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Infor ION At A Glance

Good: Fast OLAP server, Import Master tool with ETL functions, planning and modeling capabilities offered.
Bad: Users accustomed to Geac performance management tools will struggle adapting to ION, as the software displays a clear orientation towards MIS products.
Bottom Line: Infor ION is a comprehensive BI analytics tool that focuses on turning siloed data sources into synchronized ones, while also offering industry-specific analytics.

Product Overview

Infor ION business intelligence works across industries, offering state of the art solutions for financial, operational, and sales intelligence needs. Generally utilized for very niche, specific business requirements, ION is implemented with a multidimensional, online, analytical processing tool (OLAP). ION stands for Intelligent Open Network.

This OLAP Server is one of ION’s more notable features. The database is real time and in-memory, meaning that it functions at a very high rate of speed. In addition to analysis, the software provides planning and modeling capabilities as well.

ION also offers a web-based Application Studio, which provides a front end for data visualization, including analysis, dashboards, data entry, and reports.

On the Office front, ION’s Office Plus includes a fully integrated Excel interface, cell-based reporting, and ad-hoc analysis. The office tool is vital to improving organization-wide communication, and provides a simple, efficient way to collaborate on projects.

An Import Master tool includes intuitive extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools that inform decision-makers with all of the data vital to making the best choices. The Import Master consolidates the vast troves of information that a company has at its fingers into a multidimensional database that can be easily accessed and employed for reporting, planning, and analysis.


In addition to the tools detailed above, ION’s other features include a BI Planning tool, a Consolidation feature, and an analysis program called DeltaMiner.

Target Market

From food and beverage to aerospace and defense, and everything in between, Infor’s customers are from various industries all over the world.

We’ve listed 10 notable customers below:

  • Lutheran HealthCare
  • University of Colorado Health
  • The United Nations
  • Metropolitan Airport Commission (MAC)
  • Sonic
  • Spencer's Gifts
  • Sports Authority
  • Omron
  • Hershey
  • Honda

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Infor offers the following deployment options:

On-premise – With on-premise deployment, Infor runs on internal servers hosted at locations the client controls. Clients’ systems, processes and users are connected through internal infrastructure. Organizations often opt for on-premise deployment when they want to host their data internally, or if specific third parties or customers require it.

Cloud – In cloud deployment, Infor’s suites are hosted by a cloud services provider, and the solution’s maintenance and daily operations are outsourced. Infor works with Amazon Web Services, known for its world-class cloud infrastructure. Companies choosing this implementation get the option to scale capability as needs change, which results in lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Hybrid – With a hybrid implementation, some of the client’s software applications are hosted on-premise while others are deployed in the cloud. Some organizations prefer hosting applications (e.g., CRM) in the cloud, while deploying core systems, such as ERP, on-premise. Companies choose this strategy when they want to take a calculated approach to moving to the cloud or when they’re duty-bound to host specific forms of data internally.

Customer Service & Support

By dialing their local Infor support number, customers can get in touch with Infor’s trained support specialists, who offer personalized support on a daily basis.

Infor offers Elite Support to its dedicated customers. This option includes a designated Customer Success Manager who serves as the customer’s advocate. Success Managers have a deep understanding of Infor’s products.

Additionally, Infor has a support portal for its customers. It’s an all-in-one hub that gives users access to all support resources, from customer communities and service packs to software patches and more.

Infor’s Knowledge Base is updated daily, and it’s where customers can find the Infor Support Assistant – an innovative application that’s synced with their respective Infor applications to help Infor proactively manage their upgrades and issues.


Infor doesn’t publicly release its pricing information, so please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


ION is known as a “middleware” in the BI industry, and links together old Infor processes with newer ones. Users accustomed to Geac performance management tools will struggle adapting to ION, as the software displays a clear orientation towards MIS products. Some users, consequently, may not see ION as the go-to technology for integrating apps within the Infor base.


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Since 2002, Infor has helped more than 67,000 customers in 178 countries globally drive business growth through adaptable, industry-specific solutions. The company’s headquartered in New York City and works with 2,189 partners to provide intuitive, responsive and elegant applications that seamlessly weave into your workflow.

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