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IMPGO At A Glance

Good: Customizable marketing communication templates, built-in approval workflows, easy-to-use interface.
Bad: Lead management and A/B email testing features are not offered.
Bottom Line: With IMP, marketers can create and send multichannel marketing communications efficiently and effectively.

Product Overview

The Integrated Marketing Portal (IMPGO) is a cloud-based solution that’s specifically designed for multichannel marketing campaigns. It stores critical marketing data, the company’s creative brand identity and marketing communications in one platform. Marketers can prepare campaign strategies, create landing pages, send bulk or targeted emails and analyze their campaign performance.

Examples of multichannel marketing campaigns that IMPGO supports are email, direct mail, social media and texting.

Additional benefits of IMPGO are:

  • Easy-to-use and mobile-ready interface
  • Customizable marketing communication templates that auto-populate key information, so no copying and pasting is needed
  • Portal can be set up within weeks
  • Integration to most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems


In addition to the tools for creating marketing campaigns, IMPGO stores internal communication tools, such as printed marketing collateral, signage, presentations and corporate ID materials. It also has built-in approval workflows, so executives have input into whether a marketing campaign can be approved or rejected.

Other key features include individual dashboards for users and teams, the ability to track budget and spending by users and teams, and campaign analytics.

Target Market

IMPGO targets marketing teams of all company sizes and industries. We’ve listed several of its clients below:

  • Colliers International
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • Eastern Consolidated
  • Meridian Capital Group
  • NewYork-Presbyterian
  • The Okonite Company
  • Schindler

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IMPGO can be deployed within weeks, although the specific implementation timeline varies by client.

It also integrates to most CRMs, such as Salesforce.

Customer Service & Support

IMPGO has flexible support plans, although specific information is not publicly available. To learn more about its support plans, please contact the company directly.


IMPGO doesn’t publicly display its pricing information. Please contact the company directly for a quote.


IMPGO doesn’t provide lead management features, such as lead nurturing and lead scoring. It also doesn’t offer A/B email testing.


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Marena Cosmos is a creative agency that provides a variety of services, such as advertising, marketing, web development and graphic design. Its goal is to build IMPGO as the best technology platform to help its clients perform their marketing activities more efficiently.

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