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Alfresco ECM At A Glance

Good: An open-source platform that offers the flexibility to work across environments of all types and integrates with many common business applications.
Bad: A steep learning curve for new users due to product complexity.
Bottom Line: An open-source ECM software that supports file storage, document sharing, workflows and collaboration.

Product Overview

Alfresco offers Alfresco ECM, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. The solution is deployed as a hybrid (both cloud and on-premise hosting), making information sharing, document management and collaboration simple.

This solution enables users to synchronize a secure, on-premise repository with a private, cloud-based one, much like eFileCabinet. Such functionality allows authorized users to retrieve and edit documents from all types of platforms, including mobile, on-premise and cloud-based.


Alfresco ECM has five main capabilities: Document Management, Document Scanning and Capture, Enterprise Collaboration, Information Governance, and Intelligence and Analytics. Here are some key features of each:

Document Management – Users can find the document they need quickly with search features like instant search suggestions and filters. The smart folders feature groups files based on the type of file rather than location. Alfresco ECM can streamline content processes with built-in approvals and workflows, automated actions and rules. Additional document management features include records management, document versioning and access permissions. And for companies that work with multiple content management and other systems, the Afresco Federation Services allow them to find content from more than 60 ECM solutions.

Document Scanning and Capture – The software captures documents from any sources with OCR functionality. It works with Amazon Textract to provide users intelligent information capture without data intervention, and users can also capture, edit and share content via their mobile device.

Enterprise Collaboration – Alfresco ECM integrates with Google Docs and Microsoft 365, so users can collaborate on content in real time. Users can edit and share Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, as well as Google Docs, directly in their preferred platform or in Alfresco. The optional Alfresco Enterprise Viewer lets users collaborate on annotations, including directly responding to a specific annotation, starting a chat and initiating a meeting via Teams or Zoom.

Information Governance – The Information Governance module automates the information lifecycle process, so businesses can reduce risk and improve compliance. Some of its features include information lifecycle management, business process management, advanced security and regulatory compliance.

Intelligence and Analytics – Afresco ECM has native AI and machine learning integration with three tools from Amazon Web Services: Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Rekognition. As mentioned, Amazon Textrac extracts data from scanned documents. Amazon Comprehend uses natural language processing to discover insights and relationships within the text, and Amazon Rekognition can find textual context from images and videos (e.g., facial recognition) and store the information as metadata.

Target Market

Alfresco has over 1,300 customers located in 190 countries across the globe. Its software provides ECM solutions for all types of industries, including government, financial services, banking, education and healthcare.

We’ve listed 10 of their customers below:

  • Cisco
  • NASA
  • Pitney Bowes
  • American Assoication of Insurance Services (AAIS)
  • City and County of Denver (CO)
  • Delta Dental
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Merck
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • U.S. Department of the Navy

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Alfresco wants its software to be adopted at any business without changing the way users work. To do so, Alfresco offers integrations with SAP, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Outlook, Google Docs and more.

Alfresco also includes customer support, consulting and training services, as well as a vibrant developer and partner community.

Customer Service & Support

From consultation and implementation to working out bumps in the road, Alfresco wants to build relationships with its customers. Alfresco offers customer support, consulting and training services, and a vibrant developer and partner community to ensure enterprise success, increase adoption, maximize ROI, and lower total costs of ownership. The support options are listed below:

  • Customer Support Services – Alfresco’s enterprise-class support includes 24×7 coverage, service packs, knowledge base and the option of a dedicated account resource.
  • Alfresco Consulting Services – Alfresco’s team of ECM and BPM experts work closely with customers and partners to turn their vision into business value.
  • Alfresco University – Alfresco offers dozens of in-person, live over the web, and on-demand training courses for developers, administrators and end users.
  • Alfresco Partner Network – Alfresco’s global network of more than 200 technology partners and system integrators offers a wide range of industry and solution expertise.
  • Alfresco Community – Alfresco’s passionate community of thousands of developers share advice and expertise.

Alfresco also offers various support packages for subscribed users. The support packages are:

  • Premiere Support Services
  • Enterprise and Departmental Support
  • Developer Support Services, and
  • Alfresco Partner Support.

If users have questions or issues, Alfresco’s support team can be reached by phone, or online with a support portal.


Alfresco works with clients to determine their needs and financial requirements. Please fill out Alfresco’s online form for a quote.


Alfresco has a steep learning curve for new users due to its complexity and vast amount of features. Companies won’t need to use every feature provided. However, its many features can fulfill the needs of all industries.


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Alfresco was founded in 2005 to offer organizations the ability to improve business process efficiency and collaborate more effectively, while securing important content in an easily accessible platform. It runs on a mission to deliver outstanding results, experiences and business value throughout the customer life cycle.

Headquartered in Boston, Alfresco has served 1,300 customers in 190 countries worldwide.

Alfresco was acquired by Hyland Software in late 2020.

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