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Lattice At A Glance

Good: Integration to other applications, 360-degree review functionality, employee engagement features that guide companies in improving their corporate culture.
Bad: Interface can be difficult to learn for new users.
Bottom Line: People management platform that allows managers to provide continuous feedback to their employees.

Product Overview

Lattice is a people management platform that helps companies measure their employees’ performance. It includes continuous performance management functionality, so employees won’t need to wait until their annual reviews to get feedback from their manager. Lattice also offers an engagement module that lets managers develop surveys to measure their employees’ engagement, as well as an employment development tool that helps companies provide career development to their employees.

Lattice has several benefits, including:

  • A streamlined performance review process
  • 360-degree review functionality, where employees receive feedback and recognition from managers and colleagues they work closely with
  • Adaptable features for each company’s corporate culture
  • Integration to third-party applications, such as Slack, Outlook and Gmail


Here are Lattice’s key features.

Reviews – While Lattice includes continuous performance management features, companies may still want to review their employees quarterly or annually. Administrators can create their own review templates or use the ones built into the solution. The review cycle can be set up so that it runs automatically and managers/HR can track the status of each review. There’s a nudge button that reminds employees to submit feedback, which eliminates the need for multiple emails or chats.

Lattice also has a guided performance review form feature that organizes all reviews in one place. A context panel stores ongoing goals and feedback in order to eliminate any recency biases, and employees can choose to share their feedback anonymously. Managers can then organize all feedback into a consolidated form (either via a web page or a PDF) to share with employees.

One on ones (1:1) – Lattice’s 1:1 tool helps managers provide feedback and coaching to their employees during regular one-on-one meetings. The manager and employee create an agenda ahead of time and capture notes during the meeting. Afterwards, the manager follows up with the employee (or vice versa) on any action items that were discussed. There’s a team dashboard for tracking all 1:1s, including their agendas, goals and updates. Managers can also customize the frequency of 1:1s.

Goal management – Companies can easily spell out business objectives so managers and employees can set their own goals that align with those objectives. The software also supports OKR (Objective and Key Results) and SMART goal frameworks. Employees can track their goals within the software they work in (“flow of work”) as Lattice integrates with Jira, Salesforce, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Other performance management features – Praise is an employee recognition feature that allows employees to publicly celebrate their achievements with their managers and colleagues. An employee can recognize their colleagues via the Praise Wall or the Praise channel in Slack.

Additionally, the Updates tool provides a list of questions for employees to fill out regarding their workload. It helps managers get a better idea of where the employee is excelling or struggling, and they can customize the type and frequency of the questions. Updates can either be public (viewable to the entire company) or private (between manager and employee).

Employee engagement – The employee engagement module includes the ability to develop engagement surveys. Administrators can create their own questions or choose from a question bank. The software then sends the survey to employees and collects the data. There’s also a Pulse feature that provides real-time insights into the survey results.

Employee development – Lattice’s employee development software, Grow, helps managers support their employees’ professional opportunities (e.g., new skills in current role, promotions) within the company. The employee can see their career advancement paths (including skills needed) with competency matrices, career tracks and individual development plans.

People analytics – HR and managers can measure their data through a variety of dashboards. They can filter data by team, gender, age, skills and other metrics, as well as share them with executives.

Compensation – With the Compensation module, companies can create a fair and equitable pay strategy that aligns with their budget using both industry-wide compensation benchmarking data and employee performance data.

Target Market

Lattice targets companies of all sizes in many different industries. We’ve listed 10 of its clients below.

  • Allbirds
  • Gusto
  • Hello Fresh
  • Million Dollar Baby Co.
  • Monzo
  • Nous
  • Robinhood
  • Shippo
  • Slack
  • Twill


The implementation process and timeline varies based on the client’s needs and requirements, but some components include a kickoff call, manager and employee training and live virtual webinars on adoption strategies and best practices.

Lattice offers a training program called Lattice University for new and current clients that consist of over 150 videos on its features and best practices in performance management. Clients can choose from Lattice University’s three tailored lesson plans based on their job roles (e.g., admin, team manager, employee).

The software integrates with different applications including human resource management systems (HRMS) software (e.g., BambooHR, Rippling, Zenefits), communications (e.g., Slack, Gmail, Outlook) and single sign-on (e.g., G Suite, Okta).

Customer Service & Support

Lattice has a help center that includes articles on its various features. It also has a community called Resources for Humans where users can access a library of HR content, view webinars and participate in conversations with other Lattice users.

All users can contact customer support via an in-app chat.


Lattice provides three pricing plans. Note that there’s an annual agreement that starts at $4,000.

  • Performance Management – The Performance Management plan costs $8 per person, per month (billed annually) and includes many performance management features, such as 360-degree reviews, custom question templates, real-time feedback, dynamic organization charts, in-product calibration, reporting and analytics and performance review comment sentiment analysis.
  • OKRs and Goals – This plan also costs $8 per person, per month (billed annually) and includes OKR and goal management features, such as tracking, customizable goal weighing, organizational ownership with group goals, analytics, visualizations, integration with Jira and Salesforce for progress tracking and dynamic organizational charts with goal details.
  • Performance Management and OKRs and Goals – This plan is priced at $11 per person, per month and includes all of the features of the two products.

Lattice offers a custom enterprise pricing for multi-product and volume purchases, so please contact the vendor for a quote.

There are also two add-on products that each cost $4 per person, per month. They are:

  • Engagement – This product includes features for improving employee engagement, such as engagement surveys, automated pulse surveys, eNPS surveys, onboarding surveys, a research-backed question bank,  science-backed survey templates, connected engagement and performance insights, AI-powered sentiment insights, reporting and analytics, real-time pulse insights, historical benchmarks and external benchmarks.
  • Grow – This product includes features for helping employees grow within the company, such as competency matrices, growth plans, individual development plans, levels and expectations, career tracks, competency-based review questions, growth areas, career vision tools, development analytics, one-on-one and performance management integration and a competency library.

Finally, there’s an add-on Compensation product that costs $6 per person, per month and includes compensation reviews, bonus and equity, and commission in compensation cycles, benchmarking data and other features.


There’s a learning curve for new users, but the interface gets easier once they’re accustomed to it.


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Lattice believes that good performance management is critical to helping businesses and employees succeed. It aims to ensure its software allows companies to streamline their performance management processes, so employees get the feedback they need to grow in their careers with the organization.

Based in San Francisco, Lattice is a startup that works with over 5,000 organizations worldwide. It has received recognition such as Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, LinkedIn’s Top 50 Startups on the Rise and the Silver Stevie award for Customer Service Department of the Year.

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