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FileHold Systems, Inc.
FileHold Systems, Inc.
British Columbia, Canada
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FileHold At A Glance

Good: Scalable, fast implementation process, user-friendly.
Bad: FileHold only installs using Microsoft SQL database (but integrates with any database for metadata lookup). Training/implementation is only done remotely via web and not onsite (to lower implementation costs).
Bottom Line: Document management software that encompasses the end-to-end lifecycle of a document.

Product Overview

FileHold is an enterprise grade document and records management software solution that manages documents through their entire lifecycle from creation to disposition.  The document workflow and approval module gives users a paperless way to seek approvals on contracts including e-signature.

Users can scan or import documents into the system (including email), store them, and search for them by keywords or metadata. The FileHold viewers allow users to add annotations and mark-ups. FileHold software delivers enterprise-grade, feature-rich software that remains affordable by selling, delivering, implementing and supporting using web-based technologies.  It has a two-hour installation guarantee on a correctly prepared server.

FileHold has many benefits for users.

  • Ability to transmit links to document via “courier” to anyone who has an email address
  • Security of a centralized electronic file structure
  • Version control – always know what is the most current document
  • Automated records management capabilities for archiving and disposition
  • Alerts and reminders for contract renewals or other action items
  • Powerful search giving users the ability to find documents faster
  • OCR document to make full text search possible
  • Ability to assemble components of document together
  • Share information and collaborate with others via workflow
  • “Go paperless / go green” by eliminating paper.

FileHold software is sold in two versions: Express and Enterprise.

FileHold Express is for smaller businesses or larger companies with small departments; it allows up to 20 users maximum. It includes Microsoft Office integration, mobile functionality, web access, document scanning and six months of free support.

FileHold Enterprise is intended for larger companies (more than 20 users) and uses the Microsoft Technologies Service Oriented Architecture and .NET framework. Users have the choice of having the software deployed on the server or in the cloud.

There’s also a Mobile FileHold that’s based on HTML5 and is accessible on iOS and Android devices. With this mobile capability, users can add, view and search for documents; perform version control; start workflow processes; and submit workflows for approvals.


FileHold works much like a filing cabinet with drawers and folders – only it’s in electronic form. It includes the following standard features:

  • Searching ability via a Google-like toolbar
  • Records management (archiving and disposition policies)
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Integration with third-party solutions via Web Services API
  • Electronic forms, such as Adobe and Word forms
  • Calendar to schedule archive and deletion events
  • Ability to tag/capture metadata/documents
  • Virtual folders
  • Ability to link documents in a parent/child relationship
  • Courier, the ability to send documents via email or secure URL
  • Document control numbering and naming standards
  • User-based permissions for access: There are 11 user roles from “Read Only” to “System Administrator.” Administrators can assign specific permissions to specific users.
  • Ability to access/work on documents offline
  • Built-in reports to give administrators data about document usage and users
  • Compliance with the U.S. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS-140), and
  • Watched Folders: This feature automatically transfers files imported from a scanner or multifunction product (MFP) into the FileHold system.

FileHold offers these optional modules:

  • Document workflow and approval
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint
  • Two-factor authentication with Duo technologies
  • FastFind Search feature that allows users to search for a document with one key stroke (“hot keys”)
  • Electronic signatures by integrating with Adobe
  • Print to FileHold (convert documents to a PDF and send them to the document library via virtual printing)
  • Customized naming and numbering sequence of documents
  • Guest accounts/self-service document portals
  • Ability to add multiple document repositories
  • WebCap (for users that work remotely and want to scan and store documents into FileHold), and
  • Web Viewer.

FileHold has document scanning and imaging functionality. Every sale of FileHold includes a no-charge scanning tool called SmartSoft Capture. FileHold works with virtually any scanner, including MFPs, and will work with third-party scanning products that can export an XML file.

FileHold can have customized views and user configurations based on specific user’s needs, rights and permissions.

There’s also the “Courier” feature that allows external clients to see documents stored in FileHold. A FileHold user can create a transmission to an email address where the transmission prompts the recipient to view, or view and approve, one or more documents. Unlike a regular email program, there is no unsecured document attachment. FileHold tracks all the activities of the specific recipient (audit trail) who was sent documents for viewing or approval.

Users have a special pay-as-you-go license where it doesn’t matter if you send 1,000 documents to one email address or one document to 1,000 email addresses or anything in between. Customers purchase one-time use packs, with declining per use prices as the size of the pack increases.

Target Market

FileHold is used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, health care, education, engineering and finance. We’ve listed 10 of its customers below:

  • BMW
  • Cemex
  • Tohono O'odham Nation
  • Anchorage Community Mental Health Services
  • Department of Justice
  • Arizona State Board of Nurses
  • Mentor Graphics
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Qualis Health
  • Sierra Wireless

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Unlike traditional document management software, installation is done in hours rather than days or weeks.

The software can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. For on-premise installations, FileHold follows a typical methodology that includes a kick-off meeting, detailed documentation, post-server inspections, software installation and post-installation inspections. Note that FileHold handles implementation and support over the Internet.

FileHold has two training packages (note it also offers tailored training based on the client’s requirements):

  • Base Package – This package is intended for companies with smaller deployments or have some experience with document management software. It takes a train-the-trainer approach, and it focuses on training on System and Library administration, an introduction to end user training and introduction to specific features. FileHold estimates this training process takes eight hours total. The remote training supplements the video tours and training materials that FileHold provides
  • Advanced Training Package – Estimated to take 16 hours, this package is for companies that want additional training, have purchased many optional features or have advanced imaging processes. In addition to the eight hours of training involved in the Base package, the Advanced Training package focuses on topics, such as an introduction to document scanning, advanced imaging set up and support and on optional features (e.g., Courier, Print to FileHold).

Customer Service & Support

FileHold offers a support package called FileCare that provides technical support and software upgrades. The support package is available for both the Express and Enterprise versions. FileCare also includes support such as:

  • consulting in Document Management Best Practices
  • server administration, including security issues
  • server check-up
  • data archiving
  • disaster recovery
  • custom reports
  • data integration, and
  • help with third-party software and hardware compatibility issues.

General technical support includes email, phone and online via a support portal. FileCare is optional, but note that companies that don’t have FileCare will have to pay $250 per hour for a two-hour minimum for tech support request.

There is also a Knowledge Base where users can get answers and information on the software, such as product guides.


FileHold doesn’t publicly release its pricing information as prices are based on a company’s number of users and other software requirements. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


As FileHold conducts sales, marketing, implementation and support over the Internet, the company doesn’t travel to the customer’s site for training or other business – some users have felt it’s a limitation.

Some users have found it limiting that FileHold only uses Microsoft SQL database and other Microsoft clients instead of another database or native client (e.g., Apple). However, they do support Apple and other devices via its web interface.


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FileHold Systems, Inc. is a privately-owned company that sells document management and records management software. Its mission is to provide software that’s affordable and easy to implement, and customer service that is dedicated to long-term product support. Its employees have background in document and records management, e-forms and enterprise software development.

FileHold has partnerships with the following companies: Microsoft, dtSearch, Smartsoft, Adobe and Duo.

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Great Software, Great Company

on 2015-07-28 16:49:27

I have worked closely with FileHold for a number of years and their product and support team is outstanding. The software has a variety of features and integration's that make it user friendly for adding, searching and managing documents throughout their life-cycle. I would strongly recommend FileHold to any organization that is looking to streamline business processed and improve accessibility to their documents and records. FileHold releases updates on a regular basis and the number of features continues to increase.

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FileHold EDRMS

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Image Advantage Solutions Inc. is a FileHold re-seller and has had a great deal of success installing and implementing FileHold into Government Organizations and Private Businesses of all sizes. FileHold has a variety of features but at the same time is easy to use and affordable. FileHold offers a wide range of Document and Records Management improvements to its customers.

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Top Class

on 2015-07-28 02:33:39

FileHold is a complete and powerful DM solution, offering clients great flexibilities and capabilities. The cost of ownership is good and support via partners and FileHold is excellent.