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Viventium At A Glance

Good: Full payroll functionality that includes many automated tasks; vendor has plenty of experience with payroll.
Bad: System has been known to run a little slow; report customization has a long learning curve.
Bottom Line: Viventium's Payroll Software solution's extensive functionality and features overcome the few operational glitches like slow run times and challenging report generation.

Product Overview

Viventium’s Payroll Software is an intuitively-designed, cloud-based solution that simplifies administrative setup and end-user navigation. With as much flexibility as functionality, the platform gives users customized solutions to payroll tasks.

Braced by four pillars of functionality (a dashboard, setup tab, employee profile, and full payroll management), Viventium’s Payroll offers single-touch data access through the dashboard, single-screen setup to manage cost centers, benefits, users and more, employee profiles that accommodate unlimited earning codes, deductions, rates, tax profiles, five levels of labor allocations, and varied reports, and a full function, four-step payroll process.

We also want to add that Viventium offers free access to its COVID-19 features for current payroll clients for 2021. There’s the COVID-19 Analytics dashboard that provides a real-time overview of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act tax credits. In addition, administrators can see employee-level payroll costs for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) forgiveness eligibility with the PPP Payroll Cost report. Finally, the Uncollected COVID-19 Tax Credit report helps employers complete and send Form 7200 to the IRS by showing them available tax credits that’s not applied against their payroll tax deposits.


Viventium’s original bread and butter was as BDB Payroll in 1992. Over the subsequent quarter century, its payroll acumen has driven the company’s business. So, it’s not surprising that this platform possesses more than 40 features that address the full slate of payroll tasks. We’ve included some of its key features below:

  • Employee/Manager self-service – A portal allows employees to address payroll issues, like accessing paystubs, completing or modifying W2s, inputting or altering personal demographics, and more. Managers can handle time-off requests, assign members to team and call up contact information, to name a few.
  • View and search pay history – Users can see detailed pay history by service date and search by check date, period end, and worked date.
  • Grid entry mode – Users input data via a familiar sequence of text-based boxes.
  • Mobile apps – Android & iOS mobile apps give employees and managers remote access.
  • Time and Attendance integrations – Payroll plays nice with Viventium’s single sign-on time and attendance module, integrated through the API or file import.
  • Paystub messages – Administrators can send paystub messages to individual employees or to the entire group on payday.
  • Secure email packages – Viventium offers a secure email channel with unlimited sends.
  • Excel data import – Users can import payroll data and adjustments from any excel spreadsheet.
  • Automated calculations – The system automatically runs the numbers for union dues and expenses, and retroactive overtime pay.
  • Data accessibility through API – As an alternative to screen driven deep dives, users can enlist the API to drill more precisely into the data.
  • General Ledger integrations – Viventium Payroll integrates with most GL applications on the market.
  • ACA compliance and management – The software notifies the user if ACA compliance has not been met, and keeps abreast of latest developments in federal rules.
  • Unlimited codes – The system accommodates an unlimited number of codes, such as rates, earning and deduction and direct deposits.
  • Customized reports – Managers can create customized reports with the the Report Writer.
  • Live preview – Users can get a visual of a period’s payroll in a matter of seconds.

Target Market

Viventium targets the small to medium-sized business market, appealing to business owners and executives, HR managers, and others who manage payroll and HR duties.

Any industry can use Viventium, but home health services, skilled nursing providers, real estate, professional and financial services, restaurants and skilled labor have found it especially useful.

Current clients include property management firms, health and fitness clubs, and food retail. Viventium doesn’t publicly display the names of their customers. Please contact them directly if you’re looking for client references.

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Each client gets a dedicated implementation team to help with onboarding, training and making a smooth transition from a legacy payroll system to Viventium.

Customer Service & Support

Viventium prides itself on a “unique, memorable and personal service experience.” It assigns a dedicated team of client service representatives who notify clients about potential problems and areas for improvement before clients even know issues exist.


Please contact Viventium for customized pricing.


System can run slow at times, and custom report design has a significant learning curve.



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Founded in Brooklyn, NY, in 1991 as BDB Payroll, and rebranded in October 2016 on its release of an end-to-end human capital management solution, Viventium Software is backed by Camden Partners and ABS Capital Partners. It conducts business by its credo, “We are truly in it with you.”

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