Xerox ColorQube 8880 Color Printer Review

Good: Very low operating costs, versatile paper trays, strong printing features.
Bad: Not suitable for small offices, Wi-Fi is only optional.
Bottom Line: Solid ink color printer intended for larger offices that want to control printing costs.
Intended Users:
ColorQube 8880
Medium, Large
Speed Black:
Speed Color:
51ppm (fast)
51ppm (fast)

Product Overview

The Xerox ColorQube 8880 Color Printer ($2,499) is the latest member of Xerox’s devices with solid ink technology.

Unlike toner, solid ink has a wider color range and resolution, as well as “ink bricks” consumables. Because the solid ink is delivered in “brick” with minimal packaging, there are no spent cartridges and minimal wasted ink, since almost every bit of the bricks get used up.

And the ink bricks themselves have high-capacity page yields: Each ink package for each color is sold with six sticks with a total yield of 17,300 pages per color (16,700 pages for black). When shipped with the device, each color ink stick includes a yield of 3,200 pages per color.

The ColorQube 8880 has a variety of speeds based on its mode. In fast color, the speed is 51ppm. However, in standard mode, the speed is 30ppm; the speed of enhanced mode is 19ppm, and in high resolution, the speed is up to 6ppm. Please note that the speed applies to both color and black and white.

Its processor speed is 1GHz. Memory starts at 1GB and can be expanded optionally to 2GB. First-page-out time in color is a speedy five seconds.

More details on the ColorQube is found in our Features section below.

Xerox offers a standard one-year onsite warranty backed by Xerox’s Total Satisfaction Guarantee. There are optional extended warranty programs available.

Xerox continues to improve upon its solid ink technology family, and the ColorQube 8880 is no exception. It’s a good buy for medium-to-large offices that have a lot of color printing needs, but still want to keep printing costs down.


PCL and PostScript printing is supported, as is direct PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. USB and Ethernet connectivity is standard. Wi-Fi is optional. Mobile printing is supported via Apple AirPrint, Xerox PrintBack and Mopria certified.

Paper handling starts with a 525-sheet tray and a 100-sheet multipurpose tray. Users can optionally add up to three additional 525-sheet trays ($300 each) for a maximum capacity of 2,200 sheets. Output is a 350-sheet standard tray. There are no finishers. The monthly duty cycle is 120,000 pages per month. Automatic duplexing is standard.

Other print features include RAM collation, bi-directional drivers, booklet printing, N-up printing, watermarks and Color by Words (a feature that lets users change a color of an image by selecting a color from a drop-down list).

Xerox offers two optional productivity kits: one that includes an additional 1GB of memory, expanded secure print and job collation features, and faster image processing, and another kit that includes secure print, extended font/form storage and 256-bit data encryption.

As mentioned above, the aftermarket consumables consist of a package of six sticks for each color, which totals to 17,300 pages for cyan, magenta and yellow, and 16,700 pages for black. Therefore, the cost per page (without including the maintenance kits) is 1.6 cents in black and 3.2 cents in color. This cost per page is low compared to laser toners, especially with color print.

Xerox also provides flexible pricing plans that businesses can participate in and pay specifically for what they actually printed. These flexible plans include:

  • Black Plus Useful Color: These are pages that are essentially all black but with a very small amount of color – including a corporate logo or some color title text. These might include many Word documents or emails. Such pages are billed as if they are black-only.
  • Everyday Color: These are pages with moderate color coverage (approximately 1.2% to 8% of a letter-sized page). These might include such files as typical PowerPoint slides, web pages, reports with graphs, and charts.
  • Expressive Color: These include pages that make heavy use of color. For example: marketing materials like brochures and any page with extensive use of photos. Such pages have cost rates that are similar to color pages on copiers.

  • Automatic Document Feeder?
  • Duplexing?
  • Ethernet Connectivity?
  • Wireless Connectivity?
  • Mobile Printing/Scanning?
  • Finishers?


This printer may not be suitable for smaller offices. Also, Wi-Fi is only optional.


Since the invention of Xerography 75 years ago, the people of Xerox have helped businesses simplify the way work gets done. Today, Xerox is the global leader in business process and document management, helping organizations of any size be more efficient so they can focus on their real business.

Headquartered in Norwalk, CT, more than 140,000 Xerox employees serve clients in 160 countries, providing business services, printing equipment and software for commercial and government organizations.

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