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WorkOtter At A Glance

Good: Adaptable to any project methodology, centralized location of projects for easier tracking, flexible pricing plans.
Bad: WorkOtter currently doesn't support multiple languages or currencies.
Bottom Line: Project and portfolio management (PPM) software that gives clients an easier way of optimizing their projects and resources.

Product Overview

As a cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) solution, WorkOtter is an easier and affordable alternative to online spreadsheets and complex PPM software. Project managers can better prioritize their projects, standardize core processes and assign employees to specific tasks. Executives and team members can see statuses and deadlines of each project for better visibility and transparency.

WorkOtter offers the following benefits:

  • Cloud-based deployment so companies won’t need to worry about purchasing or maintaining servers
  • Centralized location of all projects for easier tracking
  • Better optimization of project resources
  • Improved collaboration with teams, vendors and clients which leads to better customer service
  • Flexible project methodology options (e.g., Agile, Scrum, Waterfall)
  • Flexible pricing plans that include unlimited projects, data and support
  • Integration with Microsoft Projects, Jira and other applications


Portfolio management – Project managers can track many projects and portfolios in one place. They can set up and adjust project workflows using the interactive workflow map; create portfolio-level issues, action items and changes; capture internal/external requests; and prioritize each project.

Resource management – Project managers get top-down and bottom-up visibility into their resources for better optimization. Resource management features include What-If scenario planning, load balancing and capacity planning. Managers can assign tasks to team users based on their skills, track their time on specific tasks and provide performance feedback.

Project management – Project managers can track tasks, risks, milestones and interdependencies within the software. Project details and schedules can be visible to stakeholders who can provide feedback or alert managers of any issues. The software also includes built-in alerts and notifications, sharing and uploading unlimited documents, built-in messaging and a role-specific My Home dashboard for each user.

Agile project management – WorkOtter offers agile project management functionality for teams that need to quickly adapt to project changes, such as IT. This feature provides benefits including better resource management, improved project governance and automatic two-way data syncing with another application.

Financial management – Project managers can ensure the project is on-time and within budget by tracking time and expense. The software provides reporting tools on metrics, such as estimated versus actual budget.

Reports and dashboards – Reports and dashboards can be personalized by company, department or user. Users can choose from over 100 pre-configured reports or use custom metrics. They can also share the reports with colleagues, executives, vendors and clients.

Target Market

WorkOtter targets teams in Information Technology (IT), New Product Development (NPD), professional services, Program Management Office (PMO) and marketing roles.

We’ve listed 10 of its clients below:

  • AARP
  • Express Scripts
  • Foot Locker
  • GE
  • Honeywell
  • Intel
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Polaris
  • Scottrade
  • U.S. Army

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WorkOtter provides a 30-day guaranteed implementation process that it has refined over its 20 years in business.

It starts with its Excel-based configuration population tool: an offline way for clients to set up their people, processes and projects that works directly with the APIs for provisioning WorkOtter.

Then, WorkOtter has its experienced lead engineer work with the client over a two-day period to understand the current state, envision the future state, and prioritize the gaps to time-box into the 30-day implementation.

After that two-day session, WorkOtter has a plan for the next 30 days that includes customer training, data import, validation of the process and dashboard setup.

In addition to Microsoft Projects and Jira, WorkOtter integrates to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and ProjectLibre.

Customer Service & Support

Clients have unlimited phone, email and online support. Furthermore, clients have unused implementation hours that can be used for dashboards, additional training, best practice consulting and additional services.


WorkOtter has three scalable pricing plans.

Member – Starting at $10 per user, per month, this plan is best for individual users like contractors and consultants. It includes timesheets, the ability to send notes to project managers and team members, and the ability to adjust project completion estimates.

Team – The Team plan costs $20 per user, per month. It is best for team members, customers and suppliers. Additional features are the My Home dashboards, support logs and issue updates, timesheet and expenses, limited action items, reporting, email updates, and chats and collaboration.

Manager – Intended for project managers, program managers, administrators and executives, the Manager plan costs $35 per user, per month. In addition to features in the other two plans, it includes project management, resource management, program and portfolio management, workflow management, templates, dashboard reporting and two-way syncing with Microsoft Projects.

Note that implementation, training and support services may come with an additional fee. Please contact WorkOtter for pricing on these services.


WorkOtter doesn’t currently offer multiple languages or currencies (although users can select any local country for date, number and currency symbols). Clients may need to wait to start using the software due to popularity and the amount of time WorkOtter spends working with each client to ensure everything is done correctly.


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Unlike online spreadsheet tools or bloated enterprise PPM servers, WorkOtter is a “just right” web-based project and resource management solution for anyone that believes project and resource management should be simple to start, sensible in price and fully secure.

WorkOtter was founded by a team of Ernst & Young (E&Y) consultants in 1998 after three years implementing project portfolio management (PPM) methodology for E&Y’s clients. Before WorkOtter, PM experts would travel the country working with companies on their business processes around project and resource management. They found clients’ solutions were complex, expensive and impossible for most companies to support. Therefore, they formed WorkOtter as a simple and sensible alternative.

The “Otter Way” gives its clients a competitive advantage over their peers and allows them to grow.

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