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TreenoDMS At A Glance

Good: Manages documents for many different industry workflows and connects to scanners for imaging.
Bad: No real-time collaboration.
Bottom Line: Document storage for both folder hierarchy and metadata search with all standard security features.

Product Overview

TreenoDMS is a Document Management Software solution with tailored workflows depending on each client’s industry. Users are able to upload files and categorize them so they can retrieve documents with ease.

The solution can be used to organize documents and manage emails, as well as integrate with third-party applications and other workflow automatons. Auditing and report generating features are configurable to existing processes and workflow tools.

Treeno is also described as an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution, and it contains many standard features for managing documents on an enterprise class scale.

As an unobtrusive and configurable solution, pricing packages depend entirely on what is needed in order to best suit your existing workflow. Rather than offering an off-the-shelf product, Treeno packages the modules and features that are needed.


Treeno focuses on six main areas of managing documents:

Dashboard – Users are given a variety of layouts for displaying key information upon login. These metrics help streamline common functions into a daily workflow such as setting task priority.

Document Center – Files are ordered through a folder hierarchy and cataloged for metadata search. Users can retrieve documents within folders (the same as a Windows computer) and also through search criteria such as name, date and associated keywords.

File Upload – There are 19 different ways to upload files into your system, including drag and drop, barcode reading, scanning and more.

File Search – Treeno supports Boolean search, meaning users can qualify search terms with phrases such as “begins with” or “contains” certain keywords.

Manage Files – Check-in/check-out version control allows users to keep track of the most up-to-date copy while also referencing an audit history of every change. Annotation tools allow users to white-out statements as well as highlight and make notes. Treeno also offers file preview for viewing the contents of a file without opening it. “View-only” can be assigned as a security settings privilege as well.

Security – User permissions depend on a number of defined identities such as the user’s department, system level, group level and individual user level. Privileges also consider how users interact with each file and folder type.

Treeno’s unique features include workflow automation with E-forms allowing users to setup automatic triggers for when others need to fill, sign and submit forms online. This eliminates the process of printing, scanning and submitting paper documents for approval, and instead simplifies the process within the system. Application integration is another unique feature that allows you to keep your existing applications that best fit your workflow.

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  • Simultaneous User Collaboration?
  • Workflow Management?
  • Version Control?
  • On-Premise Hosting Option?
  • Imaging?
  • Mobile?

Target Market

Treeno focuses on industries such as financial services, manufacturing, property management, education, healthcare, government, legal and HR. However, Treeno does not release the names of clients.

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Treeno is an on-premise solution with additional services for accessing cloud applications to complete implementation. Treeno Server Software allows clients to host the solution themselves. The other deployment option is the vendor-hosted solution, Treeno Cloud DMS – also called Treeno SaaS.

The Treeno Solution Implementation Methodology (T-SIM) includes:

  • Analysis
  • Configuration
  • Integration
  • Deployment, and
  • Review.

Customer Service & Support

Treeno offers annual service and maintenance programs that provide upgrades, new releases and product enhancements for the Treeno EDM system. It also offers various technical support options to provide all the help companies need as they need it.

Treeno can be contacted via phone or email for support.


Treeno doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


Treeno offers version control for users to check-in/check-out documents to make changes, but users can’t collaborate at the same time.


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Since 2002, Treeno has developed Electronic Document Management Software for a wide range of industries and company sizes. Its goal is to offer easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solutions for streamlining document workflows.

Treeno has received recognition in the past by CPA Advisors.

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