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Logility At A Glance

Good: Platform-as-a-service option, data is housed in a single repository, code development and maintenance are automated.
Bad: Robust features could lead to steep learning curve.
Bottom Line: Flexible and scalable deployment options, including PaaS, offering a lower total cost of ownership than traditional BI software.

Product Overview

Note: Halo was acquired by Logility, a supply chain management software provider in 2017, and the product is now an advanced analytics module within Logility’s supply chain data management solution.

Logility (formerly Halo) empowers companies with purchasing & procurement, operational & production, inventory and sales analysis that yield actionable insights. Logility illuminates supply chain inefficiencies such as limited vendor effectiveness, operational problems, and other challenges connected to critical Inventory and Sales & Operations Planning problems.

By synchronizing purchasing operations, inventory, and sales and marketing plans, Logility presents users with a consistent view of their business, providing an essential tool that enhances reduced costs, optimizes critical processes and improves customer service.


The platform is broken down in 2 main components:

The data aggregation and analysis engine extracts data from multiple sources and houses them in a single repository – users can also access multiple visualization tools as well. There is also a built-in data quality tool that profiles data and cleans up errors. The data quality tool also adds new information to the existing data, ensuring that it is accurate. There is also an advanced SQL query engine. Users do not have to be proficient in SQL in order to run the software, as there is a wizard that guides users through the data extraction process, allowing users to extract data from any source, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostGreSQL, SAP, etc.

Data can be imported from other business systems and desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office and text files. Logility’s data aggregation and warehousing platform can work with ERP systems, CRMs, HR applications, and more.

The data visualization component offers customizable dashboards that are viewable anywhere, including the desktop, laptop, or any mobile device. It also includes pre-built templates aimed for specific industries and roles, such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, finance and HR. Dashboards and reports can be exported into Excel, as well as PDF and HTML. There’s also a collaborative component which allows users to share their data with others. Other users can comment on information within the interface. Logility allows users to give access to their BI system to those outside their organization (i.e. vendors, remote staff). Those outside users will not need to install software or undergo long training processes, but merely access via a web browser from any interface. Users can grant access to specific persons, who can access via a login screen, and ensure their corporate data remain safe and accessible to only those who need it.

The predictive analysis function helps users predict outcomes of any business decision before they make them. Users utilize historical data to perform risk scoring analysis on issues such as late payments or compliance violations.

Target Market

Logility is available to clients for their supply chain analytics including sales, planning and operations analysis. Industries include distribution, construction, manufacturing, retail and transportation. We’ve indicated below a partial list of its customers:

  • Aaron's, Inc.
  • Carlisle Companies
  • Franke Foodservice Systems Inc.
  • GSE Environmental
  • Leatherman Tool Group
  • Red Wing Shoes
  • Shepard Bros. Inc.
  • Stupp Bros. Inc.
  • Taylor Farms
  • Tempur-Pedic

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Logililty can be deployed in any of these three ways: on-premise, cloud, and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). PaaS is a good option for companies that don’t have the staff or budget to handle additional hardware. Regardless of deployment option, companies should expect implementation to be done in days rather than weeks or months.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access a support portal, as well as contact tech support by phone or email.


Logility doesn’t publicly release its pricing information, so please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users have mentioned that they experienced a steep learning curve because the software is robust.


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Accelerating the sustainable digital supply chain, Logility was the first to bring a demand planning solution to the market. Throughout its history, it has pioneered developments in merchandise financial planning, proportional profile planning, causal forecasting and multi-echelon inventory optimization to help its customers achieve supply chain excellence. Today, the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform brings the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to supply chain organizations around the world.

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