The Ultimate List of Business Intelligence Vendors

The BI market is in constant flux.

New vendors frequently appear, and just as frequently disappear or become acquired by a larger company.

From niche players to the major providers, we have compiled a list of active business intelligence vendors today.


1. 1010data

Cloud-based 1010data provides big data discovery options within the same location where it is stored, speeding up important business decisions by giving all users easier, quicker access requiring fewer clicks.

2. Actuate

Actuate’s BIRT business intelligence software, known for its focus on open source, utilizes an Eclipse platform to streamline reports help generate useful insights with three unique types of reporting tools.


Alteryx’s BI platform is powered by a unique datablending capability which seamlessly unites cloud data, third party data, and internal company information, creating a smoother, more efficient workflow.


Arcplan offers their customers two platforms as a way to deliver Business Intelligence functionality – the Enterprise platform and Engage platform, and can integrate with other BI tools.

5. astera software centerprise

Astera Software’s Centerprise tool is a scalable and affordable data integration platform that features expansive data mapping tools and an ability to work with challenging hierarchical structures like XML, EDI, and others.


6. birst

Birst’s BI solutions include a wide variety of features, such as big data, data warehouse automation, and data mashups. Users can choose between two platforms based on their needs.

7. bitam

Bitam provides an easy-to-use and flexible business intelligence platform for all business users, regardless of technical knowledge or expertise, to create and run dashboards on their own.

8. board

 Board’s all-in-one solution combines business intelligence features with corporate performance management functionality,pulling data from many different sources and stored in a single repository.


Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo business intelligence simplifies the data virtualization process, empowering users to create reports and add data without interference from IT.

10. clear analytics

Clear Analytics supports and expands the capabilities of Excel by allowing users to receive accurate data on-demand, while also providing expansive self-service access to BI insights across the entire company, increasing productivity.

11. clickbase

Clickbase business intelligence software is highlighted by real-time dashboards that offer up-to-the-second insights and “at a glance reporting” tools with a drill-down feature, providing timely and in-depth insights to end users.

12. cloudera

Cloudera is a Hadoop vendor featuring an enterprise data hub which increases speed to insight, stores data, and runs a broad diversity of workloads, varying from batch processing and enterprise search to interactive SQL and advanced analytics.

13. coverall

Cover-All is an out-of-the-box business intelligence tool operating on a single-integrated platform, providing insights specifically for P&C insurance with drill-down, drill-through, and drill-anywhere options.

14.  datahero

Cloud-based vendor Data Hero simplifies analytics by allowing users to easily create interactive charts from anywhere, apply the “Data Decoder” to automatically scan and create visualizations of important metrics from your data, and then customize them to individual preference.

15. datarpm

Big data discovery is the focus of DataRPM, a BI vendor that features a natural language interface and a simple, three step process to analyzing big data.


Datawatch Corporation’s business intelligence suite provides visual analytics at rest and in real time, helping users analyze data from multiple sources to make decisions at the right moment.

17. Decisyon360

Decisyon 360 unites process execution, analytics, and collaboration together in a single workspace to streamline employee and departmental communication while speeding up the time from decisions to actions.

18. dimensional insight

Dimensional Insight’s “Diver Solution” is an end-to-end business intelligence tool, including time-sensitive data integration in a single view, helping users deploy role-based BI throughout their businesses.


Domo’s business intelligence platform integrates business technologies and data together in a single, intuitive platform, helping users swiftly access all the relevant information they need in a single place.

20. exasol

Exasol’s “operational business intelligence” expands upon traditional BI by offering increased functionality while simplifying the overall process. The tool focuses on logistics optimization, integrating customer rating routines, and increasing product quality.

21. GOOD data

GoodData provides Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) via its cloud-based Open Analytics Platform. It combines IT’s need for data governance with the business user’s need for self-service BI.

22. halo

Halo is an enterprise business intelligence tool focused on big data analytics, combining traditional BI technologies with advanced visualization and support tools that deliver actionable insights to decision makers.

23. HighIQ

High IQ provides a personalized business intelligence service to small-to-medium sized companies that want to work with big data analytics, but lack the resources for traditional BI solutions.

24. ibm 1

IBM Cognos offers a diversity of BI products for any size company, including unique software that can provide small businesses with the same depth of analytical insight as corporate giants.

25. Indicee

With its 100% cloud-based solution, Indicee helps businesses find the answers and insights to their company’s performance, including the tracking and analysis of their social data.

26. InetSoft

InetSoft’s Data Block technology allows data mashups to be performed in real time, so users can access their information as soon as they’re available and start discovering insights.

27.  Infor

Infor 10x is a comprehensive BI analytics tool that focuses on turning siloed data sources into synchronized ones, while also offering industry-specific analytics. Changes made from mobile platforms automatically connect with the desktop, streamlining the business process.

28. information builders

Information Builders’ WebFOCUS tool is a BI platform notable for its linear scalability and for maintaining operating speed and functionality even after its user size has doubled.

29. kofax

Kofax includes BI and analytics solutions that are “process-aware,” including rapid, no-coding developing of real-time dashboard and reporting applications.


30.  Logi Analytics logo

Logi Analytics provides BI solutions for all business sizes. Their most unique offering is an embedded analytics capability, which integrates dashboards and reports into existing applications.


Looker is an easy to use platform that doesn’t require coding or users to be experienced analysts with SQL knowledge. It helps companies make better decisions via real-time access to their data.

32. Magnitude

Magnitude Software combines the best of Noetix, which simplifies access to data to assist reporting and analytics, and Kalido, a data management tool that increases business speed and flexibility.

33. SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint business intelligence is a cloud-based platform with tools that allow non-tech users to easily access information with user-friendly tools and publish insights online.

34. MicroStrategy

Microstrategy’s business intelligence platform allows users to get real-time information to aid in their decision-making in a quick manner – even from within the dashboard itself.

35. numerify

Numerify is an enterprise analytics business intelligence platform that includes detailed visualizations and can be deployed within a matter of days, allowing businesses to focus on reacting to insights, rather than delivering them.

36. OracleLogo

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Foundation Suite is an all-in-one solution with a variety of features that helps to eliminate the need for multiple tools and lower a company’s cost of ownership.

37. panorama

One of the few platforms that support Business Intelligence 3.0, Panorama’s Necto focuses heavily on highly visual infographics, self-service, and collaboration, helping users gain real-world insights into their data.

38. pentaho

Pentaho offers BI software that distinguishes itself by its ability to unite data integration processes with business analytics. This seamless approach helps users efficiently integrate and visualize key information.

39. performance canvas

Performance Canvas is a financial control business intelligence tool that is primarily notable for its speed, producing reports in just a few seconds, as opposed to hours or minutes.

40.  pivotlink

PivotLink helps companies unite all of their customer, marketing, and transaction data into a single place by integrating cloud-based analytics and data integration with a user application approach, producing targeted, personalized messaging to the most important customers.

41. Prognoz

Prognoz Platform is a BI tool that is highlighted by its business modeling and forecasting capabilities. It serves as a decision support tool allowing users to analyze and prepare for “what if” situations.

42. qlikview

Qlikview is a self-service BI tool that consolidates data sources, including legacy systems, to streamline data analysis. The platform uses an in-memory processor to provide extremely fast, real-time insights.

43. rapid insight

Rapid Insight’s predictive modeling software allows users of any ability to swiftly construct, implement, and share predictive analytics insights. Statistical relationships can be automatically discovered, and viewed as charts or graphs.

44. roambi

Roambi is distinctive for its mobile business intelligence suite that delivers reporting and analytics on the go, allowing users to flexibly share and present their insights.

45. Intelligence

Salient Management Company business intelligence combines a speedy analytical data mart with tools that reveal trends in a centralized data source.

46. SAP 

SAP’s BusinessObject BI solution allows anyone, regardless of job function, to customize, and analyze BI data with little to no involvement from their own IT department, giving self-serve access.

47. SAS

SAS provides a comprehensive business intelligence solution that empowers any user to analyze data and run reports, while still giving control of software maintenance and deployment to IT.


Sisense brings an affordable BI solution to any company, regardless of size. It is designed to handle all sorts of data, from small data sets to big data, and is scalable to meet most needs.


Tableau is high-speed, user-friendly business intelligence tool that offers non-experts swift data access and the ability to create dashboards and visualizations in a matter of clicks.


TARGIT’s Decision Suite integrates data discovery capabilities with reporting and dashboarding, creating a self-service solution that increases business efficiency and communication.

51. teradata

Teradata’s business intelligence platform employs data warehouses to increase the speed of business processes, giving users a single, united view of the entire company and empowering them to a deeper understanding of their customers and markets.

52. thoughtspot

Thoughtspot offers innovative BI tool that includes a Google-inspired search function, allowing users to rapidly search and analyze information without any IT interference.

53. tibco

TIBCO Spotfire offers its users a versatile, feature-rich business intelligence platform that can deliver fast answers to important business questions without having to rely on IT.

54. vizzboard

Cloud-based Vizzboard focuses on in-depth dashboards with state of the art visualizations that can be created with a few clicks within the browser.

55. yellowfin

Yellowfin is an intuitive, easy-to-use business intelligence platform notable for its clear, detailed dashboard graphics that are interactive, allowing users to drill-down to specific details.

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  8. Great list of the usual suspects and even some newer disruptors. There are new waves of innovative solutions coming up like ClearStory and one of my favorites DecisionPoint Excel based dashboards and enterprise dashboard apps.

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    This is a great comprehensive list! It looks like you forgot Chartio is used by companies such as Prezi and Optimizely and has all the features of a modern BI tool. But, most importantly, they are built within a flexible, intuitive, and all-around usable product that will give you and your team real control and understanding of all of your data.

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