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DemandCenter At A Glance

Good: Ideal for small and mid-sized businesses, reasonable flat-fee pricing structure, top-notch customer service.
Bad: DemandCenter is only geared toward B2B marketing automation, and some customers have mentioned a learning curve for understanding its full functionality.
Bottom Line: eTrigue's DemandCenter is a web-based marketing automation platform that simplifies creating, running and tracking various demand generation campaigns.

Product Overview

eTrigue’s DemandCenter is an easy-to-use marketing automation platform that simplifies demand generation for all types of businesses, from startups to enterprises.

Its web-based tools use a drag-and-drop interface, which allows marketers and sales teams to create, run and track all types of multi-channel demand generation campaigns, email marketing campaigns and other online activities without IT assistance.

DemandCenter makes it easier to:

  • Target and nurture your best prospects
  • Align sales and marketing goals to drive revenue faster
  • Improve ROI and accountability with measurable results

To promote business growth, eTrigue offers a flat-fee pricing structure for DemandCenter with no limits on campaign frequency or customer activity.


DemandCenter offers a number of dynamic marketing features to help businesses better build and track campaigns. We describe six notable ones below:

Email marketing – With DemandCenter, there’s no limit on the volume of emails you send. Easily build campaigns and email templates with simple drag-and-drop capabilities. You can also conduct automatic A/B testing and check an email template’s appearance through Litmus email testing (as long as you have a Litmus account). Once a prospect clicks on your email, DemandCenter automatically tracks all the person’s future visits (and adds in past anonymous visits) to your website, as well as any other site activity.

Google AdWords Visibility – Marketers can take a deeper look into their paid-search campaigns when using DemandCenter’s Google AdWords Connector. After a visitor has clicked through, DemandCenter will track and record all future visits to your site, not just the first one. This tool also gives a complete log of visitor data, including referring URL; search terms used; and the company name, city, state, postal code and area code associated with the visitor’s location.

Real-time lead alerts – Real-time alerts indicating which leads are “hot” and most likely to convert can be sent straight to your sales team via email or shown in a CRM. The alert will also provide a snapshot of the contact’s information, so the sales team can quickly react with relevant offers at the best possible time.

Anonymous visitor tracking – DemandCenter will track data from every visitor to your website, offering insights into a prospect’s interests before the person’s identity is known. The anonymous visitor tracker will help users identify the prospect once the person fills out a form with key information or clicks on an email. This tool can also help marketers pinpoint the search terms that are bringing in the most anonymous traffic, and it can automatically email anonymous visitor reports.

Dynamic progressive forms – Instead of annoying prospects with the same questions, dynamic progressive forms allow you to make sure your questions are always relevant to the visitor. With DemandCenter, it’s simple to start, stop and change a campaign; watch statistical results; ask questions based on demographics or firmographics; and skip questions in a sequence when they aren’t appropriate or when the information is already in your database.

Prospect activity history – DemandCenter automatically creates a “digital biography” of every visitor that comes to your website so marketers can get a better understanding of their needs and interests, which can help when determining buyers’ behaviors, optimizing future offerings or changing a current campaign.

Target Market

eTrigue’s DemandCenter is ideal for small to mid-sized business-to-business (B2B) companies and smaller marketing teams. However, the solution can scale up for large businesses and enterprises.

Here are 10 notable customers eTrigue serves:

  • MedForce
  • Service Leadership
  • DPT
  • Cisco
  • CaptureRX
  • Health Integrated
  • Comprehensive Screening Solutions
  • McGrath Power
  • Pacific Compensation Insurance
  • BLR Aerospace

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eTrigue’s DemandCenter is a web-based marketing automation platform, making setup as simple as signing up for a free trial or selecting the most appropriate pricing level. Typically, it takes about five days to go from the start of implementation to the first email campaign, with training. You can add eTrigue’s code to your website and start tracking anonymous and known visitors instantly.

eTrigue offers native integrations with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and SuiteCRM. For webinar functionality, eTrigue also integrates with GoToWebinar and WebEx.

Customer Service & Support

All of eTrigue’s customers are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help with any technical or marketing campaign questions. CSMs will also set up quarterly check-in meetings to provide additional guidance.

Video tutorials are available to learn about best practices when using the DemandCenter platform.

eTrigue also offers users various professional services, and it works with marketing partners and technology partners who provide additional services on eTrigue’s behalf.


eTrigue’s pricing for DemandCenter is based on the size of your database, which starts at $600/month for 1,000 contacts. To promote the growth of your business, eTrigue’s flat-fee pricing includes DemandCenter’s full suite of features and functionality without any limitations on users, landing pages, forms and emails. Live support is also provided to all DemandCenter customers.

There is an additional Customer Assurance program (Contact eTrigue for pricing.). This program includes a quick start, best-practices consulting, ongoing phone and email support, online training and a dedicated customer success manager.

You can also opt for the Partners Plus program, which starts at $1,000. This includes all the capabilities of the Customer Assurance program, as well as a full feature package per instance and Partner Plus support.


eTrigue’s DemandCenter is a B2B marketing automation platform, meaning business to consumer (B2C) companies may need to find a different solution for their needs. Also, some customers have mentioned a learning curve with understanding the platform’s full functionality.


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Originally developed by a leading marketing and demand generation agency in Silicon Valley, the eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation solution was built to ease the pain of running demand generation programs with limited, cumbersome and feature-light applications.

DemandCenter has received many awards and accolades, including:

  • G2Crowd’s 2016 High Performer award
  • GetRank’s Top 25 list for marketing automation software
  • TrustRadius’ 2016 Top Rated Marketing Automation Software award

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