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Deltek Vision At A Glance

Good: Purchasing and Asset Management modules for companies that need to track purchase orders and fixed assets; helps companies gain new business, improve performance and streamline operations.
Bad: Interface isn't always user-friendly, not ideal for companies that don't need every module.
Bottom Line: Cloud-based integrated solution that enables professional service companies to track their entire project lifecycle from start to finish.

Product Overview

Deltek offers a wide range of solutions for project management. For our purposes, we’ll focus this review on Deltek Vision.

Deltek Vision is a cloud-based solution designed specifically to help professional service companies manage the entire lifecycle of their complex projects.

There are a number of benefits to Deltek Vision, such as:

  • Improved business performance
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Helps companies obtain new sales or business

Deltek Vision also benefits many different job roles. For instance, IT won’t need to worry about maintaining data on the company’s servers or maintaining software, as Deltek Vision is in the cloud. And executives will benefit from Deltek Vision, since it’ll help them determine if their staffing resources are sufficient for any given project.

Finally, Deltek Vision helps sales and marketing form new relationships with prospects, create proposals and close sales.

Deltek Vision is integrated with a company’s existing system via its Web Services application program interface (API). It also integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

Deltek Vision is composed of different integrated modules. We look briefly at each module in our Features section below.


Deltek Vision’s modules are as follows:

  • Resource & Project Management: With this module, managers and executives can create new projects, assign staff and other resources, and determine if tasks/projects stay within budgets.
  • Time & Expense Management: Employees can record their time (including sick and vacation leave) for each project on each day within a two-week pay period. They can access and record their hours either via their PCs or a mobile device. As this module connects with other modules (Billing, Resource & Project Management), recording hours worked is done only once.
  • Financial & Project Accounting: This module includes full accounting and financial functionality, including a general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, revenue recognition, overhead, financial reporting, multi-company support and multi-currency support.
  • Purchasing: The Purchasing module tracks any purchasing and requisition done not just for each project, but for general company needs (e.g., materials, supplies, services).
  • Asset Management: Asset Management is the newest module that’s been added to Deltek Vision. It tracks the entire lifecycle of a company’s fixed assets, such as buildings, vehicles and other equipment.
  • Billing: The Billing module automates the workflow of the entire billing cycle. It includes billing requirements such as time and materials, fee-based and percent-complete billing, and multi-currency support. Users can also create final invoices using standard or customized templates.
  • Dashboard: The Dashboard provides real-time analytics on all projects, or specific projects. Users can drill down into each component for more information. In addition, users can access a standard or customized dashboard based on their roles.
  • Reports: Users can create specific reports from over 200 standard templates, as well as print and email them.
  • Other modules include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Service Estimates, Proposal Automation and Performance Management.

Target Market

Deltek Vision is aimed at professional services firms (e.g., marketing, publishing) that range from start-ups to enterprises.

We’ve listed 10 of its customers below:

  • Above Security
  • Buro Four Project Services
  • Complete Healthcare Communications Inc.
  • Fieldstone Architecture & Engineering
  • HighPoint Global
  • Mactec
  • Pioneer Professional Services Group
  • The City of Arvada
  • Thompson Rosemount Group Inc.
  • V3 Companies Ltd.

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For professional services firms, Deltek Consulting Services provides its PEAK Implementation Process Model. This methodology includes the following steps:

  • Project initiation
  • Approval of solution design by client
  • Building and testing solution
  • Establishing a production environment
  • Preparing organization to transition to new solution (includes training end users and finalizing documentation)
  • Go live and project closure

For both new and current clients, Deltek Consulting Services also offers a Vision optimization workshop on the latest features and benefits of Vision.

Deltek offers additional training via its Deltek University for both new and current clients. Topics range from product training to professional development. Its training options include learning portals, live online training and customized training.

Customer Service & Support

Deltek has three tiers of customer support, which are:

Standard Care – The Standard Care tier includes access to the online help portal, support during normal business hours, unlimited support cases for the first 120 days and then 15 cases annually, online and email response within 24 hours, four authorized support contacts and new product releases/enhancements.

Premium Care – The Premium Care tier includes all of the features of the Standard Care, plus phone support, support available during extended business hours, mission-critical support available 24 hours on weekdays, unlimited support cases and six authorized support contacts. Its response time varies depending on the severity of the issue: two hours for Severity 1 cases, four hours for Severity 2 cases, eight hours for Severity 3 cases and 24 hours for Severity 4 cases.

Select Care – The Select Care tier includes all of the features of the Premium Care tier, plus a dedicated customer support manager, mission-critical support available 24/7, 15 authorized support contacts, access to customer advisory councils and semi-annual product roadmaps, and free admission to the Deltek user conference. Its response time varies depending on the severity of the issue: one hour for Severity 1 cases, three hours for Severity 2 cases, six hours for Severity 3 cases and 12 hours for Severity 4 cases.


Deltek doesn’t publicly display its pricing information, so please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


A few users have noted the Deltek Vision user interface could use some improvements, such as the ability to resize the screen.

Also, it may not be ideal for companies that only require specific modules, as all modules are included in the software.


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Established in 1983, Deltek has a long history of providing HR, financial, marketing, project management and other solutions for professional services and project-based businesses. It aims to help its clients focus less on administrative tasks and more on their businesses. Specifically, it helps clients identify new sales and business opportunities, manage their talent, comply with government regulations and measure their finances.

Deltek has more than 30,000 clients and millions of users in over 80 countries. It has 23 offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The vendor holds an annual conference where customers and partners can network, learn about the vendor’s products and discuss industry best practices. In addition, Deltek surveys key leaders in the government contracting market on their operational, financial and management issues.

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