5 August Trends in Marketing Automation

If you agree that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, then this month’s trends post comes in the nick of time.

With many marketers resistant to full immersion into the swirling depths of marketing technology and automation, it’s no surprise that inefficiencies tend to mount when using these solutions. In fact, long before the integrated chip, Oscar Wilde declared “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” Were he a digital marketer today, he might’ve instead preceded “experience” with “customer.”

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So, before you can defeat your foe and overcome your “experience,” you’ve got to know it. And once you know it, you can begin improving – processes, operations, bottom lines. After all, Aristophanes gave us that wisdom may be learned “even from a foe.”

What wisdom can you learn from this month’s five items that can help you improve your marketing automation efforts and outcomes?

1. “Most of you are doing it wrong. All wrong.”

The “it” is marketing technology. The “wrong” is businesses missing sales and revenue-generating opportunities because of inadequate use of said marketing technology. The research is from a survey, conducted by Avanade and Sitecore, that polled 1400-plus CIOs, CTOs and CMOs. The telling statistic? 95 percent of businesses claim their customer experience (CX), well, sucks. Such horrible results should sound a clarion call for more marketing automation adoption and…improvement:

2. Piling on: MA Incompetency, Part Deux.

Another survey, conducted by GetResponse and SmartInsights, seeking insight on email marketing, automation and landing page use, found only eight percent of respondents claimed a high rate of engagement effectiveness with these tools. The other 92 percent admitted lacking effective knowledge of or experience with marketing automation. Despite statistics showing the MA market will continue to expand over the next several years, adoption of marketing technology and especially marketing automation remains tepid. It’s no secret that ready and willing adoption of marketing technology will improve business.

3. MA Mistake Avoidance = MA (and Bottom Line) Improvement

In case you didn’t get the gist of the two surveys, Patti Podnar writes in Business2Community about automation mistakes that kill businesses and should be avoided like beer from a keyboard. She cites random direct messages through twitter, factually awry backlink outreach, fraudulent friend and information overload as the four deadly sins of marketing automation. Some of these may seem self-evident, obvious to avoid and on the way to the dustbin of automation history, but somehow they persevere – and kill campaigns. Get rid of them and improve your MA.

4. Six Steps to Improving Your CX:

Kim A. Whitler writes in Forbes about Fjuri’s CEO Thom Gruhler’s six steps to improve customer experience. For Gruhler, “experience” is more success than mistake. And the six steps that can lead to a productive “CX” include building a dedicated CX team, tapping into experience data, perceiving CX as a brand, knowing the audience, tailoring the experience, and testing its effectiveness of the CX experience. For his part, Gruhler does not rename his mistakes as (customer) experience.

5. Five Tips for Optimizing Marketing Automation:

Mathew Sweezy, SalesForces’ Principal of Marketing Insights, dismisses any buzz about MA mistakes. He makes no bones that MA has become a “cornerstone” of today’s small businesses. But it is the wise marketing automator who not only purchases a marketing automation tool, but also knows to use it – properly – to improve the bottom line. He highlights a handful of do-it-now, do-it-yourself ways by which to fine tune marketing automation, minimize the risk of operating MA inefficiently and optimize MA’s potential. His steps include expanding the idea of content, mastering stage-based marketing, building agile programs, getting sales team buy in, and leaving room to grow.

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