4 BI Software Trends for August

Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not the only, source of competitive advantage.” – Peter F. Drucker

Drucker was right. Again.

When management icon Peter Drucker uttered this pithy maxim a quarter century ago, few conceived the limitless scope of the internet, let alone the depth of knowledge distilled from the incessant surfing by all of us web denizens.

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Today, it’s the shrewd business leveraging this data-driven knowledge with decisive action (i.e., strategy!) that emerges ahead of competitors. It’s this quest for data-driven knowledge that compels business intelligence software development teams to keep pushing the envelope, so the solutions, themselves, will automate the analytics while their “programmed” AI devises strategic options. Then, CEOs orchestrate the data, choose the best strategy – and clobber the competition.

Call it a Drucker Drubbing? And it’s happening more and more.

So, let’s identify it as a trend and mix it with these other three that have been disrupting the business intelligence software market this summer.

1. Oracle’s Internet Impact Map graphically monitors internet connectivity status

This trend deals with the source of all these analytics: the internet. If the worldwide web is disrupted, then we can’t surf and data can’t be netted. To avert such a calamity, Oracle has launched its internet intelligence map (IIM) designed to provide “insight and analysis on the state of global internet infrastructure.”  For true internet aficionados, this online visual graphically tracks the health of the world’s most critical network, giving insight into the impact of events such as natural disasters or state-imposed disruptions.

According to an Oracle press release accompanying the launch, the IIM lets users investigate the impact of internet connectivity issues across the globe by “presenting country-level connectivity statistics based on traceroutes, BGP, and DNS query volumes.”

It’s a mesmerizing website that captivates even the casual techie. Clicking on the map and through the sidebars discloses drilldown statistics by country and traffic shifts. The world has never seemed so connected – or so disrupted.

2. Business intelligence analyst: Your next hire?

Of course, to fully exploit the statistics provided by something like the IIM – or Google Analytics, for that matter – a business might consider turning to a business intelligence analyst (BIA). A few years ago, “data scientist” rode a surge to IT lexicon prominence and handsome remuneration, but with the more recent and current advent of BI, this “new” role is fast becoming essential for any company trying to optimize its BI execution.

As CIO staff writer Laurie Clarke makes eminently clear, “Data is the lifeblood of businesses today but without being able to parse it into actionable insights and outcomes, it’s as good as useless.” And that’s where the BIA enters, stage right. Laurie presents the whys and wherefores behind a BIA’s purpose and advantage to a company’s flexing its intelligence muscle. Disrupt your coffee break; this is worth a 7-minute read.

3. “It’s the data, Stupid!”

Shankar Kambhampaty, writing as a member of the Forbes Technology Council, presents a cogent explanation behind what’s disrupting the business intelligence market in this insightful article “It’s All About the Data.” The CTO at DXC.technology posits that “data is driving change to business models.”

As a staunch advocate that data must be the basis for getting strategy right, Kambhampaty delves into how intelligence is extracted from data, pays homage to OLAP and data mining, amplifies how AI and machine learning will disrupt the BI market further, and predicts where these trends will all end up. It’s an illuminating article.

So, there you have it. Data orchestration, internet impact map, business intelligence analyst and the essential nature of data constitute the latest BI trends. Feel free to follow the links to learn more and if you need to explore BI software, check our reviews.

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