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ConvertKit At A Glance

Good: Customizable opt-in forms, revelatory dashboard, automated "if-this, then-that" workflows, drag-and-drop sequence builder, abundant integrations.
Bad: Strictly limited to automating email marketing, cost-benefit ratio a bit higher than its competitors.
Bottom Line: ConvertKit's automated workflows, integrations and dashboard deliver utility and value for bloggers who want to improve their bottom line through email marketing.

Product Overview

ConvertKit turns a blogger’s email list into a revenue driver. The specifically targeted, powerful email marketing platform offers resources to bloggers that help grow a business, like automated workflows, incisive reporting, handy widgets and helpful support.

ConvertKit features easily embedded and customizable opt-in forms, workflow and sequence automation, and an astute dashboard to track and monitor campaigns.


The key features of ConvertKit include:

Forms –  Customizable opt-in forms direct subscribers to desired calls to action that are personal, relevant and immediate.

Reporting – The homepage dashboard displays subscriber data and an opt-in conversion tally.

Visual Automations – “If-this, then-that” automation rules create distinct workflows to develop individualized customer journeys. Events, actions and conditions can be linked with a click, and subsequent steps can be autopopulated to guide subscribers to an intended conversion. Each event, action and condition card displays a cumulative running tally of users completing that step.

Sequences – Automated emails can be personalized by using drag-and-drop sequence builders designed to grow a subscriber list.

Subscriber management – Tags and segments help users manage and manipulate subscribers from a single list.

Broadcasts – ConvertKit lets a user automate email distribution for one-off messages, RSS feeds and more.

Editing – Email content editing begins and ends by clicking on an item in a workflow. And all emails are constructed in plain text, which is helpful with penetrating spam filters.

Using tags and segments, a user can organize subscribers from a single list. ConvertKit not only lets a blogger draft and send one-off messages, but can also tie an RSS feed to a blog for automated posting.

Target Market

ConvertKit targets online “creators” with any size subscriber base who want to more effectively monetize their content.

The following bloggers have built their businesses on the features of ConvertKit:


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ConvertKit integrates with more than 80 marketing automation tools, including leading apps for e-commerce and customer payment, lead capture, membership and courses sites, survey and quiz development, website platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) systems and list tracking. Its Zapier integration gives users access to hundreds more marketing automation tools. It also accommodates Slack, a leading cloud-based resource for team collaboration.

For large ($149+/month) subscribers, the customer support team will perform list migrations from prior email marketing solutions, while smaller customers can get a price quote for one-off migrations.

Customer Service & Support

ConvertKit offers reliable support through diverse channels. Live training is hosted onsite in select locations. Weekly video workshops, typically less than an hour long, are offered online, complementing a host of articles and guides in its Knowledge Base library.


ConvertKit offers a free account for companies that manage up to 500 contacts and includes features such as unlimited traffic, over 30 premium landing page templates and mobile responsive designs. It sets its pricing based on the size of a blogger’s subscriber list.

Bloggers with up to 1,000 subscribers pay $29 per month.

Bloggers with 1,001 – 3,000 subscribers pay $49 per month.

Bloggers with 3,001 – 5,000 subscribers pay $79 per month.

Bloggers with 5,001 – 8,000 subscribers pay $99 per month.

Bloggers with 8,001 – 10,000 subscribers pay $119 per month.

Bloggers with 10,001 – 15,000 subscribers pay $149 per month.

Bloggers with 15,001 – 20,000 subscribers pay $179 per month.

Bloggers with 20,001 – 25,000 subscribers pay $199 per month.

Bloggers with 25,001 – 35,000 subscribers pay $259 per month.

Bloggers with 35,001 – 45,000 subscribers pay $319 per month.

Bloggers with 45,001 – 55,000 subscribers pay $379 per month.

Bloggers with 55,001 – 65,000 subscribers pay $439 per month.

Bloggers with 65,001 – 75,000 subscribers pay $499 per month.

Bloggers with 75,001 – 85,000 subscribers pay $559 per month.

Bloggers with 85,001 – 95,000 subscribers pay $619 per month.

Customers who pay for a full year of ConvertKit up front get a discount of two months off the cost, or roughly a 15% savings.

Customers paying $99 per month get free Concierge Migrations.


ConvertKit only focuses on email marketing, although it integrates easily with most other marketing automation tools. Also, its cost surpasses that of similar email marketing solutions.


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Launched by noted blogger Nathan Barry in 2013, ConvertKit is managed by a team from around the globe. Its purpose is to make email easier and more robust for pro bloggers to help them “make a living online.”

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