4 QuickBooks Online Hacks to Make You More Productive

You probably know that QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a fantastic tool for running payroll, billing and invoicing. But are you using it to its full potential? When it comes to dynamic accounting products like QBO, there’s always more to learn.

4 QBO Tips to Increase Productivity & Save Time

How you interact with QuickBooks daily can make a huge difference in your efficiency and the overall outcomes of your hard work. With these four simple hacks, you can enjoy a more productive and carefree payroll software experience today.

1.) Keep files organized and in the cloud with attachments

The pains of locating and organizing files for your records are all too real for most accountants. But attaching files in QBO for later use is easy to complete in a matter of seconds and can save you time in the long run.

For example, the accountant whose client needs to sends W-9s to contractors can easily attach a file directly to a vendor record right inside QBO, rather than digging them back up once tax season rolls around. This makes everyone’s lives easier when 1099s need to go out.

To attach files to a vendor record, just look under ‘Vendor Information,’ click on attachments and upload the files you’d like to accompany this record. This same attachment method allows you to upload bank and credit card statements.

Using the Quickbooks Online mobile app? Quickly and easily enter expenses by attaching a photo of the receipt. This is particularly helpful for tracking expense activities like taking a customer out to dinner, purchasing new tools and technology, or taking public transportation while traveling.

As you know, keeping those paper receipts is nothing short of a nightmare for record-keeping. But now you can snap a shot, attach them to a transaction, and forget about it. You can also look at other add-ons that leverage this functionality like Expensify, ReceiptBank, or Hubdoc and send receipts over to a transaction via those avenues.

2.) Embrace automation with emails

Automation is key to keeping better records. QuickBooks Online has made automation a breeze by offering a fast, user-friendly email strategy that saves time.Reports can be setup to automatically send at designated times to spare you the hassle of routinely sending them manually. For example, customize your

Reports can be setup to automatically send at designated times to spare you the hassle of routinely sending them manually. For example, customize your mail settings so reports and statements are mailed weekly or monthly, and customize further settings to your needs.

Of course, that’s not the only thing QBO automation does for your email processes. You can also make it simple for invoices to recur on a regular schedule. Customers can use QuickBooks Payments to pay online and record the transaction.Save on clicks with these simple shortcuts every accountant should know

3.) Save on clicks with shortcuts every accountant should know

Keyboard shortcuts are wildly underrated. You can cut hours off the time you spend clicking around in QBO with a few easy clicks. Navigation tricks like tabbed browsing, bookmark bars and keyboard shortcuts help you work faster and ultimately save you time and money.

4.) Take hours off your monthly processes by using bank rules

The time you spend dealing with recurring bills can really add up. But bank rules can save you tons of time, and they’re incredibly simple to set up. Connecting all of your bank and credit card accounts to QBO is always handy, but remember, do not feed on PayPal directly, as you will see duplicate transactions coming from both your funding bank and PayPal.

Make bank rules work for you by applying them to items you regularly spend money on, such as utility bills, monthly vendors and more. Once your rules are set up in auto-add, there’s less pressure to frequently review them.

If you aren’t already using these simple QuickBooks tips, it’s high time you start. You’ll be surprised how much more work you can get done in one week by making these small, deliberate changes to your daily payroll, invoicing, and billing process.

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