Tableau Pricing: What’s Included

Disclaimer: We source public information for Tableau’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a business intelligence solution that provides users drag-and-drop functionality for preparing data, creating dashboards and visualizations, and sharing insights with other users. It has three main products: Desktop, Server and Cloud, as well as Tableau Prep Builder, a platform that allows analysts to clean and prepare data more efficiently.

We’ve reviewed Tableau in the past, but this post will focus on its pricing tiers.

Does Tableau offer a free trial?

Yes, prospects can test the software either on their server or in the cloud. They can sign up for the 14-day trial on Tableau’s site.

How Much is Tableau?

Tableau can be deployed in the cloud (Tableau Cloud) or on premise (Tableau Server). Regardless of deployment, there are three subscription plans that include maintenance, product upgrades, and support in one cost, so there are no surprise fees. The plans (based on annual billing) are:

Tableau Creator

Designed for individual data analysts, the Tableau Creator license costs $70 per user, per month. It includes access to Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder, as well as one Creator license for either Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud. Note that the Creator price is the same, regardless if Tableau is deployed in the cloud or on premise. Companies will need to purchase at least one Creator license in order to purchase the Explorer or Viewer plan.

Tableau Explorer

Tableau Explorer is designed for users that want to explore governed self-service analytics. For example, users can explore available data to answer their own questions, rather than having an analyst do this for them. It costs $35 per user, per month if deployed on-premise and includes one license to Tableau Server. If deployed in the cloud, this plan costs $42 per user, per month and includes one license to Tableau Cloud.

Tableau Viewer

Tableau Viewer is designed for users that just want to access – but not have to create – dashboards and visualizations. When deployed on-premise, it costs $12 per user, per month and includes one viewer license to Tableau Server. When deployed in the cloud, it costs $15 per user, per month and includes one viewer license to Tableau Cloud. Note that Tableau requires a minimum of 100 viewers for this tier.

Additional Features

Tableau offers add-on features for both its cloud and on-premise versions. Those features are:

  • Data management – With this feature Tableau Server users get enhanced data prep and governance functionalities. It requires a minimum of 100 users for all Creator, Explorer and Viewer licenses. Tableau no longer offers pricing for this feature, so prospects will need to get a custom quote.
  • Advanced management –  This feature allows administrators to manage and scale mission-critical enterprise data analytics. It’s available for both Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud users and requires a custom price quote.
  • Einstein Discovery in Tableau – Einstein Discovery is a feature that’s developed by Salesforce and allows users to create and run predictive models. Prospects that’s interested in this feature can get a price quote from Tableau.
  • Resource Blocks – Tableau offers Resource Blocks for running concurrent Prep flows. Each Resource Block costs $250 per month.

Embedded Analytics

Tableau provides an Embedded Analytics platform for companies that want to share analytics with their clients but don’t have the resources to build them. Pricing is not publicly available, so prospects will have to contact Tableau directly for a quote.


Prospects can purchase the Creator license and then add on either the Viewer or Explorer plan based on their requirements. Tableau’s pricing strategy can be a great fit for companies that want their own employees to access data themselves but not have to do any of the prep work involved that falls to a data analyst. This is where the Tableau Viewer subscription falls in. However, this subscription requires at least 100 subscribed users, so for a company with less than 100 employees, the Explorer plan is the better option.

Prospects that want to consider Tableau can sign up for its free trial or contact its sales team to learn more.

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