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Viva Glint At A Glance

Good: Employee engagement survey templates, employee sentiment analysis, action plans for leadership and managers.
Bad: Performance review features aren't available.
Bottom Line: Robust module that empowers organizations to improve their workforce engagement by soliciting employee feedback via surveys.

Product Overview

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that empowers companies to improve their employee engagement and development. It includes various apps, such as Viva Connections (to help employees collaborate with peers and management), Viva Goals (goals setting and management), Viva Learning (learning management system) and Viva Glint. This review will focus on Viva Glint.

Viva Glint is an employee engagement module that, according to Microsoft, helps companies provide a “culture of feedback and action.” Companies can measure and track their workforce engagement with custom surveys where employees can answer questions and provide feedback. The software then uses AI to measure employee sentiment and provides a score (the lower the score, the more negative the engagement) and recommended actions to managers and HR to improve specific attributes. Users can also compare scores against industry and other external benchmarks.

While the review focuses on Viva Glint, we also want to briefly detail the Viva Goals goal management module. Managers can set employee goals that align with the team’s or company’s business objectives, and both manager and employee can track those goals. Some of the module’s features include Organizational Key Results (OKR) templates and workflows, dashboards, the ability to share progress in Microsoft Teams and integration with third-party tools like Tableau, Jira and ZenDesk.


Here are some of the key features of Viva Glint:

  • Engagement survey templates and actions plans across the employee lifecycle (e.g., onboarding, offboarding)
  • Employee surveys on web and mobile
  • Interactive dashboards with visual breakdown of trends and results
  • Comment analysis with AI and natural language processing
  • Guided team conversations for managers
  • Internal and external benchmarks to compare results against best practices
  • Predictive analytics
  • Integrated action plans

Target Market

Microsoft Viva solutions target large and enterprise-sized companies in most industries. Here are some of its key clients:

  • Avande
  • Blum
  • Cricket Australia
  • Dell
  • MusicTribe
  • PayPal


Organizations can purchase any of the Microsoft Viva apps (including Viva Glint) via the Microsoft site or by contacting its sales team. Microsoft provides documentation that include setup instructions. Clients with more than 150 licenses of Glint can take advantage of the FastTrack program, where they can get remote guidance from Microsoft support on assessments, configuration and more.

Customer Service & Support

All users can find troubleshooting articles and other documentation on the Microsoft Viva support page. If there’s an issue not addressed with self-help options, admin can contact Microsoft support via live chat.


Some of the Microsoft Viva apps are included in the Microsoft 365 plans for enterprise companies. However, Viva Glint costs $2 per user, per month and requires a minimum of 100 users.

Microsoft offers two other pricing plans that include Viva Glint features plus other Microsoft Viva modules. First, there’s the Microsoft Viva Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback plan that costs $6 per user, per month. It includes features, such as prebuilt, science-backed survey templates, organizational-wide surveys, custom insights and customizable, short surveys.

Then, there’s the Microsoft Viva Suite plan that covers all Viva apps for $12 per user, per month.

Note that each plan is billed annually and can auto renew each year.


None of Microsoft Viva apps, especially this module, include performance review functionality. Companies that need this feature can check out our other performance management software reviews.


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Glint was founded in 2013 and then acquired in 2018 by LinkedIn as part of the social networking company’s expansion into talent management offerings beyond recruiting and learning development. In 2023, it was acquired by Microsoft and became part of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform.

Microsoft is an American corporation founded by Bill Gates and Steve Allen. Based in Redmond, WA, it does business around the globe developing, supporting and selling software, software services, computers and various other electronics.

Its mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more by reinventing productivity & business processes, building an intelligent cloud platform and creating more technology for personal computing.

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