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Synergita At A Glance

Good: Streamlined workflows, robust and configurable features, new AI-powered sentiment analysis that measures employee satisfaction.
Bad: Some users feel reporting features could have more custom options.
Bottom Line: Continuous performance management solution that empowers organizations to improve employee performance management and engagement.

Product Overview

Synergita Perform is a cloud-based performance management software that helps companies improve their employee performance management and engagement.

Organizations can set company-wide performance objectives, so teams and employees can easily see how their goals can align with those objectives. Managers can provide continuous feedback to their employees rather than wait until the “traditional” annual performance review. In addition, organizations can provide employees with rewards and recognition programs that celebrate their achievements.

Synergita Perform has numerous benefits, including:

Synergita has two additional products, Synergita Engage and Synergita OKR. With Synergita Engage, organizations can nurture and retain employees with continuous feedback and recognition programs. It has a social networking feel that helps employees collaborate with their peers and managers, and employees can also share their achievements. Some features include reward and recognition programs, employee engagement surveys, continuous feedback leaderboards and e-communications.

Synergita OKR allows organizations to set and measure Objectives and Key Results (OKR) at the company, team and individual levels, and to promote them to employees to increase transparency into company goals. HR staff can create company objectives and then align them with team and individual OKRs with vertical and horizontal alignment. Employees can set their own goals, have them approved by their manager and then track them in real time. Finally, Synergita OKR has reports and dashboards, so users can measure the objectives’ progress by team or employee.


Synergita has robust performance management features. Here are some key ones.

Goals management – Managers and employees work together on setting the employee’s SMART goals or OKRs. The Matrix/Holocracy Goals Management feature lets employees who report to more than one manager map their goals with the relevant manager. After goals are set, the manager can track them and provide coaching feedback if the employee isn’t meeting their objectives.

Continuous feedback – With this feature, managers can give continuous feedback throughout the year. Synergita has conversation tagging tools, so managers can leave feedback, appreciation or other comments within the software (e.g., if an employee reached a particular goal, the manager can add a comment to that goal). Managers can also recap their one-on-one meeting notes within a journal so they can use it for reference during performance review time. Finally, managers can leave feedback within the Synergita mobile app by using the voiceMAGIC feature rather than typing.

Periodic/year-end performance reviews – HR staff can use the drag-and-drop interface to create performance review workflows, including automated notifications/reminders.  In addition, they can set up review templates with their own custom rating scales.

Synergita features a 360-degree feedback tool that allows managers to obtain feedback from the coworkers with whom their employees interact the most, such as team leads or customers. The reviewers can provide feedback by selecting from a rating scale and adding comments or by answering open-ended questions. Managers can then use the reviewers’ feedback plus information on employees’ goals and objectives for completing the performance evaluation.

Finally, Synergita has an email messaging system through which HR personnel can send salary increase or incentive details to employees.

Analytics – With this feature, HR staff can measure engagement, performance, attrition and other important metrics by choosing from over 70 reports and dashboards or by customizing their own reports. Synergita also has advanced metrics, such as the 9-box talent matrix, employee strengths and weaknesses, perception gaps and employee headcount trends.

Sentiment analysis – This feature helps organizations improve their feedback/performance culture by measuring employee satisfaction. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify employee sentiment within the unstructured text located in performance reviews, goals, check-ins, peer recognition and more, and then gives positive, negative or neutral sentiment scores based on the comments. HR staff can filter the sentiment results by team, organization or other demographics.

Employee development – In addition to managers providing employees with continuous feedback, employees can write out their skills and short-term or long-term career goals. Companies that are promoting or hiring internally can find the right candidates by mapping the relevant skills with the current job openings. Managers can create employee development plans by identifying cross-skilling or upskilling opportunities and recommending a training program on those skills.

Rewards and recognition – This feature lets companies reward and recognize their employees’ hard work and achievements. Employees and management can nominate award contenders by sharing their accomplishments, and HR professionals can create personalized awards that suit the organization, including incentives. Once the awards are announced, employees can congratulate their peers directly.

Culture score – A unique feature available as a mobile app, culture scoring allows organizations to learn how their employees demonstrate core values that aligns with the organization’s mission. Employees can rate their peers on specific values (e.g., integrity, respect, customer-focused) on a five-point rating scale publicly or anonymously, and they can see their own culture scoring results, too. HR staff can track core value adherence levels across the company by team, location or age groups.

Target Market

Synergita targets global companies of all sizes and industries, such as IT, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, finance, retail and nonprofits.

We’ve listed 10 of its clients below.

  • Alyx Technologies
  • Americorp
  • American Micro
  • Bank Bazaar
  • Brakes India
  • GlobalEdge Software
  • HomeTeamNS
  • Radisson Blu Airport GRT
  • Secova
  • Zyme


Synergita has a four-step implementation process, which is:

  1. Discovery process – Synergita’s Implementation Services staff gathers information from clients on performance management structure and needs/requirements of the software.
  2. Configuration –  Synergita analyzes the client’s performance management review process and configures the software based on the client’s requirements.
  3. User acceptance testing – HR managers can test the software and provide feedback on issues and recommendations.
  4. Roll-out

Synergita provides personalized training to HR managers on administrative access functions and general features, such as managing feedback forms and appraisal cycles. User manuals are given to managers at the end of the training sessions.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access the support portal to browse the knowledge base or to submit a ticket. They can also contact support by phone or email.


Synergita’s subscription plans are based on a per-employee, per-month strategy, and the client is billed annually. The plans are (note that Synergita Perform has two pricing plans):

  • Synergita Perform costs $4 per employee, per month and includes many features, such as advanced talent information, SMART goals, performance reviews, custom workflows and feedback templates, people and performance reports, a 9-box report and notifications/reminders.
  • Synergita Perform Plus costs $7 per employee, per month and includes all of the features of Synergita Perform, plus 360-degree feedback, promotion cycles, career aspirations, appraisal letter distribution, skill repository and mapping, HiPo scoring, employee headcount trends and employee performance trends.
  • Synergita Engage costs $2 per employee, per month and includes features such as basic talent information, continuous feedback, rewards and recognition, e-communication, culture score and employee reports.
  • Synergita OKR Growth costs $5 per employee, per month and includes individual, team and companywide OKR functionality, as well as advanced features.

For organizations that are interested in purchasing a combination of the three products, Synergita’s pricing starts at $12 per employee, per month.


Some users have mentioned that the ability to build reports is somewhat limited and that reports could use more custom features.


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Synergita’s performance management, employee engagement, and OKR software empowers employees, enhances performance, and helps organizations build highly engaged teams.

Its vision is to help organizations create “peopleMAGIC” where high-performing organizations use performance management strategies that focus on employee engagement, develop employees and drive higher growth.

Synergita also aims to be a leader in the talent management space by bringing product innovation that provides higher value and customer satisfaction. It has helped over 350,000 users set and reach over 6 million goals.

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