How to Choose an Email Marketing Automation Software

At this point, you are probably 100% sure that you need to use email marketing as part of your marketing strategy. But when there are so many options, how could you know which email marketing automation software to pick? Well, do not fret. With several options in the market, that’s understandable and easy to solve.

There’s no doubt that email marketing can bring wonders to your business. A study showed that it can yield an estimated 4,300% ROI, which is equivalent to $44 ROI for every dollar spent. When done right, personalized email messages can improve click-throughs on a call-to-action by 14% and conversions by 10% on the average.

But you can only enjoy these benefits when you use an email marketing automation software that suits your needs and goals well.

Finding the perfect software is crucial to the success of your campaigns. It must have the right features to enable actions that you want to implement in your email campaigns such as personalization and segmentation. Scalability is also essential to ensure that it can meet your growing and changing needs.

Here are the important factors that you must consider when choosing your email marketing automation software:

Complexity vs Simplicity

No one wants to work with a platform that’s confusing and hard to navigate. With so many email marketing aspects to work on such as segmentation, workflow and analytics, a platform with a simple and user-friendly interface can make the job easy.

For instance, some software today use modules to allow non-developers to build their emails even without the knowledge in HTML. Others provide simple yet nice email templates for different email types.

Visual Aspect

In connection to simplicity and user-friendliness, visual appeal also matters. You would want a platform that is pleasing to the eyes, so you can work efficiently.


For a well-rounded digital marketing campaign, your platform should allow various integrations. This will help you to maximize the potential of email marketing and supplement it with other channels like your website and social media.

For instance, integrating social media with your email marketing can help grow your email list and get referrals. It’s also possible to set up behavioral triggers when your email is integrated with your website.

Smart Features

Since we’re talking about automation, the smart features that can ease the process for you should be non-negotiable. Be sure to know the different features you require before making your pick. It pays to have a list of these features so that it’s easier for you to shop.

Some essential features you must consider are email list segmentation to that you can manage your contacts properly for better targeting. Triggers and auto-responders are essential too since these features will allow you to send automated emails according to customer’s actions. Personalization features matter to send emails with a personal touch, while automated workflows help you nurture leads in different stages of the sales cycle.

Reporting and Data Analytics

Accuracy is important when monitoring and reviewing your email performance. Your email marketing automation software must show you the different metrics you want to measure with no errors.

It’s better if it lets you dig deeper into details so you can gain more insights and see opportunities to improve your performance. Some platforms also offer real-time data analytics so you can see your emails are performing right away.

Always Updated and First in the Market

Of course, you want a competitive edge against your competitors, and that means not being left behind. So, be sure to choose the one that’s always updated with the newest features in the market.

Compare your options. Make a list of the features they offer to see which is more advanced. You can also read online reviews to know the experience of existing and past users.

Remember that email marketing automation is all about eliminating manual processes. It only makes sense that your chosen software is intelligent, intuitive and user-friendly. You don’t want to fall behind your competitors just because your software can’t keep up with the latest trends in email marketing.

Most software providers offer free trials, which you can avail this to test it out first. This way, you are sure that you are picking the one that best suits you. Take time to shop and choose well.

Kimberly Maceda is a Content Writer for ActiveTrail. She writes for some top online marketing sites and blogging advice on email marketing and marketing automation. ActiveTrail is a leading provider of professional-grade email marketing and automation software for growing businesses. 

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