Epson DS-30000 DS-32000 Review

Good: Horizontal and vertical feed options (on the DS-32000), Slow Speed mode for delicate sheets, ability to scan to cloud storage accounts.
Bad: Not available in office supply stores.
Bottom Line: Compact large-format document scanners aimed at industries with high-volume scanning needs.
Intended Users:
Large, Enterprise
Speed Black:
Speed Color:
70 ppm-90 ppm
70 ppm-90 ppm
Not applicable
Not applicable
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Product Overview

The new DS-30000 and DS-32000 scanners join Epson’s lineup of high-volume document scanners. The DS-30000 ($2,699) scans at up to 70 ppm simplex (140 ipm duplex) and has a daily duty cycle of 30,000 sheets. The DS-32000 ($3,799) scans at up to 90 ppm simplex (180 ipm duplex) and has a daily duty cycle of 40,000 sheets. Both scanners include a programmable 2.7″ touchscreen and a 120-sheet automatic document feeder. The document feeder accepts versatile paper sizes that range from business cards to long documents (12″ x 220″). They also scan folded pages up to 12″ x 17″.

USB connectivity is standard, and Epson doesn’t offer a network interface. The scanners are sold through the CapturePro reseller network.

Both scanners has a compact design, so they can fit comfortably on a desk or table. However, the DS-32000 has optional vertical and horizontal feeds. The vertical feed can accommodate heavy-duty scanning, while the horizontal feed fits folded sheets or delicate paper.

More details is in our Features section below.

The DS-30000 and DS-32000 are robust large-format scanners that provide heavy-duty scanning for many industries, including finance, healthcare and legal.


The DS-30000 and DS-3200 includes advanced paper feed technology, such as Ultrasonic Double-feed Detection, Slow Speed Mode (for delicate sheets), Dynamic Skew Correction (that automatically detects and corrects skews) and Paper Protection (to prevent misfeeds). The scanners are compatible with both PCs and Macs. Bundled software includes Epson Scan 2 and Document Capture Pro.

Users can scan files to searchable PDFs and editable Word and Excel with the built-in OCR software, as well as scan to various cloud storage accounts, such as Evernote, Google Drive, and SharePoint.

Finally, there’s a three-year limited warranty with an Advanced Exchange Program that includes next business-day replacement.

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  • Duplexing?
  • Ethernet Connectivity?
  • Wireless Connectivity?
  • Mobile Printing/Scanning?
  • Finishers?


The DS-30000 and DS-32000 scanners are only available via the CapturePro reseller network, so they’re not available to purchase in office supply stores, such as Office Depot.


Epson America is a division of Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of imaging products, semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, and watches. The company has been an innovative designer of ink jet printers and sells an extensive product line. Most of these are geared to home and school use, but Epson continues to extend its line further into the office environment.

Epson has been making a more aggressive play for the document scanner market, although the company’s been in the multipurpose office scanner business for years. The models and other additions to its model line seem to be part of an effort to further extend its current scanner technology. As part of this effort, Epson makes these scanners available in consumer electronics stores such as Best Buy, along with Epson dealers and on its website.

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