analytics package along with custom branding and embedded dashboards for the most flexibility, the plan includes three users, three view-only accounts and all features from premium, in addition to white-label services, for $1,099/month

Since the solution is available through the cloud, there’s no initial setup fee.

Datapine offers the ability to add on users and storage space for a fee. An additional user can create, edit and share dashboards, add data sources and perform ad-hoc queries for $55 per month. A dashboard viewer can see shared dashboards and apply interactive dashboard filters and drill-downs. It’s $12 per month and is available in blocks of 10 users. The high-speed data storage service has volume-based pricing that starts at $45 per month.

The vendor also offers a separate option to large enterprise businesses that has custom pricing for on-premise installation.


Some of the advanced features may require knowledge of SQL.


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datapine draws from artificial intelligence using neural networks and a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Founded in 2012, the company has quickly become a highly regarded data warehousing and business intelligence solution most known for advanced dashboard analytics.

datapine is now used in 25 countries by 150 businesses and 4,000 users. More than a million charts have been created and over a billion queries executed. The vendor continues to grow across the globe to make data analytics more accessible to a wide range of users.

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