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Find the right Document Management tool for your organization

Most companies generate thousands, if not tens of thousands of documents every year.

Keeping those documents organized, accessible, and backed-up isn’t easy.

Document Management Systems (DMS) can help.

Document Management solutions allow companies to capture, store, and manage their paperwork with ease.

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Use the below reviews to compare top Document Management Solutions and find the right:


Alfresco One synchronizes a secure, on-premise repository with a cloud functionality, giving users the ability to work across various environments and access important documents anytime, anywhere.
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Box is a scalable content management solution that places a strong emphasis on collaborative security. It also is capable of sharing a large amount of files and other content.
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Mobile-based solution that includes over 17,000 pre-built apps. Users can build as many apps as they want and customize the apps based on their needs. Companies have a choice of four pricing plans.
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Long-time solution that offers flexibility and intuitive experience. Its unique feature includes a right-hand panel within the interface called Buzz Space that can be used for company announcements.
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Dropbox for Business is an entirely cloud solution for users to easily share documents both inside and outside of an organization. With just a link, users can access a file from any device.
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Evernote Business is a unique cloud solution that provides tools for research teams to collaborate across projects. Users develop content while accessing a social platform for discovering and sharing information.
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FileCenter is intended for smaller businesses that want a paperless office. It is installed on the desktop and comes in two editions. FileCenter works like an “electronic filing cabinet”.
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Google Drive

Google Drive is a content management solution that is easy to use, flexible, and improves productivity and collaboration. It is accessible anywhere so users don’t need to log into their company network.
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ICM Document Solution’s ViewCenter offers a flexible, secure, and accessible content and document management platform that can help a companies make their offices paperless.
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Lexmark Enterprise’s solution, Perceptive Content, allows users to track the entire lifecycle of all content, including videos and other rich media files. It integrates with many different applications.
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M-Files offers on-premise and cloud hosting, as well as a hybrid of both. The solution stands out through its highly intuitive process of storing and accessing files with metadata.
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Nuance PaperPort

Intended for smaller businesses, this solution is available in three different versions. One unique feature includes a free app for iPads for recording notes. Another feature includes mobile device scanning.
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OpenKM is an open source DMS solution that helps to guide companies in making better business decisions. Its features rely on the three C’s: collect, collaborate, and capitalize.
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pCloud has debuted a new Business plan that offers 1TB of storage, unlimited cloud storage space, and no limits to file size uploads. Its target industries include insurance, legal, and media/advertising.
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SmartSearch is a modular solution that helps companies reduce manual data entry and improve ease of finding documents through automatic routing and notifications. It is available in two editions.
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Zoho Docs

Accessible application that includes documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in one place. Affordable pricing options include a free plan for a company with less than 25 users.
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