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Project Time Tracking At A Glance

Good: Ability to set multi-level hierarchies and up to five levels of approvals within projects, integration with many financial solutions, dedicated resource management functionality.
Bad: Collaboration features aren't offered.
Bottom Line: Users can track all components (costs, time, resources) of both small and large projects.

Product Overview

Project Time Tracking (ProjectTime) is a cloud-based solution that’s designed to set up projects with complex work breakdown structures based on your needs. As it’s in the cloud, companies won’t have to worry about maintain hardware and software or having to host their own data.

Replicon’s Project Portfolio Management solution’s enables project managers and teams to make timely decisions with real-time estimate to actual comparisons of time and cost data.

With ProjectTime, users can manage projects and can set budgets for each project and assign tasks to employees based on specific criteria, estimates and cost constraints which in turn help to maximize your project resources allocations and utilization with target billable hours. Projects and deadlines can be tracked in real time – for instance, project tabs display project status as well as estimated and actual hours devoted to each project, apply multi-level rates to maximize client billings, margins and profitability.

ProjectTime will also help to take control of your project delivery with a real-time view of Project progress, Resources, work done and work remaining to be done.

The software integrates with a company’s existing system, including Oracle, Cognos, Sage, SAP, Microsoft Office Projects, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

ProjectTime is also available in a mobile app. Users can enter time worked on projects, receive reminders or approve time sheets from their mobile devices. Additional features include GPS tracking, the ability to upload digital receipts and AI-enabled timesheets. Updates made on the mobile app are synchronized with the browser-based version.


Configurable Timesheets

  • Intuitive time capture – Configure timesheets to capture the information your business needs and track up-to-the-minute project time for client billing
  • Billable hours – Track billable and non-billable hours by project, and easily assign it to single or multiple clients even when mobile
  • In/Out time – Track start and stop times against client projects, activities, or custom fields for increased accuracy
  • Pre-populated timesheets – Make timesheet completion and submission easy for project resources with timesheet pre-population rules
  • GPS Monitoring – Manage your remote project workforce better with real-time GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities
  • Attachments and comments – Give your supervisors and clients better context around your project time entries with relevant attachments

Dynamics Approvals

Enhanced Validations and Notifications

  • Zero billing errors – Eliminate billing errors utilizing our advanced timesheet validations
  • Instant Alerts – Leverage real-time notifications to ensure timely submission for processing
  • Validate to meet your needs – Use configurable businesses validations to ensure all data follows your organization’s unique policies

Intelligent Approvals

  • Configurable workflows – Define multi-level approval workflows that make sense for your services business
  • Intelligent routing – Use real-time data validation to create dynamic routing of timesheets to the right people
  • Involve all stakeholders – Include project managers, clients, and other stakeholders to ensure the right people always review and approve before billing

Project Tracking

  • Multi-level client projects – Create multi-level client projects, define project milestones, and set up relevant information in seconds
  • Real-time project tracking- Track project status in real-time and gain instant visibility
  • Program management – Roll-up similar projects into programs/practice and get full insight into profitability and performance
  • Instant insights – Make proactive decisions and manage your service delivery in-the-now

Budget vs. Actuals Tracking

  • Historical information – Use historical projects and resources information to estimate costs
  • Detailed metrics – Access detailed information about project hours, costs and profitability
  • Optimized costs – Track budgets to actuals in real time to optimize costs

Project Documentation

  • Store project details – Include additional documentation in projects, expenses or timesheets to provide details
  • Store and attach documents and links from Google Docs, Dropbox, Microsoft Sharepoint and more
  • Make documentation mandatory – Establish validation rules to ensure that attaching documents is mandatory to prevent critical loss
  • Simplify audits – Enhance your business process governance with supporting documentation and improve audit compliance processes

Project Costing/Invoicing

  • Project estimates – Set time and cost budgets for each project and task and roll up to get estimates
  • Real-time tracking- Track resource hours associated with projects and apply rates to get costs in real-time
  • Informed costing decisions- Gain control over your project budgets with centralized insights over project status and WIP

Streamlined Allocations

  • Cost normalization – Normalize time spent by resources and account for all resource time and costs on projects
  • CapEx vs. opEx – Differentiate between CapEx and OpEx costs with accurate, timely information
  • R&D costs – Associate hours and costs with R&D tasks to claim tax credits
  • Internal chargebacks – Utilize the context-based costing information to enable accounting, chargebacks and more

Advanced Analytics

  • Instant visibility – Get real-time visibility into programs, projects, resources, and costs using our out-of-the-box reports
  • Dashboards – Look at the big picture using our dynamic summary charts and dashboards
  • Flexible reporting – Configure the reports to match your organization’s reporting needs and share them with business leaders
  • Business metrics – Stay on top of business metrics like costing, chargebacks, utilization, estimates vs actuals, etc. and make proactive decisions

Target Market

ProjectTime is intended for all company sizes and industries.

We’ve listed some of its customers below:

  • Blackbaud
  • Expedia
  • Facebook
  • FedEx
  • MetLife
  • Moody's
  • Motorola
  • SAS
  • Siemens
  • Xerox

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Replicon provides users with a six-phase implementation process:

  • Define – In this phase, the client and Replicon’s implementation project manager discuss the client’s business, as well as its needs, challenges and goals for the software, and a deployment strategy.
  • Configure and integrate – Replicon works on migrating data and processes from the client’s existing system, along with customizing its solution and integrating any third-party applications.
  • Training – Replicon designs a training program that fits the client’s needs, such as train-the-trainer, online training or role-specific end-user training.
  • Acceptance test – In this phase, testers can “play in the sandbox,” that is, test the Replicon solution to find issues or errors before going live.
  • Deploy – The solution is deployed into a live environment and all end users can start to use it.
  • Success criteria – This phase is a final checkup to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Replicon then transitions the client to a dedicated Customer Service Manager for customer support.

Replicon offers three implementation packages based on company preference:

  • Quick Start – This package targets organizations that prefer to handle implementation themselves. Replicon provides online resources and training and a complimentary session with a configuration specialist.
  • Guided – New clients work with a dedicated Replicon project manager that will handle deployment by the six steps plan listed above.
  • Enterprise – Customizable options and rules, and global support for companies with complex needs.

Customer Service & Support

End users can access Replicon’s Customer Zone portal to find answers to commonly asked questions, start conversations with other Replicon users or submit support requests. Replicon posts information on upcoming product releases within the Customer Zone.

Users also have the option of contacting support via phone, email or live chat.

Replicon also offers Premium Plus Support with advanced services, such as 24/7 support, a sandbox instance, unlimited on-demand product training and administrative support and quick response based on severity level (e.g., 30 minutes first response to a Severity 1 issue, four hours first response to Severity 4 issue).


ProjectTime starts at $29 per user, per month, while ProjectTime Plus costs $39 per user, per month. ProjectTime Plus includes customizable features, as well as report sharing and scheduling, program management and multilingual support.


ProjectTime doesn’t offer features for collaboration. Companies looking for a project management solution that supports collaboration can check out Wrike or Mavenlink.


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Replicon offers solutions to companies that help increase productivity, improve profitability, and ensure wage and hour compliance. The company provides time and attendance, time-off, expense management, client billing, project costing, resource and schedule management solutions.

It’s won numerous awards, including the 2021 and 2020 Silver Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service, and the 2019 Branham300’s Top 100 Leaders in Canada’s ICT industry.

Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Replicon has locations in Canada (Alberta, Toronto), the United Kingdom (London), Australia (Melbourne) and India (Bangalore).

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