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Mi-Forms At A Glance

Good: Simplifies workflow, captures rich data and offers robust data replication and flexible integration.
Bad: Mi-Forms is an enterprise level solution and not intended for small businesses.
Bottom Line: Mobile data solution targeted to industries with employees that need to capture data while out in the field.

Product Overview

Mi-Corporation provides mobile data capture solutions. For the purpose of our review, we will focus on Mi-Forms (paper-like mobile forms) and Mi-Apps (iOS & Android mobile app containers).

The Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps solutions are designed for companies with employees that work in the field and need to capture business data. Rather than using paper forms, this data can be captured electronically via mobile devices including tablets, laptops and smartphones. Some sample use cases:

  • Oil and gas inspectors need to fill out forms for environmental compliance, permit regulations, and equipment checks
  • Workers at a manufacturing plant need to fill out forms for QA/QC inspections, and maintenance and safety checks
  • Government organizations need to fill out a variety of forms whether it’s for social services, transportation and infrastructure or the land and environment division

Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps are customizable solutions that allow organizations to design a solution that will meet their specific needs and improve their processes. The benefits of moving to a mobile data capture solution include:

  • Improving productivity and efficiency (customers have seen 4 week processes done in 1 day)
  • Optimizing workflows (customers have seen invoicing done 25% faster)
  • Increased data accuracy (customers have seen 100x more accurate data)
  • Boosting compliance (customers see secure, FDA & HIPAA compliant paper replacement)
  • Increasing revenue & profits (customers have seen 11% higher profit margins)
  • Cost Savings (customers have seen $675,000/year in savings)

Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps are made up of four components:

  • Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps Client – This is the component used for data capture. Depending on the device, data can be manually entered using a stylus and natural handwriting, voice recognition, virtual keyboard, or touch screen. Live pre-fills of known data are also available. Capture data such as photos, barcodes, GPS coordinates, signatures, audio recordings and more.
  • Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps Designer – The Designer is used to create your form applications. This WYSIWYG easy-to-use drag and drop tool enables employees to create form applications with required fields, business logic, calculations, and integrations with existing enterprise databases and applications without involving your development team.
  • Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps Server – The Server software is responsible for security, version control, offline data replication and facilitating workflow management and data integrations.
  • Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps SDK – The SDK is a powerful development toolkit for you to integrate Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps features into your existing software and applications. It can be used within a custom application, as part of Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps Client or within any server platform.


Mi-Corporation’s mobile data capture solutions include many features, such as:

  • Compatibility with any relevant mobile device, including Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and is available via HTML5.
  • Offline data capture enabled by powerful offline data replication
  • Integration with any backend database, including Mi-Corporation’s powerful Mi-Analytics tool
  • Handwriting and voice recognition
  • Rich data capture including text, barcode scanning, GPS, speech, RFID and photos
  • User-added business rules to help enforce data quality
  • Data Exports including pdf, csv and xml files

Mi-Forms and Mi-Apps contain very similar features and functionality. The difference lies mainly in the user interface. Mi-Forms maintains traditional paper-like features (which can be required by some compliance laws), while the Mi-Apps user interface provides a mobile experience that is expected from today’s popular mobile applications, similar to those your workforce is familiar with from everyday use of their personal mobile devices.

  • Document Storage?
  • Simultaneous User Collaboration?
  • Workflow Management?
  • Version Control?
  • On-Premise Hosting Option?
  • Imaging?
  • Mobile?

Target Market

Mi-Corporation’s solutions are targeted to the healthcare, government, utility and manufacturing industries.

We’ve listed 10 of its customers below:

  • US DOT
  • Transport for London (TfL)
  • NYU School of Dentistry
  • Eli Lilly
  • Doyle Security Systems
  • North Carolina Department of Agriculture
  • Virginia Department of Agriculture
  • Mississippi State Department of Health
  • Sutter Health
  • Newmont Mining

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Mi-Corporation’s Professional Services team is available to provide assistance in getting the solutions implemented. Its Project Planning service may include these stages:

  • Gathering the business’s implementation needs and requirements
  • Scoping the project
  • Budgeting the project
  • Selecting hardware
  • Analyzing ROI and post-project reporting

Mi-Corporation provides training on some of its solutions. Every month, a two-day training class is held at their Durham office. Training is provided on all Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps components as well as Mi-Analytics. Training can be held via webinar for those who can’t attend. Additionally, clients can customize training courses based on its needs.

Customer Service & Support

Mi-Corporation provides technical support via email and phone support, as well as providing a Customer Portal, where users can submit support requests and access the knowledge base.


Mi-Corporation offers hosted and on-premise options for Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps. The price for the solutions can range from $10,000 to $750,000, depending on licensing options and level of software required.


Mi-Forms/Mi-Apps enable data capture, process flow optimization, and data integration. Mi-Forms is not intended to be a document management solution, although it can integrate with DMS and ECM software.

If you need a document management solution, check out our reviews for other solutions, such as M-Files or eFileCabinet.



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Using its flexible, scalable and secure mobile technology, Mi-Corporation has been transforming mission-critical business processes for 15+ years. Mi-Corporation holds 10 US patents, and has 3 more pending. Mi-Corporation is partnered with many industry leaders including Microsoft and is pleased to have been named their 2016 Partner of the Year – Education Mobility Sector.

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