Business Intelligence: The Definitive Guide

What’s all this jazz about business intelligence?def guide cover

You’ve come to the right place to find out.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about BI in our latest resource: The Definitive Guide to Business Intelligence 

After 8 months, 14k words, 50 featured experts, and a ton of Big Data, we’ve put together 7 chapters to answer all the questions you came here to ask.

Here’s what you’ll learn from each chapter:

  • Chapter 1: What is Business Intelligence? – The essentials for understanding BI, including its core components and a comprehensive history.
  • Chapter 2: Big Data – Big Data is a big deal. In this chapter, you’ll learn how BI incorporates Big Data and strategies for using it in your own business.
  • Chapter 3: Data Warehousing – As one of the heaviest BI topics, we’ve broken down this section into the processes you need to know when organizing data.
  • Chapter 4: BI Analysis – For BI to work, intelligence needs to get into the hands of business users. This chapter describes the connection between OLAP and your daily dashboard.
  • Chapter 5: BI Use Cases – We’ve compiled the best BI case studies across businesses and vendors for identifying the problems companies had and the solutions that worked.
  • Chapter 6: BI Challenges – When considering BI for your business, know what common challenges might rise and how to prepare.
  • Chapter 7: The Future of BI – That sci-fi inspired future where machines do all the work and humans watch from the sidelines? It’s not that far off.

Go ahead and take a look at The Definitive Guide to Business Intelligence or download a PDF version below:

Report Download: The Definitive Guide to Business Intelligence – Download Here

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