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366 Degrees At A Glance

Good: Seamless integration with Salesforce and Nimble CRM, intuitive click-and-drag workflow design, simple navigation with a single-page view for all functions.
Bad: Somewhat of an extended learning curve for campaign workflows
Bottom Line: Lean and handy email marketing campaign automation with special integrations built around Salesforce and Nimble.

Product Overview

366 Degrees is a marketing automation platform best integrated with Salesforce that helps users create content, push multi-channel campaigns, track real-time metrics and pursue leads.

With 366 Degrees, users can leverage CRM (especially Salesforce and Nimble, but not exclusively), Marketing Automation and Video (Vidyard) platforms to connect prospects, leads and customers. Personalized journeys can be created and loyal followers engaged. Because 366 Degrees doubles as a contact/lead manager, a CRM isn’t critical.

Content can be created for landing pages, email campaigns and social media promotion, and then integrated with Salesforce, Nimble or other CRMs. Workflows can be designed and entire campaign processes can be planned and mapped through a series of intuitive click-and-drag interfaces. A Validation function assesses the code worthiness of HTML.

366 Degrees offers real-time connectivity and data exchange upon which a consistent and efficient decision-making process can be based.

Besides Salesforce, 366 Degrees partners with Microsoft, Nimble (CRM), Stripe (online payments), Century-Link (cloud hosting), Twilio (communications) and Intercom (customer messaging) and others to provide robust functionality for marketing campaigns. These platforms can be mixed and matched to optimize the purpose at hand.


366 Degrees’ marketing automation features address high-quality lead generation, campaign creation, content production (landing pages, email, social media, video), and real-time data and metrics. The features include the following:

  • Users are able to connect key customer and lead profiles by targeting CRM leads, contacts, prospects and social connections through a single-page view.
  • Customized, laser-focused cross-channel campaigns integrate email content with landing page and social media promotion.
  • Real-time metrics supply insights into customers’ motivations and behavior patterns, helping users refine messaging and content throughout the buyer’s journey to elicit more click-throughs and conversions anywhere during a campaign’s lifecycle.
  • Vidyard integrates with Salesforce and offers the enterprise-level functionality to embed video content into channels at any point in a campaign lifecycle.
  • EmailonAcid integrates with 366 Degrees, giving users a platform by which to preview emails sent across multiple devices and browsers.

Target Market

The 366 Degrees marketing automation platform targets emerging small- and medium-sized businesses, especially those using Nimble or Salesforce, aiming to grow their sales and marketing efforts. A sample of its customers are listed below:

  • Izenda
  • GlobalRadar
  • GE Credit Union
  • Native Custom Stone
  • Rocket Notes
  • The Client Orchardist
  • Phyl the Jukebox
  • Storyminers
  • TelDesigns
  • Splash

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Whether integrated with Salesforce or Nimble CRM, 366 Degrees implements its marketing automation platform through a straightforward process designed to minimize time and cost and improve workforce productivity and user satisfaction.

Because 366 Degrees is Software-as-a-Service and resides “in the cloud,” no download, install, or external configuration is necessary. Implementation is a four-step, self-serve process:

  1. Users sign up for a 366 Degrees account
  2. Users schedule an onboarding demo
  3. Users perform actual onboarding and combine that with an hour of free training
  4. Users begin building a campaign and sending content.

Customer Service & Support

366 Degrees provides continuous support services that include help desk access, bug and issue tracking, and end-user training. Its partnership with Salesforce permits access to Salesforce experts who can address and solve administrative and development issues once the marketing automation platform has been integrated with the CRM.

366 Degrees also provides 24-hour support through Intercom. Scores of online guides and tutorials are available for direct, step-by-step instruction through any process in the system. Users can contact the help desk by phone, email, or constant text chat.


Note: 366 Degrees’ pricing is no longer publicly available. Pricing below was accurate at the time of original publication. Please contact OMI for a quote.

Subscriptions are based on the number of contacts and each account includes email, landing page and social media functionality, video embedding and analytics. 366 Degrees does not charge per license.

A prospective client can choose from the following three pricing plans:

  • Ignite: This tier costs $125 per month for 50,000 contacts and has a 14-day free trial.
  • Grow: For $366 per month, companies can have 100,000 contacts and free training.
  • Expand: This tier is $745 per month and offers 250,000 contacts.


A built-in landing pages feature suffices, but those needing more in-depth form fills will have to use the API, which can challenge anyone unfamiliar with the development interface.

The comprehensive nature of the solution can take some getting used to, especially with the creation and distribution of initial campaigns.


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For the past 20 years, OMI has striven for excellence in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry. They are the go-to resource for emerging, mid-size companies that choose the Salesforce cloud platform to address a respective market niche.

Companies choose OMI based on its real-world experience accumulate over two decades of delivering implementing, consulting and CRM application development. OMI creates digital solutions that drive success and accelerate business growth.

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