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Phocas At A Glance

Good: Unique features, such as geospatial analysis and rebates and commissions module, three deployment options, strong security features.
Bad: Could use more options, especially in customization, for visualization tools.
Bottom Line: Phocas is flexible, scalable, and easy to use software that allow users to perform BI analysis themselves.

Product Overview

Phocas Software is a governed data discovery tool that is easy to use for any user. It is flexible, scalable, and can be accessed by thousands of users. Companies can choose from three deployment options: on-premised, hosted by Phocas Private Cloud, and SaaS.

Phocas utilizes a HTML5/Javascript layer, Microsoft .NET business logic layer, and a Microsoft SQL server database. It can be integrated with a company’s existing system, such as ERP or CRM. It also connects with all ODBC and JDBC databases.

Phocas also provides strong security features, such as LDAP security for single sign-on access, features, functions, data access control at administrator level, and Racskpace and Microsoft Azure Cloud security.


Phocas has a variety of features. Here are some of its key ones.

Mobile – The Phocas mobile module allows users to access their BI tools in real time, anywhere. Users can analyze data, view dashboards, and send reports from any mobile device. Administrators can also control user access on specific data and functions.

Reports – In addition to ad-hoc scheduled reporting, users can create nested reports, color code data targets to flag for performance issues, and export it to a variety of file formats (CSV, PDF, etc). Users can set up a time (either daily, weekly, or monthly) to get the reports sent via email.

Geospatial analysis – This feature is for users that want to know information such as the number of customers in a specific city, or the most profitable states to expand within. Geospatial analysis shows data either by single location or multiple locations in a map format. It is integrated with OpenStreetMap or Google API.

Rebates and Commissions – This module helps companies negotiate better rebate deals. Users analyze their profit margins, calculate rebates/commissions paid or received, track rebate history, and apply for rebate inclusion and exclusion.

Dashboard – Users can create or revise dashboards without requesting help from IT. They can also drill down to the smallest detail and show data in the form of a graph, chart, or map. Dashboards can also be modified so that only specific users can access and see data.

Target Market

Phocas sells its solutions aimed at industries, departments, distributions, and data sources. Some of the industries it targets are: healthcare, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and education, to name a few. We’ve listed ten of its customers below:

  • Dixieply
  • E.B. Bradley Co.
  • iQuip
  • Johnstone Supply
  • Riley Sales
  • Savona
  • SpanSet
  • United Electric
  • Vic's Meat
  • Walker Zanger

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Phocas integrates with all major ERP and CRM systems, as well as any data source, to give companies a quick start that can be easily customized to each client’s specific needs. Its governed implementation and business-based user security provides the solutions to let organizations and IT staff stay productive and dedicated to core business.

Implementation is handled by Phocas’ Operations team. The customer is assigned a dedicated resource specialist to take them from the discovery and scoping of their project through to the initial training sessions for end users. A typical implementation lasts 6-8 weeks (if not sooner) and is almost always performed remotely. Training is offered in a series of online webinars, and end users are trained using their own data.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact customer support via email and phone. There is also a dedicated support section where users can find user guides, information on product upgrades, and access training webinars.


Phocas offer monthly subscriptions based on number of users a company has. However, it does not publicly release their pricing information. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


Phocas has a wide range of visualizations, however, the company has been asked to add more options and customization possibilities for end users.


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Founded in 1999, Phocas Software’s mission is to deliver more than just business intelligence – it’s to surpass customers’ expectations by delivering BI tools to help them grow their businesses while keeping costs low. The company originated in the United Kingdom before expanding to Australia (in 2003) and the U.S. (in 2006).

Phocas Software has received numerous accolades over the years, most recently the BARC BI 2019 Survey where it ranks the top in 34 categories, including Customer Satisfaction and Business Benefits.

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