Business Intelligence Use Cases

Business Intelligence Use CasesBusiness Intelligence helps companies turn data into insights.

But some have trouble getting started.

Customer stories show how BI has influenced other companies through real world dilemmas.

Check out these BI use cases to identify your own pain points and the solutions to fix them.

Marketing Use Cases

Accurately predicting a return on investment is key to running a successful marketing campaign.

Business Intelligence helps marketing professionals analyze campaign performance to identify opportunities for optimization.

AllRecipes, a popular cooking site with 1.5 billion visits annually, needed the BI to understand customer’s behaviors while they navigate the site.

Thanks to Tableau, AllRecipes was able to develop content according to real time metrics for observing users as they move around the site.

Web developers can quickly visualize user’s habits, and create reports on the fly for targeting their products. The program allows AllRecipes to view what device the visitor is using, what features and tools they prefer to use, and which pages they spend the most time on.

AllRecipes now offers an improved consumer experience, allowing users to quickly find content they’re interested in.

Tableau Software helps us understand the way our customers navigate our website on all of our platforms in a way that we can visualize and optimize on the fly. Our data, crunched and presented in a visually appealing way, allows us to build the best possible consumer experience that ultimately results in audience development and revenue. We’re stirring, chopping and even pureeing data every single day.

Grace Preyapongpisan
VP of Business Intelligence

SM Marketing Convergence, Inc. (SM-MCI) is a retail affiliated marketing company in the Philippines with a very large customer database. But when faced with analyzing over a billion transactions, SM-MCI was at a loss.

The company decided it was time to use BI for creating a built-to-last marketing strategy aimed at retaining its customers.

Thanks to SAS Visual Analytics, SM-MCI was able to create analytic reports for processing the 200 million customer transactions collected within a year across 500+ store locations. The software’s speed, friendly interface, and scalability led SM-MCI to adopt the solution for processing their full database.

As a result, SM-MCI was able to better target marketing emails for higher conversion rates, identify which products its team should upsell, reduce its churn rate, and increase customer satisfaction.

When SAS demoed Visual Analytics to us, I said, ‘This is something we need.’ It reduces the workload of IT in generating reports, which to me is a total waste of time. The best people to create and design reports are the business users because they know the business. Merchandising knows merchandising better. Operations knows operations better. Marketing knows promotional campaign measurement better than IT. Most importantly, Visual Analytics improves insight-seeking opportunities for business users.

Baldwin C. Golangco
President & CEO

Sales Use Cases

When the sales team is given a new lead, BI can make the difference between a closed deal and a lost customer.

Analyzing historical data on past transactions helps sales teams identify which prospects have the highest propensity to convert.

Mama’s & Papa’s, a baby clothing and accessory retailer in Great Britain, developed a dependable brand for parents around the world. As the company began to grow, management developed issues with data accuracy and quality.

Thanks to Strategy Companion’s Analyzer, Mama’s & Papa’s was able to centralize sales data for daily and weekly performance tracking, keeping corporate management in line with the company’s overall performance.

Strategy Companion was chosen due to its familiar reporting features, simple interface, and fast projections. The solution is frequently used by the company’s Chief Executive from his iPad, staying on top of all sales from anywhere in the world.

Since implementation, Mama’s & Papa’s has been able to closely analyze sales by product, category, and store to carefully balance the stock within each store. They’re even looking ahead at geographical locations to expand based on sales per capita per postcode.

We have now rolled out to all of our retail outlets who have completely embraced the solution. Whilst it does not replace the need for published reports, its key feature that has sets it apart from other similar tools is that it allows easy, rapid distributable creation of queries.

-Chris Greenwood
Director of IT
Mama’s & Papa’s

Jive, a software vendor, uses applications throughout the company for daily operations, including Salesforce for the sales team.

With the help of Birst, Jive was able to integrate multiple data sources into one and provide broader user access.

Jive started using Birst’s solution with its sales team. Combined with Salesforce, Birst allowed Jive’s sales team to better evaluate prospects and divide their resources based on lead quality.

When we added up the enormous amount of time we spent on reporting and considered the costs of having incomplete information, we realized we needed a solution that could quickly and easily analyze information within and across applications. To support our business goals, we needed nothing less than an across-the-board, comprehensive business intelligence platform for our entire organization.

-Monique Herman
VP Business Operations
Jive Software

Finance Use Cases

Finance teams often spend the majority of their time combing through expenses just to create accurate reports. This takes time away from effectively analyzing their data.

BI tools help with streamlining data collection and creating simplified reports to forecast future expenses or analyze past costs.

The Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland is responsible for allocating resources to support the creation of sports stadiums, halls and events throughout the country. In order to fund projects, Ministry administrators review formally submitted applications.

The Ministry needed a solution for processing the applications that matched both the applicants’ needs and administrators’ workflows. They also wanted a BI solution for verifying metrics supporting each proposal’s success.

The solution the Ministry found is a combination of three software platforms: MS Windows Azure, AMODIT, and Panorama’s Necto. Azure provides the cloud computing platform and infrastructure, AMODIT organizes the application process between client and administrator, and Necto serves as the front end BI tool for analyzing project metrics.

Necto is a social business intelligence platform for communicating data to people within the organization. The solution helps Ministry leaders identify rising issues within complex reports, and address those issues with the appropriate resources.

All three solutions integrate with each other for making accurate financial decisions.

Using Necto, decision makers in the Ministry can locate key performance indicators, analyze and recognize trends and data anomalies and proactively allocate the needed attention and resources for issue resolution.

-Ministry of Sport & Tourism

Akfen Holding is a leading infrastructure investor in Turkey, funding many of the country’s major developments such as seaports, airports, hotels, and more. The company decided it was time to deploy BI for sustaining growth in a competitive market.

QlikView helped Akfen Holding with its solution’s rapid processing power. As financial data is transmitted from multiple companies to Akfen Holding, the information is translated through a single reporting source. This information is shared with stakeholders, shareholders, and the media for transparency with reliable figures.

Before Akfen Holding decides to invest, it can analyze growth trends across industries and run performance analyses on companies. The software also helps optimize operational efficiencies to improve management and support a sustainable structure.

All of Akfen Holding’s financial and operational information can be accessed from a single portal, giving management real time metrics for following performance trends.

At Akfen, our challenge is complex. We need to adeptly execute in a variety of industries – spanning airport management, water supply, energy and even real estate – and achieve the operational excellence needed to deliver strong results for our shareholders. QlikView has been critical to our success as it allows us to rapidly identify newly developing trends, closely monitor performance of our subsidiaries and compare key performance indicators against industry and macroeconomic standards. Our ability to turn raw data into an executive analysis format in a quick and effective manner provides our leadership with valuable insight for what is really taking place on the ground on a real-time basis.

-Çağlar Aydıntepe
Project Reporting Manager

Operations Use Cases

Internal performance gaps can be identified and eliminated with the right business intelligence tool. Where other BI solutions focus on strategic forecasting, operational BI solutions focus on real time metrics for keeping processes running smoothly.

Queensland Health is responsible for managing over 30,000 patients per day with 70,000 staff members. After generating and storing a high volume of data, Queensland Health decided it was time to start utilizing it to make operational improvements across the company.

Thanks to Panorama’s Necto, Queensland Health was able to streamline and analyze all of its data through a single source, where it previously needed multiple inefficient platforms. Through in-memory and OLAP operations, the solution helped relieve IT of many heavy data modeling tasks while adding depth to the reports generated.

The solution gives insight into both internal operations such as staffing levels and compensation benchmarks, and patient operations such as their nurse-to-bed ratio and analyses comparing pathology reports.

We revamped our BI solution in order to manage and most importantly extract value from the massive amounts of data we generate every month. By presenting management across many departments with timely data we enable more informed decision making with the ultimate goal of being more efficient, reducing costs, and still maintaining quality patient care.

-John Kelly
Director of Development
Queensland Health

Wix is a website creation software company that enables users to design and manage their own websites without complex coding. With 42 million websites created through, the company needed the right BI tools to react quickly while keeping up with user engagement.

Thanks to Sisense, Wix was able to simplify reporting processes, and drastically cut administrative time for analyzing data. The solution includes a columnar database schema and in-memory technology for fast data handling when taxed with a high volume of information.

Non-IT employees are able to access the solution for analysis, and Wix has a greater understanding of its clients’ behaviors for creating the right tools to meet their needs.

I know that if we’re making better, more well-informed decisions, with better sets of data that everyone in the room can actually see and have insight on, the natural outcome of that is a better-run organization and is going to affect your bottom line.

-Eric Mason
Marketing Director

HR Use Cases

Historically, HR has been labeled as an inefficient department. With the help of BI software, HR leaders can recruit, hire, and develop talent more effectively.

Intermountain Healthcare staffs 33,000 employees, and wanted to better utilize its HR department for enhancing its workforce. Rather than treating HR as a “cost center,” the company wanted to empower HR with the data needed to make smarter, more impactful decisions.

Thanks to Tableau, Intermountain Healthcare was able to compile HR’s workforce data and analyze operations down to each expense. When it’s time to start a new HR project, Intermountain Healthcare can analyze Tableau reports to better project an ROI.

For the healthcare facility’s recruiters, this means better handling of the company’s talent. When reviewing applications, setting up interviews, and making hiring decisions, its hiring team carefully organizes each step for optimal retention. Information on each recruiter’s history can break down to their individual effectiveness within the company’s greater recruitment strategy. Other initiatives, such as holiday parties, are strategically planned for employee engagement with the bottom line in mind.

After four years of using Tableau, their software is an integrated part of our business. We are now able to drill into detailed facets of our business on a daily basis, such as wellness participation, performance of business units, and financial goals, that we were previously examining monthly or even quarterly. The simple interface and color scheme allow all Intermountain Healthcare employees to play with our data, regardless of their title.
-Michael Thurston
HR Research Analyst Consultant
Intermountain Healthcare

Austin Fire Department had several challenges to overcome. There were operational considerations to take into account in order to better manage taxpayer resources, along with frustration from Human Resources at not being able to access data to make changes in response to trends.

Austin Fire Department had saved tons of performance data, but needed BI for streamlining analyses. With QlikView, HR can now better manage the organization’s talent.

Administrators can now analyze attendance and payroll trends, as well as staff demographics to better understand their workforce. With historical data analyses, HR can organize succession planning to enhance internal leadership. Compensation is more carefully negotiated based on skills and talents such as education, certifications, bilingual abilities, and more.

Austin Fire Department uses 40 different BI applications across 11 lines of business for a variety of tasks including tracking 911 calls by multiple factors, allocating equipment (such as fire trucks to new stations), estimating its cost of services, and other financial analyses for reducing taxpayer costs.

End users agree BI has had a powerful impact on the organization.

You can change the presentation of your data as quickly as your manager changes her mind on what she wants.”

-Kathy Burke
HR Manager
Austin Fire Department

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