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QuickPivot At A Glance

Good: Ability to work on cross-channel marketing within one platform, non-tech marketers can create queries and build segementation without SQL knowledge, modules are purchased separately or altogether as one platform.
Bad: Not intended for B2B companies.
Bottom Line: Cloud-based customer data platform that help marketers successfully manage customer journeys across multiple channels.

Product Overview

Vericast QuickPivot is a cloud-based customer data platform that helps marketers successfully manage their customer journeys within multiple channels (i.e., email, print, SMS, web). Marketers can easily run data queries without SQL knowledge or relying on a data analyst, due to QuickPivot’s intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality. As its name suggests, QuickPivot allows marketers to build customer segmentation or run queries through millions of customer records relatively quickly.

QuickPivot includes six different modules that handle various marketing tasks, such as customer journey building, customer segmentation, message delivery and data management. The modules can be purchased either as stand-alone products or all together as a more integrated marketing platform.

The six modules are:

  • QuickCollect
  • QuickTarget
  • QuickPalette
  • QuickInteract
  • QuickImpact
  • QuickConnect

More details on each module are in our Features section below.


QuickCollect – The QuickCollect module automatically cleans, matches and merges customer data so marketers won’t need to rely on their IT staff to do it. The module has a customer contact database that can scale from thousands of records to millions of records. Marketers can access all demographic, behavioral, geographic and other data in one location. QuickCollect supports simple to complex customer matching logic. Other features include drill-down data at the contact or transactional level, big data, unstructured data, real-time access to campaign activity, saved queries and lists, and the ability to reuse lists or segments.

QuickTarget – With the QuickTarget module, marketers run queries and build customer segmentation. It includes a drag-and-drop query builder that marketers can easily use without any SQL knowledge (QuickPivot automatically creates any SQL statements). Marketers can save or reuse any queries they’ve built. Queries can either run ad-hoc or on an automatic schedule. Other features include waterfall segmentation modeling, look-alike segmentation modeling and visualization tools, such as Venn diagrams or bar graphs.

QuickPalette – In QuickPalette, marketers plan a workflow that visualizes a customer journey. Instead of using other programs or even a complex decision-tree design to plot outcomes, marketers can visualize outcomes of their customer journey with the Outcome Donuts feature. The Outcome Donuts feature has a drag-and-drop interface, where marketers can connect objects between any starting and ending points. Other features include a wait timer (duration of time set before moving customers onto the next stage of the journey), Decision Donuts (customizing rules to check for values within a marketing database) and program library (workflows that can be saved for future use).

QuickInteract – With the QuickInteract module, marketers can build content and deliverability across multiple platforms. It includes three sub-modules: Message Manager (a step-by-step workflow for developing messages across multiple channels), Content Manager (for hosting and creating campaign assets, landing page forms, and email and web page templates) and Data Manager (for managing campaign data). QuickInteract includes key features, such as campaign calendar, A/B split testing, triggered messages, conditional content, dynamic content for email subject lines and email deliverability.

QuickImpact – The QuickImpact module measures the performance of each campaign. It includes over 30 standard reporting templates with summary-level and detail-level metrics. Marketers can build custom dashboards with a drag-and-drop tool off of any aggregated data, as well as export and share reports.

QuickConnect – Marketers use the QuickConnect module for out-of-the box integrations to multiple data connectors. Those connectors include SAP Hybris, Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Oracle Commerce, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics 365. QuickPivot also partners with MuleSoft for both pre-built and custom integrations.

Target Market

Vericast QuickPivot targets direct-to-consumer companies, such as retail or eCommerce, in all sizes ranging from start-ups to global enterprises.

We’ve listed 10 of its clients below:

  • Allen Edmonds
  • Cox
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • MacKenzie-Childs
  • Merrill Lynch
  • NHL
  • SVP Worldwide
  • Shutterfly
  • Tommie Copper
  • WEX

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The implementation process and timeline can vary, depending on the client’s requirements. Vericast QuickPivot’s implementation staff helps the client figure out how the platform best fits their needs by analyzing their business and marketing requirements. The staff also helps clients migrate their existing campaigns and data, plus provides onboarding and training support prior to the platform going live.

During implementation, QuickPivot’s training sessions include PowerPoint presentations, product demos and exercises where users work with their company’s live data. QuickPivot can provide post-implementation training if needed, either onsite or online.

Customer Service & Support

Vericast QuickPivot has a self-service support portal available that will allow end users to submit new support tickets, review existing tickets and view video training tutorials of the applications in their platform. Users can also contact support via phone.


Vericast QuickPivot offers five different editions, which are:

Messenger – The Messenger edition includes list management, email/SMS/print marketing, web form hosting, personalized URLs, trigger-based marketing, standard reporting tools and phone support. It supports a single dedicated IP address and up to five users.

Target – The Target edition includes customer segmentation and targeting features, such as a dedicated QuickTarget database, standard and custom segmentation, waterfall segmentation modeling, look-alike modeling and segment analysis tools. It supports up to five users.

Basic – This edition is a cross-channel marketing suite and includes features from the Messenger and Target plans, plus adds the QuickTarget and QuickPalette modules, dashboard reporting, and stores up to a million customer records. It also supports up to two dedicated IP addresses and up to 10 users.

Professional – The Professional edition includes the features of the Basic edition, plus adds real-time customer event listener, email deliverability support and API access. It can store over a million customer records and supports up to 25 users.

Enterprise – The Enterprise edition includes the features of the Professional edition, plus adds a custom IP strategy, a custom message optimization strategy and premium support. It can store tens of millions of customer records and supports an unlimited number of users.

Pricing isn’t publicly available, so please contact Vericast directly for a quote.


Vericast QuickPivot is mainly intended for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. Business-to-business (B2B) companies can check out our other marketing automation software reviews.


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Vericast is reimagining marketing solutions one business-to-human connection at a time. By influencing how over 120 million households eat, shop, buy, save and borrow, Vericast fuels commerce, drives economic growth and directly accelerates revenue potential for thousands of brands and businesses. While its award-winning portfolio of products, technology and solutions are part of the Vericast story, its people are the true differentiators; trailblazers in data intelligence, marketing services, transaction solutions, campaign management and media delivery.

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