Qlikview vs Power BI: Everything you need to know

If you’ve got a wealth of data on your business, but are unsure how to take meaningful action on it, it’s a good idea to invest in a business intelligence (BI) platform. If you’ve done even a little bit of digging into the world of BI, you’ve likely come across both QlikView and Power BI. […]

How Much Does BI Software Cost? 2021 Pricing Guide

Download This Pricing Guide As a PDF   Pricing is one of the most important factors in choosing business intelligence (BI) software. While some vendors provide transparent pricing details on their websites, most of them prefer to provide a personalized price quote, as company needs and requirements vary. We’ve developed this pricing guide that details […]

Looker Pricing: What Are the Costs?

Disclaimer: We source public information for Looker’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication. Looker is a data discovery platform deployed both on premise and via the Cloud. It first came onto the Business Intelligence scene in 2011 and is headquartered in Santa Cruz. […]

Power BI vs. Qlik Sense

Both Qlik Sense and Microsoft Power BI are business intelligence (BI) software solutions designed to help companies of all sizes navigate the mountains of data they have to provide them with actionable insights. Without a quality BI platform, it’s likely that businesses would miss out on potential opportunities because they just wouldn’t have the ability […]

Power BI vs SSRS: Which Microsoft System is Better for You?

You have a mountain of customer data to analyze, but you’re not sure where to begin.  That’s where a business intelligence (BI) solution comes into play. By acquiring and leveraging the right BI software, you’ll be able to gain actionable insights into some of your most vital data while discarding unnecessary information. One of the […]

Excel vs. Power Bi: Which is Right for Your Business?

It’s likely that you have some experience with Microsoft products. Whether you’re using Windows on a PC or writing documents in Microsoft Word, there are many business solutions available from Microsoft. A lot of businesses use Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets, organize and analyze customer data, then use said data to take action.  While Microsoft […]

Qlikview vs. Tableau: Which One is Right for Your Business?

Businesses today have to deal with a lot of data. Data can be a valuable tool that you can leverage into action. But when you have too much data and no way to keep it all organized, what should be a benefit quickly becomes a burden.  That’s where a business intelligence (BI) solution comes into […]

QlikView Pricing: Understanding the Costs of Ownership

There’s no question that Qlik is one of the most notable business intelligence (BI) solutions in the market. However, many users have mentioned that deciphering its pricing model can be a bit of a headache. We tried our hand at clearing up the confusion. How Much Does It Cost? As an analytics and data visualization […]

Domo vs Tableau: Pros, Cons & the Bottom Line

Domo and Tableau are two business intelligence (BI) solutions that are dominating the market. Consistently a “leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant reports, Tableau is a data visualization and self-service analytics champion. Its intuitive interface and simple dashboard and reporting tools tend to make the solution the top choice for businesses. However, Domo is a cloud-based […]

Domo Pricing: What Are the Costs?

Domo is a self-service BI platform that consists of seven categories connected together into one hub to help users make better business decisions. It’s designed for all business users, regardless of technical expertise. Domo also provides customized solutions for job roles, industry and data connectors. We’ve reviewed Domo in the past and compared it with […]