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Adobe Marketing Cloud At A Glance

Good: Offers robust drill-down interface for setting up campaigns.
Bad: Users have mentioned a steep learning curve and the high cost for small and mid-sized businesses.
Bottom Line: End-to-end marketing solution that helps companies automate digital campaigns and deliver individualized cross-channel customer experiences.

Product Overview

Part of Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud is an integrated all-in-one marketing suite that allows companies of all sizes to personalize, optimize, and measure digital campaigns and customer experiences for optimal performance. The suite features a complete set of solutions, including Adobe Campaign, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, as well as an intuitive interface that allows users to sync content, insights and data across multiple marketing channels.

In terms of marketing automation, Adobe Marketing Cloud lets users automate their targeting process, so they can increase conversions while reducing their workload. In addition, users can automate their multilingual campaigns and connect their email with other digital channels using one of Adobe Marketing Cloud’s integrated solutions. Needless to say, the tool offers everything a business marketer needs to orchestrate the customer journey and deliver experiences that are meaningful to each customer.

We want to note that Adobe Marketing Cloud integrates with Marketo Engage, so marketers can maintain customer engagement throughout the journey. Market Engage includes features, such as lead management, account-based marketing, personalization and cross-channel engagement.



Below, we’ve shared several key features of Adobe Marketing Cloud:

  • Marketing Automation – One of Adobe Marketing Cloud’s digital marketing solutions, Adobe Campaign, allows users to implement marketing automation to increase their campaign productivity and deliver a compelling customer experience. Users can also build individual customer profiles based on the interests and actions tracked through different marketing channels.
  • A/B Testing – The only way for users to know how their marketing can be improved is to get a clear idea of its performance. But if all their data is in separate locations, it’s difficult to know which image, text or video leads to more conversions. Adobe Marketing Cloud helps through Adobe Target, an integrated solution that can be used to conduct A/B testing to discover which creative asset leads to conversion. 
  • Real-Time Digital Analytics – Adobe Marketing Cloud’s product suite also includes Adobe Analytics, a product that empowers business marketers to understand their customers as people by discovering what they believe, need and want. Users are also provided with the option to use experiential data from multi-channel campaigns to get the complete picture of their customers’ journey.
  • Social Insights – For those looking to improve their social marketing results, Adobe Marketing Cloud offers Adobe Social. It’s a social management platform that allows users to moderate and monitor conversations, promote and publish content, and analyze conversion and engagement data in a single mobile-supported interface. Additionally, the system automatically attaches tracking codes to users’ social content to identify what content drives engagement.

Target Market

Adobe Marketing Cloud is intended for enterprises and small to large-sized firms in a variety of industries. Below is a list of prominent companies Adobe Marketing Cloud serves:

  • Nissan
  • Hostelworld
  • Garmin
  • Telegraph Media Group
  • UBS
  • London Heathrow Airport
  • L'Occitane
  • Dior
  • Renault
  • Airbus

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Adobe Marketing Cloud operates is a cloud-based solution, making implementation a streamlined process. The Adobe website offers robust documentation for installing and deploying each of the solutions in the suite.

Users can easily integrate their existing accounts with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target by using the opt-in wizard, which will create the configurations and frameworks needed to get started.

The various Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions are designed to integrate with each other for a 360-degree view of the company’s marketing performance and opportunities. For example, Adobe Campaign messages and landing pages can be configured to include contents from Adobe Experience Manager and dynamic images from Adobe Target. Adobe Analytics integrates with several Adobe apps, including Adobe Campaigns, Adobe Social and Adobe Media Optimizer.

Once the apps are implemented and integrated, Adobe offers a database of video tutorials for user training.

Customer Service & Support

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers robust customer service and support options, including 24/7 help through the customer care team, as well as dedicated documentation and community forums for each app in the suite.

Users can sign into the Adobe Support portal to connect with a member of the support team.


Adobe’s website states that pricing is on a custom basis and will vary depending on the company’s size and needs. Additionally, special rates may apply to organizations that are interested in two or more of the six Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

Please contact Adobe for a custom quote.


Adobe Marketing Cloud users have mentioned that there is a steep learning curve to some features. Companies will need to devote IT resources to help build up proficiency within the user-base.

Some users have also complained that the product is expensive for small and medium businesses looking for marketing automation and data analytics tools.


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Adobe Marketing Cloud features the most complete suite of integrated digital marketing tools. It was founded in 2012 by Adobe, after the company made its Omniture brand obsolete. In 2013, Adobe integrated mobile features into the Marketing Cloud, allowing business marketers to check analytics and update campaigns while on the go.

Adobe has received several rewards for its Marketing Cloud, including the ANA Genius Award for pioneering analytics innovation and U.S. Search Award for innovation. It’s also a leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management.

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