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ClayHR At A Glance

Good: Project management functionality, integration with many different applications, social networking-like feed.
Bad: Dedicated payroll and benefits features aren't offered, not intended for large companies.
Bottom Line: Customizable modular solution that helps SMBs hire, manage and retain their employees.

Product Overview

ClayHR (formerly BizMerlinHR) is an online human capital management software that offers users complete employee records, onboarding tools, e-signature, leave tracking, performance management, feedback, ATS and reporting. It saves HR practitioners, managers and employees time to focus on more strategic tasks. ClayHR is deployed in the cloud and available via native iOS and Android mobile apps.

There are several benefits of ClayHR, such as:

  • Centralized database for employees’ information and documents
  • More efficient, paperless onboarding process
  • Improved productivity on HR tasks, such as hiring/recruiting and performance evaluations
  • The ability for project managers to manage teams and projects without dedicated project management software

ClayHR integrates with various payroll solutions, such as ADP, Paychex and Intuit Quickbooks. It also integrates with many other applications, including Facebook, LinkedIn, DocuSign and Dropbox.


We’ve detailed some of the key features of each ClayHR module below. However, here are several of its general features:

  • AI-enabled applicant tracking system
  • Easy to create employee onboarding workflows
  • Centralized employee records system
  • User management module for easy compliance
  • Instant feedback to keep employees engaged
  • Comprehensive employee performance review module
  • Goal Management System well supported with Awards Management System
  • Both built-in and customized reporting templates
  • Built-in time sheets and Smart PTO management
  • Dynamic Skill Matrix and Workforce Management
  • A simplified task management system
  • Customizable reporting and field to meet a company’s unique needs

The Employee Records module allows HR to save all employee information in one place. Employees can keep track of their leave balance and request time off, and administrators can decide which features employees can access based on roles or other settings.

The Recruitment/ATS module allows recruiters and hiring managers to track both internal and external candidates. Job positions can be posted on the company website, social media sites and job boards. An “Apply Now” button can also be set up to receive resumes and applications.

In the Onboarding module, HR can create custom workflows for onboarding tasks to be completed either prior to or during the new hire’s first weeks on the job. Required documentation is stored within the solution for new hires to sign electronically.

The Performance Management module can be customized to fit an organization’s review processes. Managers and employees can add and track new goals, and managers can also provide instant feedback. Some of the module’s other features include multi-rater feedback, built-in and customizable review templates, and the ability to create and manage performance reviews in batches.

Project managers can use the Smart Goals module to track project milestones, determine the best team members for specific projects/tasks, keep an eye on project changes, and promote collaboration among employees.

Talent Management features include Skill Management, Retention Management and Asset Management. Skill Management allows managers to rate employees’ skills in various areas to determine if improvement or training is needed. Companies can use data from the Retention Management module to reduce turnover and retain top talent. The Asset Management module helps companies keep track of their information technology and other assets.

Additional modules include Training and Development, Career Planning, Workforce Planning, and Objectives & Key Results.

Target Market

ClayHR is intended for small to medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries. It also provides solutions to federal, state and local government agencies. Here are 10 of its customers:

  • Burke and Herbert Bank
  • Bayport Ghana
  • National Car Rentals
  • Integrated Secure
  • North Fork Resort Association
  • OpenSystems Technologies
  • Perfectial
  • Sherman Hill Group
  • Tellius

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Prospects can sign up for a free demo of the software. ClayHR’s implementation process varies based on the company’s needs and requirements, but new clients are assigned a dedicated account manager that can walk them through the process.

Customer Service & Support

ClayHR has a support site that contains a knowledge base and a ticketing system. Users can also contact the vendor directly via phone and email.


ClayHR bases its pricing on the number of employees plus any modules the company wishes to purchase. It no longer publishes its pricing, so users will have to contact the vendor for a customized price quote.


Although it integrates with other payroll and benefits solutions,ClayHR doesn’t have a dedicated payroll and benefits administration functionality. It also doesn’t include learning management system features.

In addition, ClayHR isn’t intended for large companies.


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Founded in 2010, ClayHR helps small and medium-sized businesses hire, onboard, manage and retain their employees with a cloud-based HRMS solution. It’s received various recognition in the last few years, including The Business Fame’s 10 of the Most Trusted Brands for 2022, CIO Review’s 2022 20 Most Promising Workflow Solutions Provider and Gartner’s 2021 “Cool Vendor” for HCM.

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