Datapine Pricing: Costs and Pricing Plans

Disclaimer: We source public information for datapine’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication.

Datapine is a cloud-based business intelligence software solution aimed at companies of all sizes. Some of its features are a drag-and-drop interface, dynamic dashboards, self-service analytics and embedded analytics.

In this post, we’ll discuss datapine’s pricing in more detail.

Does datapine have a free trial?

Yes, datapine has a 14-day free trial. Prospects can sign up for it via its site without having to give out their credit card info.

Datapine Pricing Plans

Datapine has four pricing plans that all include a drag-and-drop interface, unlimited dashboards, dynamic charts and the ability to access the software from any device. In addition, there are no setup fees.

We’ve listed the four plans below.


The Basic plan costs $249 per month and is intended for startups and other small businesses. It accommodates a single user and is limited to three data sources. The plan also has these features:

  • Native data connectors
  • The ability to import data from CSV or Google Spreadsheet
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Mobile access
  • Scheduled reports
  • Custom formulas (the ability to create formulas with the Metric Builder feature)
  • Custom SQL queries
  • Cross-database queries


The Professional plan costs $449 per month and targets companies with multiple users. It has all of the features of the Basic plan, plus:

  • Up to two users and two view-only accounts
  • Global dashboard filters
  • Interactive dashboard elements
  • Advanced sharing options (e.g., the ability to share dashboards internally and externally)
  • Advanced user management


The Premium plan costs $799 per month and includes all of the features of the Professional plan, plus:

  • Up to three users and three view-only accounts
  • Intelligent alarms (artificial intelligence feature that monitors data and sends alerts if any adverses changes)
  • The ability to publish dashboards on the web or within a company portal
  • User-specific dashboard filters

Branded & Embedded

This plan targets companies that want to embed the dashboards within their own software application. It costs $1,099 per month and includes all of the features of the Premium plan, plus full white-labeling/branding and single sign-on.


Note that datapine also offers an Enterprise plan for large organizations, as well as an on-premise deployment option. Please contact the vendor for a custom quote.

Additional Costs to Consider

Optional Features

Datapine offers the ability to add on users and storage space for a fee. An additional user can create, edit and share dashboards, add data sources and perform ad-hoc queries for $55 per month. A dashboard viewer can see shared dashboards and apply interactive dashboard filters and drill-downs. It’s $12 per month and is available in blocks of 10 users. The high-speed data storage service has volume-based pricing that starts at $45 per month.

Optional Support Services

Datapine has standard email and phone support, but it also has optional premium support services. Those services are:

  • Analytics Support: This service costs $599 per month for up to six hours and includes same-day support and consultation services.
  • Carefree Package: For $3,399 per month, datapine can take over all aspects of data analytics. Support requests are answered within two hours, and users can contact support via email, phone or Skype. They also receive the full benefits of datapine’s own data science team.
  • Dashboard Creation Services: This service allows datapine to tailor dashboards to their client’s needs, while training them on how to create dashboards effectively. Please contact datapine directly for a price quote.
  • Third-party connectors: With this service, clients can connect datapine to any third-party data source they’re currently using. Please contact datapine directly for a price quote.


Datapine has four flexible pricing plans that businesses can scale up or down as their needs change. Each plan comes with robust features, and datapine also has optional services for companies with specific requirements. Organizations can learn more about the software by signing up for a free trial or contacting the vendor.

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